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6 Best Budget 7-String Guitar

I’ve been exploring the best 7-string guitars on the market. This list looks at the best budget models, so you can extend your shredding range without breaking your wallet. 

These budget 7 string guitars will blow you away with their quality and budget-friendly prices. If you’re looking for a guitar with an extra string to bring a new dimension to your performances, you’ve come to the right place.

Schecter C-7 Deluxe

I tested 6 products and found the Schecter C-7 Deluxe to be the best budget 7-string guitar.

This is a really nice guitar for the price. Schecter instruments are known to make some of the best metal and heavy style guitars, and we all know the best 7 string guitars will be capable of some raucous noise.

I think these Schecter C-7s easily make some of the best 7 string guitars on a tight budget. For the quality you get, you’ll be shocked at how affordable they are. Schecter has designed this guitar cleverly, rather than adding loads of half-baked features, they’ve kept it minimal but well designed.

From the jumbo nickel pickups to the flamed maple neck, every inch of this guitar feels well crafted. If you’re looking for a reliable and great sound instrument, this could be one of the best 7 string guitars for you. It also comes in either black or white, so you can match it to your band’s aesthetic!

I’ve always loved seven-string guitars. There’s something exciting about them that you don’t get with a six-string guitar. They make guitar playing more dynamic, and bring a whole new layer to your technique. I find having an extra low string is great for bringing extra bass punch. Playing a 7 string is a great entry point into the extended range world. 

These extended-range guitars offer a new playing dynamic to guitarists. Seven-string guitars give more room for musical expression. Many seven-string guitars offer a higher string, whereas others place it lower. Higher strings are generally better for lead playing. 

Which type you choose really depends on what you are trying to achieve. That being said, you can restring guitars to make them work any way you want!

Keep reading for our full lineup of the best budget 7-string guitars!

Alternatively, check out my guides on the best guitars for beginners, or the best budget 8 string guitars.

Fancy making one yourself? Have a look at this post about the best DIY 7-string guitar kits.  

Best in our tests

6 Best Budget 7 String Guitar Reviewed in Detail

1. Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top

Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top


Creeping up from the depths of our lineup, we present to you the Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top. The Jackson Dinky is one of the most popular guitars in the world, and now it’s available in a 7-string version with a compound radius Amaranth Fingerboard, coated black hardware, and Jackson high output pickups.

This is a 7-string guitar that offers the best aspects of both worlds: affordability and quality. Plus, fast-playing features make it ideal for metal shredding. This impressive guitar has 24 frets, so you get two octaves of shredding room.

You’ll get a comfortable and speedy-playing 26.5″ scale length, and a cool double-cutaway body with sharpened upper edges. You can easily reach all the frets with this one thanks to the fast maple neck.

This 7-string uses a hardtail bridge and active pickups. The pickups provide a ripping tone. You’ll love this one if you need more range than 6-strings provide.  It has a stealthily placed neck heel and the rock-solid stability you need for rock-solid rhythm and lead work.

The JS22-7 DKA HT provides a versatile range of tones, allowing for a broad palette of musical expression. It’s easy to play, stays in tune, and is built to last.


  • Body Material: Poplar
  • Neck material: Maple
  • Fret count: 24
  • Pickups: 2 x Humbucker

Pros & Cons

  • Decent affordable 7-string
  • Longer Scale Length
  • Cheaper than many other extended range guitars
  • No tremolo system
  • Average tuning stability


Jackson’s Dinky 7-string G packs a punch with its humbucking pickups and speedy neck action. With a thin, fast neck and jumbo frets, this guitar is perfect for the hard-hitting metal player who needs that smooth, round tone. This is really an enjoyable guitar to play and is a great guitar for anybody who loves 7-string guitars. 

– – –

2. Ibanez GRG 7 String

Ibanez GRG 7 String


From the moment you pick up this guitar and start playing, you’ll know it’s something special. One of the most popular 7-string guitars out there. The perfect balance between power and playability. Everybody knows Ibanez is the king of metal guitars, and this proves it!

The Ibanez GRG 7 is an affordable 7-string guitar that delivers the sound you need, the look you want, and the feel you love. The GRG7’s quilted maple veneer neck is thin enough for beginners yet still provides some meat for shredders.

