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Best Bluetooth Speaker for Golf

Top Pick
Ampcaddy V3 Pro
ROKFORM G-ROK – Golf Speaker
Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker
Ampcaddy Golf Bluetooth Speaker with Mount, Version 3 Pro Bluetooth Speaker and Mount with Loud Stereo Sound and Bass Boost, 20-Hour Playtime, Extended Bluetooth Range, Waterproof (15 Watts)
Rokform G-ROK – Portable Golf Speaker, Magnetic Wireless Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof, Loud & Clear Sound, Shockproof & Dustproof, 24 Hour Battery, Rugged Outdoor Golf Cart Speaker (Black)
Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker , Black
Top Pick
Ampcaddy V3 Pro
Ampcaddy Golf Bluetooth Speaker with Mount, Version 3 Pro Bluetooth Speaker and Mount with Loud Stereo Sound and Bass Boost, 20-Hour Playtime, Extended Bluetooth Range, Waterproof (15 Watts)
ROKFORM G-ROK – Golf Speaker
Rokform G-ROK – Portable Golf Speaker, Magnetic Wireless Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof, Loud & Clear Sound, Shockproof & Dustproof, 24 Hour Battery, Rugged Outdoor Golf Cart Speaker (Black)
Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker
Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker , Black

Nothing compliments a session of golf better than your own golfing music playlist. 

It’s time to kickstart the golf buggy, crank up the portable speaker and play golf!

Today we are looking at the best portable speakers for golfing. Several features make speakers good for golfing. Some of the most important elements include dirt and water protection, battery life, and wireless range. 

For general speakers, have a look at our best Bluetooth speaker post.

I tested 7 products and found the Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker to be the best Bluetooth golf speaker.

These portable Bluetooth speakers are a great companion for your next trip to the golf course. These are ideal for golf cart speakers because of their strong magnetic attachment system which locks the speaker firmly to any metal surface. 

Key features of this waterproof speaker include over 200 ft wireless range, you can get far from this speaker before it disconnects. This is a perfect golf cart Bluetooth speaker, when you need to venture far from the cart your music will carry on playing! Even if you’re on the other side of the golf course.

This portable speaker also has great water and dust proofing and a massive 20-hour battery so you’ll be able to listen to music for a few days of golfing before needing a charge.

Music and golf go hand in hand.

All golfers need is a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music during golf. This article reviews some of our favorite Bluetooth speakers for golf and helps you choose one that is right for you.

This golf cart Bluetooth speaker roundup will help you decide which one to buy for your next round of golf. It covers speaker size, price, and design preferences in detail to help you find the perfect speaker for you or as a gift for your favorite golfer.

In general, the best Bluetooth speakers are made by JBL, Harman Kardon, B&O, Bose, and Parrot; they are all very high-quality brands with different strengths and weaknesses.

We thought the Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker was a fantastic portable Bluetooth speaker for golf for several reasons.

We chose this as the best golf speaker because it’s designed with golf in mind, and it’s affordable. For the price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a portable Bluetooth speaker that’s this good for golfing. If you need some golf cart Bluetooth speakers then this is a fantastic choice!

Each wireless speaker is designed for different purposes. It’s best to choose one that has all the features you need. Sound quality, Bluetooth range, stereo sound, and a built-in microphone, are all key features for many golf or golf cart speakers. 

Keep reading for our full lineup of the best Bluetooth speakers for golfing!

Alternatively, if you’re not looking for the best golf cart speakers, check out our post about the best wearable Bluetooth speakers.

If you want to improve your home cinema setup, have a look at our best Bluetooth speakers for Projectors. We outline the key features and considerations for this kind of speaker system.

Best Bluetooth speaker for golf car in our tests

  1. Ampcaddy V3 Pro
  2. ROKFORM G-ROK – Golf Speaker
  3. Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker
  4. COMISO Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers
  5. Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker
  6. JBL Clip 3
  7. Bose Soundlink Micro

7 Best Bluetooth speakers for golf carts reviewed in detail.

1. Ampcaddy V3 Pro

Ampcaddy V3 Pro

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Product info

The Ampcaddy V3 golf Speaker is here to change the way you enjoy golfing. A rugged and stylish speaker with increased battery size, easy wireless connectivity, and sleek water-resistant design. It’s time to ditch your heavy bag for our light, powerful speaker that you can take anywhere on the course!

