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6 Best Conga Drum – Find The Perfect Latin Percussion

Top Pick
Latin Percussion LP City Wood Congas
LP Wb2040 World Beat Caribe Conga
Latin Percussion LP City Wood Congas 10" & 11" Set - Natural Satin Finish
Latin Percussion Lp Wb2040 World Beat Caribe Conga, Black
Top Pick
Latin Percussion LP City Wood Congas
Latin Percussion LP City Wood Congas 10" & 11" Set - Natural Satin Finish
LP Wb2040 World Beat Caribe Conga
Latin Percussion Lp Wb2040 World Beat Caribe Conga, Black

Easily some of the funkiest Cuban drums around, congas are a type of Latin percussion that are essential in a rhythmic ensemble. 

Who doesn’t love the sound of a set of congas? This review looks at the best conga drums on the market, showing you a range of the latest conga drums from beginner to expert. 

Congas are more than just a Cuban instrument, these are an international phenomenon. Used in all kinds of music, congas offer warm tones and a full, rich sound quality that is sure to get any crowd grooving. 

Keep reading for our full review of the best congas on the market today!

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A conga is a musical instrument that belongs to the drum family. It was first made in Cuba, and it gets its name from the Spanish word for “conga”, a type of dance with African roots. A conga is typically made from wood, animal skin, or plastic over a metal frame.

Table of Contents

6 Best Conga Drums Tried and Tested

1. Latin Percussion LP City Wood Congas

Latin Percussion LP City Wood Congas

Check Price on Amazon

This Latin Percussion City Conga set are beautifully crafted instrument that will last a lifetime. It has a comfortable handle, tuning key, and oak shells that are finished with black powder-coated hardware. It is perfect for playing any type of musical genres. This beautiful drum offers incredible sound and high-quality features that make it suitable for people across the music industry.

Latin Percussion City drums are handcrafted in the USA. Every drum is made of Siam Oak, an excellent tonewood. This is a classic model and features natural rawhide drum heads, which offer a warm sound that is ideal for afro Cuban beats. The sounds produced by these artistic congas demonstrate the level of quality that has gone into their production. From tight slap tones to warm thuds, this has the right sound projection for pretty much every playing style.

This kit comes with a durable double stand, which offers a highly sturdy level of support, and lets those congas take a beating without wobbling around too much. 

There’s nothing like the sound of this authentic, high-quality conga drum to get you started on your quest for world domination. From the heights of Machu Picchu to the depths of the Amazon rainforest, there’s a rhythm and beat just waiting for you to find it. Get your hands on this set and show your friends what you’re made of!

Key Specs

  • Drum Material – Sustainable double plywood
  • Skin Material – Rawhide
  • Size – 10” and 11”

Pros and Cons

  • Professional conga sound and feel
  • High-quality double stand
  • Natural wooden paint
  • Easy to use tuning lugs
  • Too expensive for beginners


Looking for a great way to bring more music into your life? This LP City Conga Drum set is perfect for beginners, as well as professionals. This natural satin finish conga set is perfect for casual playing, drum circles, and personal practice.

– – –

2. Toca Synergy Series Conga Set with Stand - 2300TOB

Toca Synergy Series Conga Set with Stand - 2300TOB

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Toca’s 2300TOB Conga Drum set is a beautiful, durable, and affordable drum for beginning drummers or seasoned players. This drum has a classic sound with a professional feel, perfect for practicing or playing in a variety of musical environments. It features two 10″ and 11″ rawhide heads on two-ply wood shells. The drum stands at 28 inches tall and has five tuning lugs as well as a double-braced stand.

A true classic drum! The Toca 2300TOB drum is a versatile instrument that’s loved by all ages and skill levels. With a traditional shape, it’s perfect for conga & timbales playing, or as the centerpiece of any percussion set. It also offers a decent sound quality when tuned to orchestral pitches, making it excellent for players looking to branch out into other genres.

