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Accusonus Room Tone Match Review: In-Depth Analysis & Rating

Room noise is one of the biggest pains in any film production. Whenever I would work audio in college, I would go out of my way to get the sounds I wanted. In a class I took for film, we had to create a final video project at the end of the semester. I was the only audio production major in the class and the professor said it showed. I went out of my way when I wrote the script to have absolutely no audio recorded on set and did it all in a separate space to keep consistency. But if I had had the Accusonus Room Tone Match, I would have had no issue filming anything on site.


Quicklook at Accusonus Era 5 Bundle

How We Reviewed the Room Tone Match 

I took a look at the Accusonus Room Tone Match and there is not much to explain. But what there is, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss. It’s a super simple plugin, but it makes a world of difference. If you want more than just my word for it, listen to this demo where Accusonus shows what their product can do. 


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Matching Room Tone can be a difficult task for the editor. You can come up against so many difficulties if you are recording in multiple rooms all with different room tones. With the Room Tone Match, you are given a helping hand in nailing the audio production behind any video recording. 


Accusonus Room Tone Match

Accusonus Room Tone Match
Accusonus Room Tone Match

Room Tone Only – The first step in the Room Tone Match is pulling up just the room tone. You select a pass that has the room tone you want to use and press Room Tone Only to hear just the room tone.

Room Tone Gain – Once you become satisfied with the sound of the room tone, you can adjust the level of it with Room Tone Gain. This balances the noise of the room with the tracks you have going over top of it. 

Render – Once you have set the levels of the room tone and are satisfied with all of your choices, hit Render and watch it even out the sounds across all of your track. 

Generic Ambiences – If you do not like the room tone you have in your audio or have none at all, you can use one of the 19 different ambiences they have pre recorded for you. There are sounds for driving, a silent room, a kitchen, by the ocean, and many more. 


As great as Room Tone Match is, it has one big drawback. It only runs in Pro Tools in the Audiosuite. This changes nothing for fans of Avid and Pro Tools, but for all of the Davinci Resolve, Logic Pro, Cubase, and other DAW users, it unfortunately puts a huge damper on the usage. 

FormatAU, VST, AAX Native (64-bit)VST, AAX Native (64-bit)
Operating System10.2 or laterWindows 10 or later

All Accusonus plugins come to you digitally through their own installer that you can download for free. 


Accusonus only offers all of their restoration plugins in bundles. As we have mentioned before there are 2 types of bundles they offer, the Pro Plan, and the Standard Plan. However, they do give you 3 options to purchase them. You can pay for a monthly subscription, pre pay for an annual subscription (which saves you money), or purchase the perpetual license. But please keep in mind, the Room Tone Match is only available in the Pro bundle.

Room Tone Matchmaker

While the issue of only being available on Pro Tools is a downer, I still would say to watch for it. It is extremely likely that Accusonus is working towards an update compatible with every other DAW their plugins are normally compatible with. It is still a fantastic plugin that I would recommend one thousand times over for Pro Tools users, and I will be using it myself in the future. 

There are many companies that work with audio restoration. Accusonus is relatively new to the scene having been started in 2013, but that does not mean anything in the quality of their work. Their plugins and products go above and beyond what many expect them to do. I myself have relied on them on multiple occasions and will in the future as well. Over time we will be looking at all of the Accusonus Era Bundle components, both Pro and Standard, as well as the Bundle itself. Each review will be linked to each other for easy comparisons and learning so check back to learn more.

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