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13 Key Advantages of Using Pro Tools for Audio Production

In Italy, 13 is considered a lucky number. So today, consider yourself lucky to access a new take on the advantages of Pro Tools. While you may have read about this issue before, I’ll do my best to put a fresh spin on this dynamic, influential audio software.

01. Pro Tools Is The Industry-Standard DAW
There are plenty of fine DAWs on the market with loyal adherents. Nevertheless, Pro Tools remains the dominant, standard DAW for digital audio production. Once you’ve mastered the essentials of producing with Pro Tools, you can use these skills in any number of environments. Whether dealing with basic home systems or high-end professional studios, the basic functions of Pro Tools will remain comfortingly familiar.

02. Powerful Multitrack Editing
Beginning engineers and producers typically learn their craft through projects that only use a few tracks of audio and automation. If you only need sixteen tracks, the difference between Pro Tools and other DAWs might not seem that great. However, most people quickly learn the value of using more tracks. Additional tracks allow for the kind of editing and tweaking that makes a recording polished and professional. No other DAW can match Pro Tools in terms of fast, powerful manipulation of hundreds of tracks.

03. Optimized For Multimedia Projects
From the outset of the Pro Tools revolution, Digidesign has recognized the importance of multimedia. Every year, video synching becomes more and more important for the modern audio professional. Pro Tools is fully optimized to make this process smooth and efficient.

04. Strong Software Support
Too many promising applications fail because they are not supported well. Recognizing this reality, Digidesign goes the extra mile to keep customers satisfied.

05. Low Latency To Keep You From Getting Bogged Down
Correcting for latency is a time-consuming process that can complicate or even derail projects. By integrating Pro Tools closely with trusted hardware designers, Digidesign ensures the lowest latency possible for any given setup.

06. Pro Tools Can Replace A Mixer
With or without a hardware controller, Pro Tools can act as a powerful mixer. Whether you are simplifying your setup or you’re still saving for your dream mixer, Pro Tools is a viable alternative.

07. Quality Plugins
Though other DAWs provide easy access to freeware VST plugins, more isn’t always better. Instead of wading through hundreds of mediocre plugins searching for quality, you can trust Digidesign to provide honed, tested plugins for your recording needs.

08. Access To A Like-Minded Community
As you’ve likely noticed browsing the Web, the community of Pro Tools users is both huge and eager to help novice users.

09. Versatility For Different Genres
Reason is a DAW known for its use in electronica, while SADiE is associated with classical and live recordings. More than perhaps any other serious DAW, Pro Tools is wholly versatile and a good choice for any genre.

10. Believe It Or Not, Pro Tools Is Simple
If you’ve just acquired Pro Tools and it is your first pro-quality DAW, this might require further explanation. While all high-level DAWs have an appreciable learning curve, Pro Tools keeps things simple on a fundamental level. In Pro Tools, most of your work flow will take place in two widows: the Mix and Edit windows. This is in contrast to other DAWs that require constant switching between multiple windows–even for the most basic tasks.

11. Audio Editing
Out of the box, all DAWs provide for at least the basics of audio editing. Critically, Pro Tools goes above and beyond to make audio editing fast, accurate and glitch-free.

12. A Focus On Engineering
These days, many DAW makers are are held back by what I call the cult of accessibility. As we’ve noted, the work flow in Pro Tools is simpler than you might realize. At the same time, Pro Tools doesn’t cut corners and limit capabilities in an effort to gain a few more users. Some DAWs seem tuned to the limited needs of coffee-house musicians and bedroom Beethovens. By refusing to dumb things down and speaking to the needs of professional engineers, Digidesign educates while enabling quality recording projects.

13. A Brand Synonymous With Professionalism
As we’ve seen, the technical advantages of Pro Tools are many and varied. It doesn’t hurt that Pro Tools and Digidesign have garnered serious prestige in the world of pro audio. For all audio professionals, Pro Tools proficiency is critical for maximizing credibility.M

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