The Toca 2300TOB Conga Drum is a perfect instrument for drummers of all levels. As Toca’s most affordable drum, it features an innovative new latching strap. Great Latin rock, folk music, and aunty kind of Afro-Cuban dances. 

Key Specs

  • Drum Material – Plywood
  • Skin Material – Natural rawhide heads. 
  • Size – 10” and 11”

Pros and Cons

  • High-quality conga stand
  • Perfectly matched pair
  • Superb sound protection


Check out the Toca 2300TOB professional congas! Toca has been making music since 1921. They take pride in crafting some of the most versatile, high-quality instruments and drum sets on the market. From their long line of drums to a versatile percussion set, every piece is built for excellence. This drum is no exception to this philosophy.

– – –

3. Meinl Percussion HC555VSB Headliner Series Conga Set

Meinl Percussion HC555VSB Headliner Series Conga Set

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Renowned for its durability, rubberwood is the perfect material for this durable and aesthetically-pleasing conga set. Whether you’re a conga novice or a wizened pro, the Meinl Headliner Conga Set is an easy step up.

The Meinl Headliner Conga Set is the newest addition to the best-selling Headliner series, which features a natural, powerful and bright sound. Combining the traditional look of black powder-coated hardware with a new, improved design to bring you the perfect instrument for both drummers looking to take their playing to the next level and those who are just starting out. The black powder-coated hardware offers increased durability with a sleek look.

Made with a choice of premium Birch or Walnut shells, a specially engineered bearing edge, and Meinl’s patented lugs, your purchase ensures that every drum is carefully inspected for quality control and consistent sound.

This kit includes everything you need to start playing congas, including two drums and a stand. The hardware is made of durable, anodized aluminum. The heads and skins are made of buffalo skin that’ll give you a professional sound.

Key Specs

  • Drum Material – Rubberwood
  • Skin Material – Buffalo Skin
  • Size – 10” and 11”

Pros and Cons

  • High-Quality sound and feel.
  • Vintage sunburst finish
  • Includes stands
  • Expensive


These are definitely some of the best congas on this list, although they are expensive too!

Creativity is what drives the world and music is an expression of that creativity. What’s a better way to be creative than with this MEINL Headliner Congas? 

These full-size drums are handcrafted and professionally tuned by expert craftsmen. With this drum set, you will be able to create incredible new rhythms, melodies, and beats that will shape the future.

– – –

4. Meinl Percussion HC512NT Headliner Series 11-Inch and 12-Inch

Meinl Percussion HC512NT Headliner Series 11-Inch and 12-Inch

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Discover this beautiful, eco-friendly, and lightweight percussion instrument that produces a full sound. For years, the Meinl Headliner Congas have been the top choice for professional percussionists. Get the same quality for your music education at a much lower price with these amazing sets! They come in different sizes with single or double pairs of drums.

The Meinl Headliner wood Conga set is perfect for drummers and percussionists, providing a high-quality product with a quick and easy setup. 

The Meinl Headliner Congas are the perfect drums for beginners and professionals alike. Conveniently packed in a form-fitting hard case, this set includes two 11-inch and two 12-inch congas for maximum versatility. The lightweight shells give you the ability to play with better balance, speed, and endurance. Truly a headliner in its class, this instrument is sure to get you noticed.

The 11- and 12-inch drums are crafted from durable, top-quality wood, which means you can take them anywhere. The tunable heads give you a full range of sounds from mellow and rounded to cutting and aggressive. These are suitable for a range of musical styles and blend well with other instruments. They have an incredibly satisfying and natural tone. 

Key Specs

  • Drum Material – Carved Mango Wood
  • Skin Material – Natural Rawhide Heads
  • Size – 11” and 12:

Pros and Cons

  • Fantastic sound
  • Better than last model
  • Natural matte finish


If you can afford them, this is easily one of the best conga drum sets on the market today. This powerful set incorporates height-adjustable metal basket stands with stabilizers, traditional conga drums, and natural cowhide heads. Whether you are a casual jazz musician or a professional percussionist, this Meinl Headliner Conga set will provide you with the perfect percussion kit.

