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6 Best 10-Inch Guitar Speaker – Upgrade Your AMP With These Cones!

If you’re looking to upgrade the speaker cones of your guitar cabinet or amp, this guide is for you. Today we are looking at the best 10-inch guitar speaker cones. 

Swapping out the original speaker cones is a great way to upgrade an amp or cabinet. In this list, we’ve chosen speakers that should improve the tone and response of most stock amplifier speakers. 

No products found.

I tested 6 products and found the No products found. to be the best 10-inch guitar speaker. 

This boutique speaker has a classic sound and improved construction over the standard G10 models. If you want a Celestion speaker that brings more to the table, the Gold variety is highly recommended. 

I’ve always loved messing around with the electronic circuits of my music setups. Whether I’m modifying guitar pedals or upgrading amps, tinkering with electronics is a fascinating way to create your own unique sounds. Upgrading the speakers in amplifiers is one of my favorite tricks, and can make an old, beat-up amp sound like a brand new beast!

There are a lot of different speakers on this list, each more suitable for different situations. 

Choosing new speakers can be quite a technical process, so you need to know your basic electronic and circuit theory. Some of the speakers listed here come with different power and impedance ratings. So make sure you choose one that is compatible with your setup. 

Each of these brands also has a different approach to the sound their speakers produce. Some are more full range and modern sounding, whereas others have gone for a more traditional tone. Whatever is the best choice for you really depends on the style of music you play and the kind of amps you like to use!

Keep reading for our full review of the best 10-inch guitar speakers!

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Best 10-inch guitar speakers in our tests:

6 Best 10-Inch Guitar Speakers reviewed in detail

1. No products found.

No products found.


Jensen Electronics has been engineering quality audio products since 1972. This Jensen 10-inch speaker is engineered to provide the best possible sound reproduction at a friendly price. With a coaxial cone woofer & dome tweeter, it’s perfect for modern rockers. 

Jensen’s 10-inch speaker is a great addition to any guitar cabinet. It has a ceramic magnet and an 8-ohm impedance, so it can handle up to 25 watts of power. It’s also lightweight and easy to install.

You can sandblast plaster off the walls with this beast! Coming with a range of highs, mids, and bottom end to make your stomach rumble, the sound quality of this speaker is fantastic. This speaker is more than capable of handling overdrive and distortion effects, with a clear sound produced no matter how high you crank the gain. No sign of muddiness!


  • Diameter: 10″
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Power: 25 watts
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Frequency Range: 70Hz – 5kHz

Pros & Cons

  • Sweet, balanced, crisp tone. 
  • Great value for money. 
  • Fantastic build quality, great cone choice. 
  • Louder than you would expect.
  • Tinny sound compared to Celestion speakers.


Maintaining Jensen’s reputation of quality and longevity, the Jensen 10-inch speaker delivers some great liveliness without any muddiness. Perfect for some 12-bar blues on those Friday nights. This is a well-rounded, affordable 10” speaker that makes a great upgrade in basic amplifiers. 

2. No products found.

No products found.


The Eminence Patriot Ragin Cajun is a bright, cutting speaker cone with a clear and precise tone. Any long time guitar player knows the high reputation an eminence speaker comes with. These are far higher than most stock speakers’ quality and offer much better overall sound than many other models. These are specifically designed for acoustic players, small stages, jazz players, and other retro musical performances.  

Sound doesn’t get better than this. Ragin Cajun speakers are the ultimate upgrade, boasting Eminence’s most effective technology, these bad boys dish out awe-inspiring feels anywhere you need them. Featuring Eminence’s innovative voice coil technology, these speakers produce great midrange with punchy bass dynamics. With high input sensitivity and amp power, the Ragin Cajun series of guitar speakers promises an unmatched performance.

Simply plug them in, turn them up-these 10″ Eminence Patriot G10F75 Bugle Guitar Speakers are at their best. Both loud and smooth, these cajun speakers can handle 75 Watts of power and have a frequency response from 70 Hz to 5 kHz so it will perform well for all the notes across your fretboard. The smaller magnet offers a fast response, increasing the performance in the high end, whilst not sacrificing a heavy low end.


