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A Quick Look at Pro Audio Courses

Online learning has become one of the most popular ways to educate yourself in modern times. You work at your own pace and can go back to look at something you may not have understood the first time around. Needless to say, learning online is one of the best options for today’s world. With that in mind, Pro Audio Courses has started this year to provide high-quality courses from qualified instructors. 

About Pro Audio Courses

Pro Audio Courses is a website that started in 2020 by a team of individuals wanting to create a location for all types of people to learn about audio. This is an open environment to all where you can sign up and take courses as you like, and for many of the courses, you gain lifetime access once you have purchased them. This makes it easy to come back and brush up on what you have learned and may have forgotten. 


Here are some of the best pieces to check out about Pro Audio Courses and how it works. There is much to learn about them beyond what we have here, but we wanted to focus on some of the best aspects regarding this learning center. 

Instruments – There are currently 19 courses (and counting) regarding musical instruments. The majority of the courses are focused on guitars and different techniques as well as a few saxophone and bass courses. The guitar courses look at techniques for beginners just starting out, barre chords, pentatonic scales, and uses of them in music, and modern rock guitar. The saxophone courses are focused on beginners in both tenor and alto sax lessons. 

Mixing and Production – Mixing and Production are 2 different sections of learning but are related in that they both are important for engineers. Some of the best courses are the Mixing, Vocals, EQ, and Compression Masterclasses from David Wills. There is a load of important information built into these classes that you will be able to use.

Production Page
Production Page

DAWs and Software – The number of courses is ever-growing to learn about digital audio workstations. One of the most popular DAWs to learn about is Logic Pro which they currently have 3 courses you can take. There are also courses regarding 2 other popular DAWs, Ableton and FL Studio. There are more courses in this section regarding midi controllers as well as music theory for electronic music that you can check out. 

Bundles – Pro Audio Courses offer the option to take many courses alone, but you also are given the opportunity to purchase bundles. Currently, there are 3 bundles available, “The Complete Rock and Blues Guitar Course Package,” “FL Studio Complete Bundle,” and “Ultimate Ableton Live 10, The Complete Bundle.” You can get a MAJOR discount on these courses all while gaining access to every course on a subject.



For the information you will receive, the pricing seems to be more than fair. Depending on the course it can run anywhere from under $50 to over $150. This shows how broad of an audience they appeal to. From beginner to experienced engineers and musicians looking to broaden their skill sets, there is something to learn for everyone on this website. 

Bonus & Extras

Pro Audio Courses is ever growing in the materials it holds. New courses of all things music related are being uploaded and updated to keep you informed and educated on production techniques, new methods of playing instruments, how to use the new DAW update, and much more. There will always be something new coming up on Pro Audio Courses to learn and expand your knowledge. 

How Do You Learn?

To effectively expand your knowledge and enhance your abilities, it is important to know how you learn best. Many people prefer to learn online, some prefer to learn in person with hands-on experience. Whichever way works best for you is the avenue you need to pursue. With a website such as Pro Audio Courses, you are given the opportunity to absorb information that you can then practice in the field or at home. With the diverse selection of instructors, you get the choice of how you want to learn and who you want to learn from. Each instructor will have a new and different approach than the last one, giving you an advantage over your future in audio. 

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