These mountable speakers boast crystal clear, excellent sound quality, with powerful, loud bass. Overall an excellent frequency response with a high-quality sound, particularly for their small size.

Thanks to its 180-degree swivel wheel attachment, this golf cart Bluetooth speaker can be attached anywhere and pointed to project sound in the perfect position. This golf cart speaker also features a 20-hour battery life, so it’s easily going to last for a few days of golfing before needing a charge. 

Two speakers from the Ampcaddy range can be connected for simultaneous playback. This way you can create a stereo surround rig speaker system with multiple Ampcaddy speakers. Clip one of these to each strut of a golf cart and you’ve got yourself a mobile party wagon!

This portable golf cart speaker is also very durable, with an excellent waterproofing rating that means it can survive going fully underwater. It’s also shockproof for up to 5ft, so it will withstand falling off the golf cart.  We were also very impressed with the Bluetooth connectivity range, boasting up to 100ft of distance which outdoes many golf cart speakers.

This is a fantastic, affordable speaker which is designed from the ground up to be used with golf carts.

Check out the V3 Pro Max for a larger, 40W version.

Pros and Cons

  • 20-Hour Playtime.
  • 100ft connection range.
  • Shockproof and Drop-proof up to 5ft. 
  • IPX7 Waterproof rating.
  • Multifunction control buttons.
  • Loud, 15 watt speakers.

– – –

2. ROKFORM G-ROK – Golf Speaker

ROKFORM G-ROK – Golf Speaker

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Product info

Make the game more exciting. Make your round more enjoyable. Introducing G-ROK, a Bluetooth speaker designed with golfers in mind!

The G-ROK is rugged, waterproof, and built to withstand the sometimes harsh environments of golfing. 

This sound system has a custom sound output that enhances the bass output and midtones to create an impressive sound, competing with wind interference on the course. The audio output can go loud enough to be heard over a crowd which is great for after match parties. 

This speaker has good sound quality, using 2 x 8W speakers for crisp and clear sound. The quality is good at any volume, so you’ll still hear all the details if you need to turn the sound down for other players on the course.

It has all the built-in controls you would need, which make changing the volume or the song super easy.

The G-ROK is also incredibly easy to attach to a golf cart, with instant and strong magnetic mounting. Alternatively use the hook attachment to clip it to your bags. The magnets are tough enough to safely secure this speaker to any metal part of a golf cart. Be careful around other electronic Bluetooth devices as the magnets can interfere, or damage phone screens. 

It includes a built-in mic for handsfree calling, which works as a microphone for any Bluetooth-enabled device which is connected to the speaker. We were also really impressed with the battery strength of this sound system, with around 24hours life in its rechargeable battery.

The Rokform G-Rok also allows wireless pairing of two speakers in dual stereo mode. This is great for playing music as it creates double the sound power.

Overall this is a high quality, long life, durable Bluetooth speaker that makes a great accessory for any golf cart!

Pros and Cons

  • Handy Mounting clips
  • Built-in controls.
  • IPX7 waterproofing.
  • 5ft rugged drop proof
  • 24-hour battery life. Charges in around 4-5 hours.
  • Comes with an SD card slot for non-Bluetooth use.

– – –

3. Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

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Product info

Up next we have the unique Bushnell Wingman. This special speaker has GPS features that work with a mobile app to give golfers all the info they need to get a hole in one!

This is more than a decent Bluetooth speaker, it features very useful technology for golfing enthusiasts. The included Bushnell Golf App provides users with game-changing aerial flyover views and hole layouts of thousands of worldwide golf courses. You can also track your location on the Bushnell Golf App.

With a push of the button, the speaker will talk to you, describing back, front, and center distances from 36000+ golf courses worldwide. This is an awesome feature for golfing. You can just leave this attached to the cart, playing your music. Then when you want to check how far you are from the hole, press the remote button and the speaker uses its technological wizardry to read out your distance from the closest holes.