  • Diameter: 10″
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Power: 75 watts
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Magnet: Ferrite
  • Frequency Range: 80Hz – 5kHz

Pros & Cons

  • High quality construction.
  • Broad frequency range.
  • Clean, crystalline sound with warm low ends. 
  • Needed breaking in.
  • Too dark for some players.


Physically strong with an amazing sound, you won’t be disappointed! Featuring a large amount of power, these are perfect for any loud guitar amp or cabinet. Get to the heart of the music with these great speakers!

They can handle enough power for a loud performance and have a sweet, bright tone that brings an extra layer of clarity to your sound. 

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No products found.


Celestion’s G10 Greenback captures the legendary sound of Celestion’s 1970s 10s – a 10″ speaker with a surprisingly meaty tone, and has been used by some of the world’s most famous guitarists. This speaker was designed to capture the sound of the original, so it won’t disappoint.

As the blues gave birth to hard rock, Celestion Greenbacks proved to be the right tone at the right time. Offering a higher power rating than Alnico speakers, the G12M and G12H with their ceramic magnet and responsive feel was a perfect complement to powerful Marshall amps. The G10 is a more affordable option for those seeking that classic sound.

This is designed for those who want to play guitar with a focus on interesting and unique amp tones. It provides a bright and smooth tone that is perfect for jazz, blues, folk, and other acoustic styles. That being said, these are still great for modern tones, excelling in genres like modern rock, post-punk, and shoegaze. The design of these makes set up easier, you will have no trouble installing these into your amp. 


  • Diameter: 10″
  • Impedance: 8 or 16 ohm
  • Power: 30 watt
  • Weight: 4.8lb
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Frequency Range: 80Hz – 5kHz

Pros & Cons

  • Creates a classic Celestion sound at an affordable price
  • Vintage-sounding tone with modern stability
  • Super high performance and reproduction
  • Lacks some high frequencies
  • Average power handling


If you’re looking for that deep, warm, and fuzzy tone that only a Greenback can give you, then it’s time to upgrade to the Celestion G10 Greenback. With a higher power rating than Alnico speakers and a ceramic magnet, the G10 is perfect for any player who wants that classic sound without the vintage price. These also sound great when pushed with some speaker distortion!

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No products found.


Known to be rocked by Joe Perry of Aerosmith, the G10 Gold is another classic Celestion speaker cone. With a lush, resonant chime tone, these 10-inch guitar speakers are ideal for small boutique amps and compact vintage cabinets. 

Celestion G10 Gold speakers are a great choice for those who want a more modern alnico tone with fewer highs and a stronger attack. These speakers are played by Country stars such as Brad Paisley, Glenn Tipton (Judas Priest), Wolf Hoffmann (Accept), and Dave Linsk (Overkill).

Celestion G10 Gold speakers are some of the most popular guitar speakers on the market. Known for their classic, vintage sound, and unmatched performance, they’re some of the most played guitar speakers on some of the world’s greatest tours. Celestion has been producing iconic tones since 1924 and has continued to innovate, using alnico magnets to give you a brighter and more modern sound. Both the high-end and bass are well defined, thanks to the use of a high-quality alnico magnet. 

Celestion’s G10 Gold speakers are the best speakers for guitarists who want a clean, bright tone with a sweet decay and resonance. This has the great power handling and provides a clear sound that suits American-style amps and more. The volume range (based on your amplifier) offers enough volume for loud gigs, or quieter, more private settings.