The Infinity R jumbo pickups give it some serious output, sounding fat through distortion and overdrive. These 7-string guitars are really designed to handle high gain situations. These seven strings also have 24 frets, so there’s plenty of room for fancy fingerwork. 

The Ibanez GRG7 is the perfect metal shredder with minor tweaks to the iconic Destroyer. Get ready to have your face melted with its poplar body, New Zealand pine frets, and that same combination of speed, fury, and expression.

Ibanez GRG7 is the ideal guitar for experienced rockers looking to take their playing to the next level. With a fixed bridge, a rich distorted tone, and a range of features designed to make your playing easier, these 7-string guitars are a perfect platform for your virtuoso performances.


  • Body Material: Alder and Poplar
  • Neck material: Maple
  • Fret count: 24
  • Pickups: 2 x Infinity R Humbuckers

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Classic Ibanez Styling
  • Fat Humbucking Pickups
  • Excellent tuning stability
  • Easily fitted with a Floyd Rose bridge.
  • Average build quality


Featuring a neck made from quality maple, string-bending-friendly jumbo frets, and Proprietary Infinity R7 humbucking pickups that deliver the requisite fat, distorted tone metal rockers crave, this guitar is perfect for any type of music. These 7-string guitars are sure to keep you happy, and they come at a very reasonable price. You’ll struggle to find another seven strings with such high quality at a low price. 

– – –

3. Schecter C-7 Deluxe

Schecter C-7 Deluxe


Schecter’s newest 7 string is perfect for the player who wants their guitar to be versatile and smooth to play. This is one of Schecter’s best-selling 7-string guitars. Perfect for beginners to intermediate players, this guitar has everything you need to start shredding the stage. Gear up now with Schecter’s C-7 Deluxe!

With a basswood body, maple cut neck, and a hardtail bridge, this guitar can handle anything you throw at it. With powerful Schecter pickups and solid tuners, this guitar will stay in tune no matter how hard you play.

The Schecter C-7 Deluxe is a gorgeous, well-built guitar with a Schecter Diamond Plus pickup system for optimal sound. With chrome hardware and rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay, this instrument will make you stand out in the crowd.

For the musician who wants it all, the Schecter C-7 is for you. Not only does this guitar look cool, with features like 24 jumbo frets, but it has pickups that are guaranteed to make your audience go crazy! This guitar is the perfect combination of style and substance.

You can also find models of this with fanned frets, which bring a different feel and intonation. Fanned fret guitars use a modified fretboard, typically with a shorter scale length. Sometimes these are called multi-scale guitars and work on microtonal tuning. 


  • Body Material: Basswood and Rosewood
  • Neck material: Maple
  • Fret count: 24
  • Pickups: 2 x Diamond Plus Humbuckers

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality Schecter Build
  • Contoured body for extra comfort
  • Solid tuning stability
  • Simplistic bridge – no Floyd Rose


Let your fingers do the talking. These guitars are worth their weight in tone, style, and personality. With a multitude of options available to you, the possibilities are endless. From the mahogany, maple, or rosewood fretboard to Seymour Duncan or EMG pickups, it’s your time to shine.

This guitar is available in either black or white finish.

– – –

4. Ibanez RG7221WH GIO 7-String Electric Guitar


The RG7221 offers a stripped-down Ibanez RG body with a poplar top and mahogany back for a more traditional feel and tone. These electric guitars offer players the playability of a 7-string combined with the power and range of an 8-string.

This is a low-tuned, comfortable guitar with a poplar body that is contoured for maximum comfort. These 7-string guitars sport the iconic RG body style but with a twist. Tuned to drop-A tuning, it’s perfect for death metal guitarists.

Seven-string searing resonance is captured in the sound of the Ibanez PSND-7 humbuckers. Its PSND-7 magnetic pickups are voiced to produce a pure, full sound by maintaining the fundamental tone and increasing output. These humbuckers are really nice to play with and sound fantastic through distortion. You can even pick up a modified coil tap version for more versatility. 

These Ibanez 7-string guitars are designed for the most demanding metal, hard rock, and progressive genres. With a super-fast 7-string JEM-style graphite composite neck, this guitar offers extreme playability and stability. A mahogany body with a deep cutaway provides fast, smooth access to the 24 extra-jumbo frets. You can shred far and wide with this beast thanks to the comfortable scale length. 