– – –

5. LP Wb2040 World Beat Caribe Conga

LP Wb2040 World Beat Caribe Conga

Check Price on Amazon

The Latin Percussion (LP) brand offers a selection of great drums in various different price ranges. These musical instruments make for ideal student congas and are an all-around great drum. Most student congas don’t offer this level of high quality at such an affordable price. 

The World Beat Conga Drum is a perfect instrument for both beginners and seasoned drummers. This drum is made with black powder-coated hardware, including an EZ curve rim which is more comfortable than traditional style rims.

This beautiful and hand-crafted conga drum is made from kiln-dried Siam Oak, which gives it a rich mahogany color. It is fitted with 3 copper jingles for better resonance and optimum sound. This wood conga made by Latin Percussion creates warm tones with ease and is one of the better modern conga drums out there in this price range. If you are looking for something with a satisfying bass tone, these are some of the most artistic congas around.  

The Drum’s head is made from natural rawhide, which gives it an authentic sound. The head can be easily and accurately tuned with the 4 built-in tuning lugs, which is better than a lot of other conga drum designs.  

Key Specs

  • Drum Material – Wood Conga
  • Skin Material – Natural Rawhide Heads
  • Size – 12”

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to transport
  • High quality tuning lugs
  • Best conga for a solo student
  • Only a single drum – not as good as full conga drum sets


The World Beat Conga from Latin Percussion is a full-size conga with a convenient carry strap, tuning wrench included. We wanted to create a high-quality conga that is both playable and easy to transport. Get your World Beat Caribe Conga today and have fun in the sun!

This is not a full set of conga and only comes as a single drum without a conga stand. These high-quality percussion instruments come in a range of sizes, so you can build up your own set of the best congas you can find.

– – –

6. Meinl Percussion Mini Conga (MC100VWB)

Meinl Percussion Mini Conga (MC100VWB)

Check Price on Amazon

Introducing the newest, cutest, and most convenient instrument for percussionists and musicians. Meinl Mini Conga Drum packs all the great sound at half the size for those who are just starting out or don’t have the room for a full-sized conga. For those who want to travel with their drum to play at concerts, events, or with other bands, this mini tunable conga size is perfect!

The Meinl Mini Conga Drum is a wonderful introduction to the conga drums for kids, beginners, and hobbyists. They are an excellent quality conga, with a glossy vintage wine barrel finish and hardwood shells, just like the full-size professional grade congas. This is an ideal instrument for practicing, playing with friends, or even performing at small venues.

Add these drums to your collection and feel the beat of the Meinl Conga Drum. These novelty-sized drums may be tuned with the provided tuning wrench. Hand-selected buffalo skin heads add authenticity to these mini-sized drums.

Conquering the world is not just a matter of size. With Meinl mini drum sets, you can now have all the features of a professional conga, with the convenience and portability of a small drum. With their compact size and manageable weight, these drums are perfect for musicians who enjoy traveling or need to store their drums in tight spaces.

Key Specs

  • Drum Material – Hardwood
  • Skin Material – Handpicked skin buffalo heads
  • Size – 4 ½” 

Pros and Cons

  • Mini tunable congas
  • Small, portable body
  • Bright, popping sound
  • Quiet tone compared to full-sized conga drum sets


They’re not just for drummers. Play them with your hands or use the included mallets. The Peruvian design and vivid colors are gorgeous and perfect to give as a gift to anyone who appreciates music. Meinl is designed for a world where we all want to slow down, enjoy life, and add a little color to our days.

– – –

What is the difference between conga and bongo drums?

The conga and bongo drums are two different types of percussion instruments. They have different sounds, sizes, and playing techniques.