Any avid golfers will find this gadget incredibly useful, as it functions as a speaker and rangefinder all in one. The remote Bluetooth controller and lengthy Bluetooth connection range make this ideal for golfers on the go. 

Besides the impressive futuristic technology, this speaker has a pretty good sound quality, which is decent for listening to music on. It lacked some bass but had enough to get by, and definitely has enough clarity.

It has enough waterproofing to withstand rain and near submersion, although it lacks dust proofing so be careful around sand and dirt. The magnetic mounting system was very strong and presented no signs of failure. This speaker is easily and safely attached to most parts of a golf cart. It also comes with a carrying strap that can be clipped onto bags, but you will need some kind of carabiner.

If you aren’t interested in the additional GPS features, it is probably worth looking at a different speaker model as this increases the price. For a speaker, it’s fairly decent, with mid-range sound quality, battery life, and wireless range. The main attraction of this golf cart Bluetooth speaker is its GPS features which enhance a golfer’s ability to navigate the range. Some golfers will find this cool gadget helps their game technique a lot!

Pros and Cons

  • Unique GPS technology rage finding features
  • Mounts to carts with magnetic BITE technology.
  • 10-hour battery life. 
  • IPX6 rating.
  • High-quality audio.
  • There is some inaccuracy with the rangefinding technology. 

– – –

4. COMISO Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

COMISO Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

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Product info

The Comiso Bluetooth Speaker is your new golf buddy. Perfect for the green grass, sand traps, and water hazards- it’s the ultimate golf speaker. Don’t let your game be hindered because of a lack of sound. With this speaker, you can enjoy great quality sound from the tee to the green.

The design of this speaker creates excellent sound projection. It uses multiple speakers in a 360-degree configuration to project sound around the entire speaker, not just in one direction. You’ll be able to fill the entire golf course! Using their GoAudio technology to spread sound in an even distribution, for more consistent coverage.

This golf cart Bluetooth speaker can go very loud, whilst retaining a well-defined bass. It has a loud, deep, and immersive sound that works great for all kinds of music. It’s very clean and clear and sounds just as good for podcasts and audiobooks as it does for music.

In terms of battery size, this portable speaker is one of the most impressive on this list, with up to a massive 36 hours of playtime. This is shocking given its small size, weighing in under 13 ounces, and it’s small enough to fit in a golf bag. 

This rugged and durable Bluetooth speaker offers an IP65 protection rating, which keeps it safe from sand and water, so you can enjoy music on the course without any worry of breaking your wireless speaker. The quick wireless Bluetooth pairing makes connecting to this speaker lightning fast. This speaker also has excellent Bluetooth range and Bluetooth connectivity strength, with little interference from trees and bushes. Its rechargeable battery only takes around 5-6 hours to charge so you won’t have to go long without music.

Other key features of the Comiso speaker include a multi-pairing mode, for linking up a bunch of Comiso Bluetooth speakers. It also includes a built-in mic for calls and voice assistants. 

This is a great portable speaker for lovers of music and golf!

Pros and Cons

  • Impressive 36-hour playtime.
  • IP65 rating protects from dust, sand, and water.
  • Loud, deep sound, immersive bass.
  • 360 degree surround sound projection.
  • Built-in mic for calls and voice prompts. 

– – –

5. Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker

Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker

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Product info

This speaker will enable you to listen to your favorite songs all the way from the clubhouse to the 18th green!

Golfers, we’re proud to introduce the ultimate golf companion: the Upside Golf Speaker. 

Its powerful, well-defined sound quality and extended Bluetooth range (200+ ft) make this golf cart speaker the perfect solution for golfers who want to keep the party going with music on the course. 

Other key features of this speaker include up to 15 hours of battery life, so you can spend a full day on the course without needing a charge. Play your best game without the hassle of a speaker dying on you.

The sound quality is surprisingly good for its small size. It has a decent amount of low end, and good detailing in the high end, with a less muffled frequency response than other models.

The includes an SD Memory Card slot and aux cable for playing music without needing Bluetooth-enabled devices.

It uses a super magnetic surface so it can be attached to any metal object. It also has an IPX7 resistance rating. This means it has a decent amount of waterproofing but lacks dust and sand proofing. 