  • Body Material: Poplar, Rosewood, and Maple
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fret count: 24
  • Pickups: 2x Ibanez PSND-7 Humbuckers

Pros & Cons

  • Strong, fast neck
  • Deep cutaway gives full fret access
  • Decent Ibanez Humbuckers
  • Comes with gig bag
  • Underwhelming appearance?


Ibanez RG7221 is perfect for the player who wants the ruggedness and reliability that only a real Ibanez can provide. With features like a fast-playing GRG maple neck, jumbo frets, and all-access cutaway design, you’re ready to rock out like never before.

– – –

5. ZUWEI 7 Strings Electric Guitar Burl Top

ZUWEI 7 Strings Electric Guitar Burl Top


The ZUWEI 7 String guitar is an affordable and groovy-looking 7-string. With a contoured body that’s comfortable to hold and easy to play, this guitar looks and feels far higher than its price.  

With a flame maple top, neck, back, and sides, this dyed natural guitar has a super attractive appearance. It also has a slim neck profile that provides great fret access and ease of play. Not only does it provide you with amazing comfort, but it also gives you the punchy growl your music deserves.

The wood used is a highly sought species because it is both beautiful and rare. The body has an excellent tone and is lightweight, meaning this guitar is easy on your back and on your ears.This guitar used to use a swamp ash body, but they changed the material. 

The guitar is tuned to a lower key which is based on the tuning of the popular Drop D tuning, one of the most popular heavy rock and metal tunings. Although you can change it up however you like. 

This seven-string has a blue or purple natural fade on the quilted maple top. This gives it a unique appearance. I love the transparent blue burst myself, looking like some modern rendition of a classic flamed maple top.

This 7 string guitar is a great deal for beginners, intermediate players, and professional musicians alike! This is not your average beginner’s guitar. It’s a high-performance, full-sized electric guitar made with a burl top.  Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first guitar or an experienced player wanting to learn 7-string guitars, this is a great choice. 


  • Body Material: Maple
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fret count: 24
  • Pickups: 2x humbucker

Pros & Cons

  • Bright dyed natural finish
  • Bound fretboard
  • High-quality construction
  • Decent tuning stability
  • Tone & style not for everybody


When you’re ready to step up your guitar game, ZUWEI will be waiting for you. We know that a high-quality instrument isn’t just a long-term investment, it’s a part of who you are. Zuwei provides flawless instruments to players of all skill levels. These are high-quality guitars at a decent price. This seven-string is one of my favorites, mostly because of the cool finish!

– – –

6. GStyle 7 String Burl Top

GStyle 7 String Burl Top


Created for the beginner musician, this 7-string guitar features a new perspective on guitar design. Innovative and forward-thinking, GStyle offers guitars for sale at the lowest possible prices. This 7-string will be the envy of any musician. 

The GStyle 7 String guitar has a high-quality, durable ebony fretboard that will endure for years of playing. It feels super nice on our fingers, and has plenty of room for the extra string

An Okoume body and a burl poplar top offer superior resonance, and are paired with jumbo pickups for fantastic projection. The guitar’s body is made from quality materials that allow it to endure the elements while also maintaining its aesthetic appeal. With humbucking pickups and two tone/volume controls, it’s a versatile instrument that sounds as good as it looks.

This guitar is the perfect instrument for musicians of all levels. It’s super affordable and has all the basic features you need for a good jam.


  • Body Material: Poplar Burl Top, neck from Maple
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fret count: 24
  • Pickups: 2x Humbuckers

Pros & Cons

  • Deep cutaways for fret access
  • Super affordable
  • Great quality for the price
  • A solid entry into 7-string guitars
  • Average sound quality
  • Limited Electronics


GStyle’s 7 String Guitar is a superb instrument for beginners to advanced players. Made with quality wood and an ebony fingerboard, the Gstyle guitar offers an incredible sound and is easy to play. We love the price and appearance of this guitar. You’ll struggle to find other 7-string guitars that look this cool at the same price.

– – –

Best Budget 7 String Guitar Buyers Guide

There are several factors to consider when choosing seven-string guitars. 

The best 7 string guitars will have a number of defining features. I’ve written this section to give you some tips, helping you to choose the best guitar for your needs. 

There are many factors that you should take into consideration when choosing a 7 string guitar. The most important ones are the guitar’s build, its sound, and the type of music it is best suited for.