  • Diameter: 10″
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Power: 40 watts
  • Weight: 7.85lb
  • Magnet: Alnico
  • Frequency Range: 80Hz-6kHz

Pros & Cons:

  • Clear, chime-like tone, ideal for boutique amps
  • Classic, iconic sound
  • Reliable Celestion quality
  • Strong and durable
  • May lack high frequencies for some players
  • Expensive compared to other certain brands


The Celestion G10 Gold has been designed as a premium quality replacement speaker for those musicians and listeners who want to enjoy their music with a little more passion. The G10’s have been specifically voiced to be warm and exciting, releasing the complex overtones of your guitar strings to faithfully reproduce the sound of your instrument. Adds a touch of elegance to any amp, from 1×10 to 4×10 configurations.

5. Celestion G10 Vintage Guitar Speaker, 16 Ohm

Celestion G10 Vintage Guitar Speaker, 16 Ohm


Celestion introduces the G10 Vintage, the natural successor to their award-winning G12H Heritage speaker. Using versatility and full bass response in mind, Celestion created the G10 Vintage to deliver an incredible tone with just over two-thirds of the power of its counterpart.

Don’t let your single-coil cut ties on your music. Take back control! Celestion G10 Vintage packs the vintage character of a 12″ but with a responsive speed of a 10″. Whether using a vintage amp or a modern one, the G10 Vintage scores major points for giving players their voice back, while still meeting the technical requirements needed to please distortion-heavy sounds.

All of the great features of 70s rock ‘n roll are distilled into a single speaker cabinet. Celestion G10 Vintage definitely has its own voice and it’s filterable. A perfect combo for any vintage amp just waiting to be discovered, we’re even shining the chrome versions with hammer claw fabrics in aged black.


  • Diameter: 10″
  • Impedance: 8 or 16 ohm
  • Power: 60 watts
  • Weight: 5.3lb
  • Magnet: Alnico
  • Frequency Range: 100Hz – 5.5kHz

Pros & Cons:

  • Vintage Celestion Tone.
  • Warm, rich sound.
  • Sounds great with some distortion.
  • Plenty of headroom.
  • Lacks some low frequencies.


Just like you, we were tired of the cheaply made and heavily marketed loudspeakers on the market. All those generic cabs and crinkly paper cones; were our least favorite. But Celestion’s new flagship G10 Vintage is here to rescue us from all of that noise! Get hooked on high-priced quality and immerse yourself with these impeccable speakers. These have a well-rounded performance characteristic, with a more vintage-sounding tone. For anyone upgrading an old-school-style amp, these vintage speakers are a great choice!

6. No products found.

No products found.


Ready to break through the glass ceiling of guitar tones? The 1058 elegantly marries the legendary sound of the 50’s Eminence Clearwater Rhythm Red at 345 Watts to a higher power 10” cone for tonality that never quits. You can play for hours without heat or mids scoop – perfect for any hybrid vintage “one mic” live sound engineer or studio producer who wants a classic, full tone.

The Eminence Legend 1058 guitar speaker is unobtrusive on stage or in the studio. It’s manufactured with Eminence technology, built on 40 years of experience, and has been lab-tested to be tough enough for live sound. The Legend 1058 will inspire your content while not losing your voice over its sculpted, sophisticated design.

Eminence guitar speakers have been built as the ultimate upgrade for your amplifier or as a replacement if you have a 10″ tube type. The Legend 1058 guitar speaker is a general 10-inch replacement guitar speaker made of durable paper construction with an easily replaceable metal chassis meeting high-quality design standards.


  • Diameter: 10″
  • Impedance: 8 or 16 ohm
  • Power: 75 watts
  • Weight: 2.5lb
  • Magnet: Ferrite
  • Frequency Range: 100Hz – 5kHz

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect tone for blues, surf, and rock
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Handles loud performances
  • Fantastic articulation and quality
  • Renowned Eminence quality
  • Lacks some low end


Designed for guitarists who can’t let go of their favorite Marshall Plexi, these speakers pack the punchy, crunching distortion of the JTM45 but with much more gain on tap. These class A powerhouse Eminence Legend 1058 speakers are specially tuned to sound killer after hours of use. Jam through your favorite tunes 24/7 with a glorious sound.

Tips for choosing 10-Inch Guitar Speakers

Choosing the right speaker is crucial to your sound quality. It is important to know what you want and need in a speaker before choosing one.

