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13 Best Electric Guitars for Kids and Teenagers in 2024

When it comes to children learning how to play electric guitar, it is best to find the right-sized instrument for your child. This makes it easier to play and learn.

Having a good instrument that children can learn on is crucial at this stage, as an inferior guitar can cause frustration and heartache for your aspiring guitarist. Who may end up spending more time crying than playing. 

We have compiled this list to help parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles choose the best electric guitar for their little rockers.

I tested 13 products and found the Squire Mini Stratocaster to be the best electric guitar for kids.

Electric Guitar For Kids

This is a fantastic guitar for kids thanks to its small size and flexibility. Its short scale length makes this idea for the small hands of a child. These Squire musical instruments would also make a great beginner guitar.

These Mini Strats are small, more affordable versions of the Fender Stratocaster.

Even though this is not a full-scale guitar, it has a full sound, thanks to its single-coil Stratocaster pickups. 

I think this short-scale guitar is a perfect choice for a kids electric guitar. I recommend these for any child learning. 

If you are not playing the guitar yourself, you may have a lot of questions about what size is best for your child. You may also wonder how much you should spend on a guitar that is suitable for children.

The most common sizes for electric guitars are 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full Size, and 1/8 Size (although 7/ 8 Sizes are also available).

Guitar Size Age

Guitar SizeAge Range
1/4 ~ 30″ 4-6 years
1/2 ~ 34″ 5-8 years
3/4 ~ 36″ 8-11 years

Avoid paying over $200 for an electric guitar for kids. You want to make sure they will play guitar seriously before buying an expensive one. An electric or acoustic guitar will be fine, for this piece we are looking at electrics instead of acoustic guitars.

Now that you know how to recognize a good children’s guitar, it should not be too difficult to find a suitable model.

Today’s test shows that there are a ton of options with reasonable price tags but beware of cheap children’s guitars that are poorly constructed and sound awful.

Also, an electric guitar needs a guitar amp to hear it properly. These can be picked up fairly cheaply, or sometimes come bundled with the guitar. Don’t forget to stock up on spare strings too!

Keep reading for our full exposure of the best electric guitar for kids in 2021.

Alternatively, check out our roundup of the best electric guitar strings.

13 Best Electric Guitar for Kids and Teenagers

  1. Squier Mini Stratocaster (¾ size)
  2. Epiphone Les Paul Express
  3. Epiphone Les paul player pack
  4. Ibanez Micro
  5. Gibson Maestro
  6. Squire Mini Jazzmaster
  7. Loog Pro Electric
  8. Squire Affinity Telecaster
  9. 3rd Avenue ¼ Sized Electric Guitar
  10. Jackson Dinky Minion
  11. Epiphone SG Special VE
  12. Sawtooth Electric Guitar
  13. Raptor EP3 ½ sized electric kids guitar

Best Electric Guitars for Kids and Teenagers Reviewed in Detail

1. Squier Mini Stratocaster (¾ size)

Squier Mini Stratocaster

The Squier Mini Strat is considered to be one of the best electric guitars for kids in terms of size, strings, bridge, and hardware tuners.

 If you are looking for an electric guitar for children aged 6-9, Squier Mini Strat is the best guitar for this age group, offering a lot of tonal possibilities to broaden their musical tastes.

These are excellent value guitars, with reliable quality at an affordable price.

These are ¾ sized Squire versions of the Fender Stratocaster. These make an ideal beginner guitar, or kids electric guitar.

This guitar features 3 pickups, one volume, and one tone knob. The rosewood fretboard felt good for the price and was suitable for learning on as a first guitar. The c shaped maple neck was a good size for small hands and will be easy for children to play with.

No major faults, good feel, and good sound, we recommend it.

In terms of craftsmanship and sound, there is no better value for children than this guitar, not only because it will be a solid instrument for learning the ropes, but also because the versatile HSS pickup configuration will help them explore different sounds.

This is a good quality guitar that will last children up until their teenage years


  • True to Stratocaster Design
  • Flexible tones
  • 3 Pickups


  • No Tremolo bar
  • Average sound quality

2. Epiphone Les Paul Express

Epiphone Les Paul Express

Check Price on Amazon

One of the advantages of this Epiphone LP is its child-friendly size.

If you have small children between 4 and 6 years of age, you might want to take a look at the ½ to ¼ sized models which are even smaller.

The Les Paul Express guitar is a versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-carry electric guitar.

Its 22-inch scale length with rosewood fingerboard provides the feel of a full-size guitar while maintaining the weight of an acoustic guitar. Epiphone 650r ceramic humbucking bridge pickup and 700T ceramic humbucking neck pickup will provide a variety of tones to accommodate any player’s needs. Its two humbuckers help dial that iconic raw LP tone. 

This beautifully crafted, travel-size electric guitar is ideal for musicians of any skill level and its features make it perfect for children.

The Les Paul guitar is excellent for children, even if it is a nearly full-sized guitar.