Body Type

The first thing that you should look out for when choosing a 7 string guitar is its body.

If you are looking for a guitar with some weight to it, then the mahogany body is the way to go. Maple and alder are other common body woods and provide a lighter feeling with shorter decay. Wood selection is quite nuanced, and the differences aren’t always immediately obvious. 

Neck Material

The next thing that you should consider is the neck of the guitar. There are two common types of necks on 7 string guitars; either a maple or rosewood neck. A maple neck will be more rigid and stable, while a rosewood neck will be more flexible and easier to play on.

You will sometimes find a mahogany neck, which is also a great choice and offers increased sustain. A swamp ash neck is another popular choice and is lighter and brighter. 

My favorite electric guitar neck type is a quilted maple veneer neck. These just look super nice and have a great texture. Another favorite is a satin walnut neck, mostly just for the smooth texturing. 


The next aspect of the guitar that you should look at is the pickups. There are two types of pickups on 7 string guitars; either single-coil or humbucker pickups. Single coils are brighter and thinner, humbuckers are warmer and fatter. 


It’s not the most important factor, but you definitely want to choose a guitar that suits your visual style. There are tones of different finishes and styles out there. Some guitars definitely have a more “metal” appearance, which won’t suit everybody. I personally prefer the jazz-style guitars more, especially anything with a retro hollow body. 


What are 7-string guitars good for?

7-string guitars are often used in heavy metal music. Some people use them for jazz fusion or progressive metal, but they are also used in rock music.

The 7-string guitar is a guitar with seven strings. A standard guitar has six strings. The seventh string on a 7-string guitar is a low B string, which is tuned to the same note as the low E string on a 6-string guitar.

A 7-string guitar can be used for playing chords that would normally require the use of an extra finger. It can also be used for playing bass lines or might be used by someone who wants to play lead and rhythm parts simultaneously.

The seventh string on guitars can be used for two purposes: 

1) As an alternative tuning for the guitar, and
2) To extend the range of notes available to musicians who play guitars with six strings.

Are 7 String Guitars harder to play?

The answer to this question is not a straightforward one. It might depend on the person, the type of music they play, and their skill level.

Some people say that 7 string guitars are harder to play because there are more strings to learn and they have a different sound than a 6 string guitar. However, these guitars also have a wider range of sounds that can be played on them, which is good for musicians who want to explore new sounds and styles.

This is a debate that has been going on for decades. There are many people who believe that the 7 string guitar is easier to play than a 6 string guitar. This is because they can reach higher notes and chords, and it feels like less of a stretch in their hands.

The other side of the argument is that 7 strings are harder to play because there are more strings and frets to worry about, and they have to be tuned more often. And the extra tension from the thicker strings requires more strength in your fingers.

Who popularized the 7 string guitar?

The 7-string guitar was first popularized by jazz guitarist George Van Eps in the 1930s. The guitar’s extended range is due to its two additional strings, which are tuned either a 5th or a 4th lower than their standard tuning.

What bands use 7 string guitars?

The answer to this question is not straightforward since there are many bands that use 7 string guitars. For example, the metal band Metallica uses 7 string guitars.

Some bands that use 7 string guitars are Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Opeth, Dream Theater, and Lamb of God.

Noticeable solo performers include Steve Vai and John Petrucci.


Schecter C-7 Deluxe

Overall, I thought the best 7string guitar was the Schecter C-7 Deluxe.

This is a truly fantastic 7-string guitar. You could expect to pay much higher than the price from other brands, and not even get the same quality. This guitar is simple but effective. Schecter hasn’t wasted any money incorporating flimsy, gimmick ideas. This guitar gets straight to the point.

The long, 24 fret neck has a superior feel and paired with deep cutaways, you can reach every fret. The body of this guitar is fully contoured, so it has a sleek, curvy feeling that molds comfortably to your body. 

The fitted double Schecter Diamond Plus Humbucker pickups provide a fat, warm tone that responds well to any kind of distortion or saturation. To say this guitar is made for metal is partially true, although I can see it working for almost any genre where electric guitar is suitable. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a new instrument, this is probably one of the best 7-string guitars available at a good price. Most under this price are often poorly made, and cut corners in the production process. 
Check out the Schecter C-7 Deluxe today!