This speaker is the perfect companion for any golfer, and is ranked as the best golf cart speaker on this list!

Pros and Cons

  • 200+ ft range.
  • Up to 15 hours battery life
  • IPX7 resistance, so it can be fully submerged in water.
  • Rapid charge in 2 hours.
  • Includes an aux cable and SD Memory card slot.
  • Superior sound quality for size.

6. JBL Clip 3

JBL Clip 3

Product info

Renowned JBL buildsBuilt-in and sound quality. Crystal clear sound with surprising bass. This rugged little speaker is perfect for the outdoors. 

The JBL Clip 3 speaker is the perfect size to take with you on the go. It easily attaches to your clothes or golf cart and fits inside a bag, so you can be fully prepared if a party pops up. 

It has a built-in clip so it can attach to your bike or backpack, and an aux cable too! 

The JBL Clip 3 is IPX7 proof so it won’t get ruined if it falls in the water.

With up to 10 hours of battery life, it’s the perfect device for weekend trips or outdoor excursions – no matter how rough the terrain.

The built-in microphone also doubles as a speakerphone with echo cancellation. This speaker also seemed to have the largest connection range, with a crazy distance of over 500 ft.

This is one of the lowest-priced golf cart speakers, but isn’t to be underestimated! This will be at home on golf carts, your golf bag, or any place on the golf course.

Pros and Cons

  • 10 hours battery life
  • IPX7 proofing
  • Built-in carabiner clip for instant attaching
  • Microphone for speakerphone features with echo cancellation.
  • Also includes a 3.5mm aux cable input.
  • Around 500ft max range!

– – –

Bose Soundlink Micro

Check Price on Amazon

Product info

Bose is well-known for its high-quality audio products, and SoundLink Micro continues the tradition. Built to be rugged and long-lasting, the micro version still packs the same powerful sounds that Bose is so famous for.

You can now take your music anywhere, both indoors and out. With a balanced sound and built-in mic, you can use your Bose SoundLink Micro to make phone calls and talk to virtual assistants or use it to rock out with friends with the built-in wired aux input.

With a tough exterior, IPX7 waterproof rating, scratch-proof surface, and rugged rubber exterior, the SoundLink Micro are ready for anything- even the toughest golfing weather.

The built-in mic works for hands-free calls and virtual assistants. 

Pair mode for using 2 SoundLink Speakers together.

Comes with an attaching strap that secures it to thin objects. 

You can also customize the speaker with the Bose Connect App, which lets you tweak the speaker to suit your preferences.

Overall this is a brilliant, affordable speaker that will make a great accessory for your golf cart or next club session.

Pros and Cons

  • Balanced audio quality.
  • Built-in mic and Bose App controls
  • IPX7 rating, scratchproof and rugged rubber exterior.
  • 30 ft connection range.
  • 6 hours battery time.

– – –

What to Look for in a Bluetooth speaker for golf?

Any golfer can now listen to their favorite tunes while they hit the links.

There are many factors that one should consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker for golf, so this section will discuss the most important ones.

We can find a lot of good high-quality speaker systems for golf online. 

There are a lot of features that they might have, which are great for both music playback, podcasts, or listening to the radio. Let’s take a look at what features are good for golf speakers.

Battery Life:

The battery life always varies depending on the portable Bluetooth speaker model, and some speakers need constant charging.

Some rechargeable batteries need to be charged more often while others last longer. It is important to monitor your battery life so you will know when it’s time to charge it again. For a golf session, you may want anywhere from 4-6 hours of playtime. It depends on how long you like to play for, but make sure you choose a golf Bluetooth speaker with enough battery life for a whole golf session. You can always extend the life of a golf cart speaker by using a power bank, these affordable devices can double your battery time. Check out this power bank model for an easy and reliable choice.

Wireless range:

Bluetooth speakers are wireless devices that work on a short-range RF frequency. This means that the device sends and receives data wirelessly without the need for a physical connection. When you want to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your device, you simply put your phone, laptop, or tablet next to it and turn on Bluetooth.