  • Lightweight
  • Loud Humbucker Pickups
  • Small Body


  • No tremolo system
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3. Epiphone Les paul player pack

Epiphone Les paul player pack

Check Price on Amazon

The great thing about this guitar set is that it is aimed at beginners. It comes with everything needed to start playing without doing any homework to figure out what accessories you need as a beginner. This makes it great for children

It comes with a small exercise amp, cables to attach the guitar to the amp, a nylon guitar strap, a few pictures of the guitar tuners, and a gig bag.

Not only is it a high-quality guitar, but you get all the peripherals that work for you when you start, and you can always upgrade later. This amplifier is as decent as it can be. It is smaller and louder than you’d expect, which is a bonus.

The Paul Epiphone Electric Guitar Player set includes a small 10-watt practice amp, 10-foot cable, guitar strap, pick clip, chromatic tuner, and a Gigbag. 


  • Includes accessories
  • Decent student instrument


  • Too large for young children
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4. Ibanez Micro

Ibanez Micro

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The Ibanez PGMM21 is a collaboration with guitarist Paul Gilbert. It has the same iconic features which the PGM is known for, such as the iconic lacquered F-holes, the reversed headstock, and the single volume control – but in a condensed format. 

This makes it ideal for young players and children as well as adults who want to have fun with this electric guitar. 

Its high-output dual humbuckers respond well to distortion and have a large dynamic range.

The compact fretboard is smooth and incredibly easy to navigate, even young children will find this comfortable to hold. This is enhanced by the deep double-cutaway which provides access for even the highest frets.

This is a more heavy style of guitar, in terms of looks and sound, so would suit children favoring heavier styles of music.


  • Heavy Sound
  • Fantastic Fretboard
  • 24 frets


  • Too heavy for some styles of music
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5. Gibson Maestro

Gibson Maestro

Check Price on Amazon

It’s music to your ears.

Expect a rich, full-bodied tone. Its classic single-cutaway body shape is made of Linden which has a decent decay and resonance. 

The Gibson Maestro is a classy, traditional guitar. 

The natural satin finish on the neck and body is elegant and rich, the rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays produce a look that’s both classic and bold.

It’s got chrome hardware with a wrap-around tailpiece that completes the vintage look. 

The single-cutaway body style is not only beautiful but it makes the guitar easy to play.

These are fantastic rock electric guitars for kids. The scale length is slightly shorter than normal which helps small hands. Choose these for committed children with a taste for rock.


  • Gibson Quality
  • Simple design


  • Single Pickup
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6. Squire Mini Jazzmaster

Squire Mini Jazzmaster

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These are my personal favorite small electric guitars. This is the classic fender Jazzmaster made in a smaller Squier version.

The Squire mini Jazzmaster is a great guitar for both children and adults. It is small enough to be played by a child, but it has enough power to satisfy an adult. 

The Squire mini Jazzmaster has a single-cutaway body, two Fender dual-coil pickups with white covers, and high-quality sealed die-cast tuning machines. One of the advantages of this guitar is that it has a thinner and lighter build than a Stratocaster.

Its maple neck and fretboard have a unique pale look and play very well.
These have a retro look and sound and are perfect guitars for those cool surf kids.


  • Retro Offset Look
  • Warm Humbuckers
  • Small Scale Length


  • Mediocre tuning pegs
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7. Loog Pro Electric

Loog Pro Electric

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Let your kids experience music in a whole new way. Loog’s guitars for kids are awesome, they’ve created a guitar that’s meant for kids to play, not just practice on. 

Loog is one of the only children’s guitars with an integrated amplifier and speaker. 

It is very rugged, easy to learn, and affordable. The Loog Pro is ideal for parents looking for a guitar that supports their kids’ natural curiosity for music and playing.

This guitar is as fun to play as it looks. The built-in speaker goes loud enough, but there is also a cable jack for plugging it into an amplifier.

This fun guitar also comes in a 3 string model which is great for younger children.


  • Built-in speaker
  • Short scale
  • Cool look


  • Lower fret count
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8. Squire Affinity Telecaster

Squire Affinity Telecaster

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This is in the higher price range for children’s guitars, but the Affinity Telecaster is a serious instrument.

The two single-coil pickups deliver classic Tele twang and snarl. A wide range of textures and tones are at your command for every style of music. The lightweight ash body and fast maple neck with a modern C-profile offer improved playability. The six-saddle string-through-body bridge provides better sustain. Uniquely designed by Fender.

Affinity Telecaster guitars are great for anyone who wants to learn how to play guitar. Why spend a lot of money on a guitar when you can spend a little and get just as good of sound?

It’s great for young children and teenagers who want to learn the joy of playing music. Plus, it’s easy to use and easy to tune. 

The neck is super smooth so it doesn’t hurt your fingers when you play and the tuning has great stability.


