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Best Black Friday Deals for Producers

With the way 2022 has treated the world, we all would like to catch a break. Luckily these great companies have pulled their resources and given some of the best deals for producers ever. You can find deals on amazing plugins and software for music production. 

What To Look For on Deals for Producers and Engineers

There are so many deals and opportunities to ake advantage of this time of year. You can find deals on so many websites from Sweetwater and Guitarcenter, to Plugin Boutique and Waves Bundle. We are going to be specifically focusing on the digital side of things with plugins, DAWS, and software. These give you a way to take advantage of sales and deals without having to go out in public and keep to your quarantine. 

Best Black Friday Deals

Here is a quick look at our choices for some of the best deals you can find for producers and engineers online.

1. FL Studio

FL Studio has rolled out all-new deals that they have never offered before! Right now, FL Studio All Plugins edition is available for less than half of the normal price. This not only sets you up with a great DAW, but also with every plugin available! That includes their awesome pitch correction software Newtone (which you can learn more about here). You can also get up to an 87% discount when you upgrade from previous versions of FL Studio. In their plugins and presets sections, you can also find great deals in bundles!

Take advantage of this deal quickly. It ends on November 30. 

  • Price: $399 – Normally $899!

2. Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique
Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique currently has many sales going on for discounts ranging anywhere from 35% to 97% off. There are currently deals going on iZotope products and bundles, Soundtoys, Accusonus, Output, and many more. We will list some of the best ones for you below as well as links to their page with all of the sales listed.

These sales will be ending at different times so take advantage of them when you can! Some end as soon as November 30th while other go until January 7th.

Sales: All Sales

3. Waves

Waves Bundle

Waves Bundle always have numerous sales on plugins that drop lower than the rest of the year. It is always a sale that I have to scroll through because there is always a plugin that I want in there. You can find discounts on individual plugins but the real savings are in the bundle options. There are too many to list here, but we do have a more in-depth look at what is available here in the Best Waves Bundles to Get on Black Friday

4. Loopcloud


Loopcloud has a fantastic discount on 3 months of their subscriptions. Until December 2nd, you can pay $3 for 3 months of their Artist plan. Normally the Artist plan is $7.99 per month. Not only do you get the points each month if you sign up with this discount, but you can also get the Loopmasters Bass Master Plugin, 1 GB Loopcloud Sample Pack, and the Loopcloud DRUM and PLAY Plugins for FREE.

5. Loopmasters


One of the best locations on the internet for finding samples and sounds is Loopmasters and they are having an insane sale on so many styles. You can find deals ranging anywhere from 60-80% off. These sounds include Techno, House, Bass Heavy, Drum & Bass, and there is even 70% off the Total Serum Bundle which includes over 1000 sounds and Midis. If you are a producer who loves to use samples, take advantage of these offers while you can.

The Season of Sales

This time of year is the perfect time to look for gifts for others as well as yourself. I know of many producers and engineers who wait for this time to purchase plugins and software for the discounts that are happening. If you are looking to purchase these options as a gift, make sure you are able to connect any plugins to the correct account to make everything easier for updates in the future. Each of these websites also offers the option to purchase gift certificates so you can let the recipient decide what plugins they want to buy for themselves.

 If you are looking for gift ideas, we have more information available for you here, as well as reviews and insight here, regarding many of the plugins that are on sale above.

Soundtrap by Spotify FREE Trial

Soundtrap is available as a completely online DAW powerful enough to produce music at a professional level. The Studio makes projects are available as collaborative efforts for band members or producers. An affordable option, that comes with a 30-day free trial.