As long as there is no obstacle between the two devices, the connection will be successful. The connection range of portable speakers varies. The range can be affected depending on how many trees or other obstructions are in between the two devices.

If the speaker and device get too far apart, the signal will be weak, cutting out the sound or completely disconnecting.


 You may need to change the song or volume at any point. Some speakers come with built-in control buttons, others rely on the connected phone or Bluetooth device to manage the control system. If you think you won’t want to touch your phone during your golfing session, make sure to get a speaker with built-in controls. Alternatively, a google assistant speaker allows you to control the music with your voice.


 Golf can be a messy sport. Particularly with wet weather. For golf speakers, it’s best to make sure they are protected from water and dust. Sand can get inside speakers and break them. We all know what happens when water and electronics mix…

Luckily technology has developed to a point where electronic devices can be well protected from these threats. Devices are given an IP rating, which describes how protected they are.

IP ratings have two numbers, the first measures the dust protection, the second describes the waterproofing. Higher numbers have better protection, with 8 being the highest. So a device with an IP15 rating has nearly no dust proofing, but a good amount of waterproofing.

For golfing, I’d ideally go for anything IP24 and above. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers

How Do I Install Speakers In A Golf Cart?

There are several controlBuilt-in great places to attach speakers to a golf cart. 
If you own the cart, you can get creative and do a hard installation. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at some kind of attachment system. There are many kinds of attachment systems, some use clips, others use straps to attach it to the golf cart. 

Portable speakers with quick removal clips are great for golfing, as it makes it easy to take the speaker off the cart when you’re going in an area of rough terrain. This way you can quickly take the speaker off the cart and attach it to your golf bags. 

The best place for attaching speakers to the golf cart is on the top struts of the cart. This gives it a good placement and keeps it out of the rain. The other option is to attach it to one of the four side posts. This is an easy place to reach, but it is more exposed to the environment.

If you own the cart and want to do a hard install, the process is a little more complicated. 

First cut some holes to insert speaker cones. The speakers then need wiring to some kind of preamp system. The preamp system needs to be powered too, so either connect this to the cart’s battery or an additional power bank. 

How Can I Mount Four Speakers On A Golf Cart?

If you want to make the ultimate gold party wagon, you’ll need to attach a speaker to each side post. This creates an awesome surround sound effect, and quadruples the volume potential!

For a multi-speaker rig, you’ll need some way of connecting all four speakers to the same source. Some Bluetooth speakers have a feature that allows them to be paired with additional speakers in parallel. Keep an eye out for this feature if you want a 4-way rig.

The speakers should be attached to the side posts, fairly high up. They should be pointing inside if possible, so they are under the roof of the cart. 

Can I Play Music On The Golf Course?

Some courses allow you to play music, but other courses do not. In general, it’s not advised to listen to music on the golf course if it disturbs or distracts other players.
Many golf courses have strict regulations on what you can play and when you can play it. This is for the enjoyment of other golfers, as not everybody wants to be blasted by music whilst they’re driving the ball down the fairway in the middle of their backswing. You should make sure to respect your fellow players and the game.

If you are not sure, it’s best if you ask, or just don’t play music at all.

If you are playing on a course that does not allow any outside noise, then you should make sure your music is at the right volume. If the course does allow outside noise, then it’s best to check with the pro shop or course staff before you crank up the volume.


Overall the best Bluetooth speaker for golf is the Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker.

This Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for your next golfing adventure. This Golf cart speaker has all the features you need for a fantastic, musically charged session of golf. 

One outstanding feature of these Golf Cart Bluetooth speakers is their Bluetooth range, boasting over 200 ft of connection distance. This was super impressive for us and is an incredibly useful feature for the large spaces of a golf course.

The sound quality is excellent for an affordable price. It has decent resistance ratings, a solid amount of playtime thanks to its survivable battery, and can connect to other speakers for a multi-speaker rig. If you’re looking for a perfect golfing speaker, this Upside Bluetooth model is a fantastic choice for Pros and First Timers! We chose this as the best golf cart speaker because it is really designed to be used with golf carts!
Get ready for your next golf match by bagging yourself with this rugged Upside Golf Bluetooth Speaker.