A 10-inch guitar speaker is a good choice for someone who wants to get the best sound for their money. They are often cheaper than other speakers but still give you great sound quality.

  1. Choose a speaker that can handle the volume you need for your live performance or recording session.
  2. Consider the space you have available to install your speaker and make sure it will fit in the space you have available.
  3. Consider what kind of sound quality is important to you, and choose a speaker that will deliver the sound quality you prefer.
  4. Consider how portable the speaker is if portability is important to you so that it can be easily transported from place to place for performances or recording sessions.
  5. Consider how durable the speaker is if durability is important to you so that it can withstand being transported from place to place for performances or recording sessions without breaking down over time.

Alnico vs. Ceramic Magnets 

The Alnico magnet was widely employed in high-end speaker manufacturing until the late 1970s because of its superior energy/weight ratio. Starting in 1978, all of the main manufacturers began using ferrite (ceramic) motors as their primary driving force. In the event of a catastrophe, Alnico would be completely unavailable, prompting the switch to ferrite.

Because of the conflict in Zaire, the sole source of commercial cobalt for Alnico was shut down. As a result, all of the main Alnico speaker manufacturers moved to ceramic in less than a year. Compared to Alnico, the ceramic conversion possessed the same magnetic energy. The ceramic bass drivers have to sound exactly like the Alnico drivers they replaced in order for the speaker systems to continue to be manufactured.

Other than that, a complete overhaul was required, and they’re just wasn’t enough time to do it. Cone and suspension were interchangeable, but basket and cone were not.

Alnico magnets have three key advantages over ceramic magnets:

  • Increase in flux modulation immunity.
  • Larger appropriateness for shielded applications.
  • Better heat stability.

There is, however, a major drawback. Alnico is susceptible to demagnetization because of the high currents in its voice coils. There are no hard and fast rules here. Every material has its own set of limitations that may be accounted for in the design process.

However, the cost is a major drawback. Alnico drivers may also be made to withstand demagnetization from overwhelming in a similar way. Alnico is a great design, but we think current ceramic drivers are better.

British vs. American Sound

If you’re in the market for a new guitar amp speaker, you may hear references to the speaker having a British or an American tone. There are no set criteria for determining if someone is a British or an American accent speaker. It is safe to say that American-voiced amplifiers and speakers have a brighter and more pure sound.

With its crisp highs and strong mids, the speaker’s British sound is richer, darker, and warmer. The main distinction is the country of origin of some brands. Fender is often linked with American sound, whereas Vox and Marshall are typically connected with the British sound.

Speaker Distortion

It’s common knowledge that when a driver is used to near its operating limitations, it generates a kind of distortion that is separate from amplifier distortion. Disruption occurs when the sound coil and paper cone fail to convey the electrical signal clearly, and so the performance is not clear. The paper cone begins to flap and vibrate beyond its capabilities as the sound coil becomes saturated.

Once this happens, the magnet and the complete electro-mechanical system of a speaker work together to add their own unique brand of fuzz to the mix. The disturbance that occurs on top of the distortion caused by the amplifier itself might be difficult to understand.

In most cases, the dist caused by a cranked preamp will be audible on its own. When a high-output amp is played with powerful speakers that don’t distort much. When an amp is roaring, you hear a little bit of everything.


No products found.

Overall, I thought the best 10-inch guitar speaker was the No products found..

This perfect speaker has a high-quality sound with warm lows and a fast response that any guitarist will love. From rock players to jazz cats, the G10 gold is a perfect speaker for either smaller amps or a larger cabinet. 

It has a wide, open sound that lends itself well to distortion effects. It has a high range of expression, and is a great choice to improve any amp set up. The power capacity makes this great speaker suitable for many types of amp and cabinet form. We love the real sound, solid tone, and are blown away by the speaker’s tone.

Buy the No products found. guitar speaker online today! For more important guitar accessories, check out my guide on the best stools for playing guitar.