The conga drum is a tall, narrow drum with a single head. The bongo drums are round and have two heads. The conga is played with the hands and fingers, while the bongo is played with the hands or sticks.

Conga has a deeper sound than a bongo, with a drastically different tone. Conga drums are made of a hollowed-out wooden shell with animal skin on the outside. The bongo drums are made of two drums – the smaller one is called bongos and the bigger one is called a bongo.

The conga drum has a low, booming sound that can be heard from far away. The bongo drums have a high-pitched sound that cuts through other instruments in an orchestra.

Conga drums are played by hitting the drum with a stick in a specific pattern. The conga drum is usually the largest of the three types of drums, and it has a very low-pitched sound. 

The bongo drums are played by striking them with one hand or two hands on either side of the drum. Bongo drums can be played in different ways, but they often have a high-pitched sound that is higher than that of the conga drums.

Buying Guide: 

Drum Material

When choosing congas, the material of the body is important. Whether you want wood or synthetic will depend on how you want to use your congas and the type of sound you are looking for. In short, wood congas have a more traditional sound but are less durable and more sensitive than synthetic ones. 

Skin Material 

The material of the drum head skin is also important. Rawhides and real skins are harder to maintain but offer a more authentic sound. 

Drum Sizes

Congas come in a range of sizes. Typically a pair will have about an inch difference between each drum. Larger congas are better at producing low tones, and smaller congas are better for high notes. Having a good combination of the two is the best idea, and provides a large amount of expressive range. 


Are Latin Percussion congas good?

The LP Conga is a great conga drum for an intermediate player. The shells are made of good wood, which gives the drum a rich sound. It also has a fully-wrapped head, which means you can play the drum with both hands and it will sound great.

LP Congas are designed to be durable and affordable. It’s not as expensive as some other congas, but it still sounds great. 

How long does it take to learn to Conga drums?

It takes about 8-10 hours for beginners to learn how to play Conga drums. But many years to truly master the instrument. 

Some of the most common Conga drum techniques are the following:

1. Single stroke roll: This is a basic technique, where each hand strikes the drum in turn. The pattern would be LRLR.
2. Double stroke roll: This is a special type of technique that is useful for creating different feeling rhythms. Each hand strikes the drum twice in succession before passing over the other hand. The pattern would be LLRR. 
3. Shuffle beat: This is a swinging pattern, where the player modulates the time to create a shuffling groove. 

Learning to play the conga drums is a long and challenging process, but it is also very rewarding. It takes time to develop the skills necessary to play the drums. It can also be frustrating because you are not going to become good at playing the drums overnight.

The good news is that there are many people who are willing to help you along the way. They will provide you with tips, tricks, and advice that will help you get better at playing the drums in no time.

What size congas should I buy?

The congas come in many different sizes and shapes. The size of the drum is determined by the length of the shell, which is measured in inches. The length of the shell determines the sound that comes out of it. The larger drums produce a deeper sound, while smaller drums produce a higher-pitched sound.

The best way to determine what size congas you need is to think about what types of music you want to play, who your audience will be, and whether you plan on playing with other percussion instruments.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right size of congas for an individual player. The main factor is whether the drums will be played by a single player or by a group of players. If they will be played by a group of people then it’s important to find out how many people will play at

Are conga drums easy to play?

The conga drums are one of the most popular percussion instruments in Latin music. They are played by holding them in the lap and striking them with the hands, or by holding one drum between the legs and striking it with the hands or a stick.

Playing conga drums is a bit complicated because of the complexity of the rhythms and the coordination required, but they are easier than many other modern instruments. 

Wrapping Up

You should now have a solid idea of the kind of Conga drums you can find on the market today. Each of these drums has a unique sound and feel and is more or less suited to particular situations and skill levels. Congas are a really fun instrument to play, so if you are hesitating over buying one, I’d suggest you just go for it and get stuck into this fascinating instrument!

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