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Best Desk for Music Producers

Everyone has a best environment that the creative juices just flow in. For some, it’s in the privacy of their room, some people need a separate room specifically for working, others love to be out in a public place around people where they can just observe. Whoever you are, you pull creativity from your environment. For those of us who work better in offices and seclusion, it’s nice to have a workstation where all of what we work with comes together.

This is just a fancy way of saying it’s nice to have a good desk. For myself, if I don’t have a place that I go to with no distractions and set myself in place specifically to work, I will not get my work done efficiently or at all sometimes. A desk is a perfect place to make me sit and focus. Some producers have a lot of outboard gear they need to have available all of the time. There are special desks with built in rack mounts that are perfect for them. Other people, such as me, do not need a complex desk but can get away with a basic desk with storage space for microphones and cables. This is the desk I have that works great as a space for me because it has so much storage and surface space for me to work with.

One thing to think about as a music producer is workflow. You want yourself to be setup efficiently to get your tasks done. This could mean having 2 monitors to work with or having your speakers in a specific place. Whatever it is, there is always time to experiment. In this article we are going to be focused on desks that are built specifically for music producers. They will have rackmounts, varying amounts of desk space and some even keyboard holders. Hopefully, you will find your next workstation.

Best Desks Under $1,000

On-Stage Stands WS7500

Price (before shipping)- $329.00


On Stage Stands WS7500

On-Stage Stands- WS7500

I have worked on a smaller version of this desk. It was only the desk and did not have the extra modules for space as well as rack mounts. But what I like about this one is how it is customizable. You can put the extra desk space on either side as well as the rack mounts. The rack mount underneath the second tier of the desk is also the perfect place to put a power conditioner to control all of the gear.


Dimensions Rack Mounts
$329 ?



RAB Audio ProRak 48

Price (before shipping)- $699.00


RAB Audio ProRak 48

RAB Audio- ProRak 48

This is probably one of the smaller desks that are on this list. This is probably the best one for producers and engineers who are tight on space but want to maximize the way they use that space. If the second tier is too small there is always the option of getting stands for the speakers that sit on the sides of the desk.


Dimensions Rack Mounts
$699 48” W

12” D

6.125” H


Best Desks Under $2,000

Ultimate Support Studio Furniture NUC-003

Price (before shipping)- $1,499.99


Ultimate Support Studio Furniture NUC003

Ultimate Support Studio Furniture- NUC-003

This desk is perfect for a producer wanting to possibly keep a small keyboard on one side of the desk where they can always have quick access for themselves, or they could possibly try putting the keyboard on the extending mount underneath (depending on how long it is). The amount of workspace available on this is amazing and will help you optimize your flow for the best outcome.


Dimensions Rack Mounts
$1,499.99 101.8”





Argosy Halo Workstation Plus

Price (before shipping)- $1,999.99


Argosy Halo Workstation Plus

Argosy- Halo Workstation Plus

This desk is great for engineers who want all of their preamps up and available at their level. I also love the built in monitor mounts and screen placement. There is actually a youtuber that I will got to that uses this desk named Ryan Bruce aka “Fluff.” You can actually watch him put the whole thing together here.


Dimensions Rack Mounts
$1,999.99 ?


Best Desks Over $2,000

Sterling Modular Plan E Console

Price (before shipping)- $3,899.00


Sterling Modular Plan E Console

Sterling- Modular Plan E Console

This is a great desk setup for someone who likes to keep things tight and close. Sweetwater actually has one of these in Studio C of their studios in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It helps with cable management and makes it look neater than it necessarily is because it hides any coils and tangles from the front.


Dimensions Rack Mounts
$3,998 ?



Sound Construction- DS-KS MP

Price (before shipping)- $2,795.00


Sound Construction DSKS MP

Sound Construction- DS-KS MP

I really like this desk because of the retractable keyboard support built into the desk. It just looks so clean and helpful for getting out of the way when you aren’t using it. It actually is long enough to hold an 88 key keyboard. The rack mounts are also perfectly placed to station monitors on top of each one angled towards you.


Dimensions Rack Mounts
$2,975 86.5” W

38.5” D

40” H