  • Fender-designed
  • Semi-professional Tone
  • Stable tuning


  • Not suitable for younger children.
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9. 3rd Avenue ¼ Sized Electric Guitar

3rd Avenue ¼ Sized Electric Guitar

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Introducing the 3rd avenue ¼ sized electric guitar: a mini guitar that’s perfect for small children ages 8 and under.

 It may get outgrown quickly, but there is a time in a child’s life when they will need a guitar this small.

This pint-sized instrument has all the features of a regular guitar – and even comes with a built-in amplifier! Although it still has a cable jack. It comes with a strap, picks, and gig bag.

The 19 frets, a smooth maple fretboard, were small enough for children’s hands. This is also fun for adults to practice shredding on.

This is a tiny ¼ size electric guitar which is great for the youngest, smaller children.


  • Tiny ¼ size
  • Built-in speaker


  • Too small for older children
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10. Jackson Dinky Minion

Jackson Dinky Minion

Check Price on Amazon

This electric guitar is just the right size for kids and it’s a blast to play. Plus, it’s durable and will stay in tune better than other guitars, making it a great choice for beginners.

The shorter scale means it’s perfect for younger players or those with smaller hands. The rock-tuned pickups and hardtail bridge make this guitar the perfect choice for your kid’s next jam session.

This is a perfect guitar for any aspiring rock or metal guitarist. The Jackson Dinky Minion has high output humbucking pickups to produce strong, crunchy tones with great sustain. 

The Amaranth fingerboard gives you plenty of space to play while the 2/3 sized body is perfect for smaller musicians. 

Die-cast tuners and a hardtail bridge provide excellent tuning stability and make string changes easier. 

This guitar is a bargain for the level of quality.


  • Crunchy high output pickups
  • Extended fretboard


  • Too metallic for some
Check Price on Amazon

11. Epiphone SG Special VE

Epiphone SG Special VE

Check Price on Amazon

The Epiphone SG Special is a great guitar for all ages and skill levels. It has a slim taper D neck that is easy to play with low action. The warm and punchy pickups will give you a great sound. 

This guitar will last a long time and be perfect for beginners or adults! Its double-cutaway enhances soloing and looks slick.

For those looking for an affordable guitar for kids with a signature look and sound, the Epiphone SG Special is perfect. With vintage styling and fast playing neck, it’s perfect for children, those getting back into guitar and anyone else who wants a guitar they’ll love to play.


  • Warm punchy pickups
  • Smooth fast neck


  • No tremolo system
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12. Sawtooth Electric Guitar

Sawtooth Electric Guitar

Check Price on Amazon

The sawtooth is another Stratocaster style electric guitar which is a great starting point for beginners and children.

This is a versatile electric guitar that’s perfect for children and young players. With a Sycamore body to produce those great, rich tones, and a Maple neck and fingerboard to play fast and smooth. This guitar is equipped with a 5-way selector switch, 2 tone controls, and 1 volume control to find the perfect sound.

The Sawtooth electric guitar will rock your socks off. This instrument has a fingerboard made out of maple with a body built for both comfort and durability. The neck is also maple, and it has 21 frets, 25.5″ scale length, and 42 mm nut width. 

This Sawtooth also includes a tremolo bridge, 3 single-coil pickups, and adjustable strap buttons. Accessories include an amp, strap, cable picks, guitar stand, and instructional DVD.


  • Familiar Stratocaster design
  • Versatile Tones
  • Good feel


  • Average sounding pickups
Check Price on Amazon

13. No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

Get your little rockstar started with an affordable, high-quality electric guitar! The Raptor EP3 is perfect for beginners and comes in a wide variety of colors. 

They’ll love the 3-watt amp that’s included with the purchase too. 

Get them on the path to power chords and monster solos quickly with this ½-sized, power-packed electric guitar made from Paulownia wood.

The Raptor EP3 is a half-sized guitar. It’s lightweight and easy for a small person to grip, which is important because they can’t use as much force as adults do. This would make an ideal first electric guitar for a child.


  • Small and easy to hold
  • Good quality fretboard


  • Limited controls
No products found.

What to look for when buying a guitar for your kids?

What to look for when buying this type of product

Giving your children the right guitar is one of the most important steps in developing their interest in the instrument. Children will always remember their first guitar experience as something that inspired them to play their first guitar chords and become professional guitarists. 

They will also be motivated if they get a good tutor who will teach them guitar techniques to keep interest high.

The correct size is important because it enables the child to become familiar with the instrument and increases the chances that they will dedicate themselves to the craft. 

The size of the guitar neck should be smaller for a childs guitar.

One of the biggest challenges when playing guitar with children is dealing with aching fingertips when wrestling with larger guitars.

A compact, smaller sized guitar will make this less of an issue.

Nylon strings are also easier on the fingers, but only come on acoustic guitars, not electric ones.


When your child is learning, having the right accessories can make it a lot easier. Obviously, with electric guitars, an amplifier is needed. You will also need a guitar cable to plug it in. We also recommend you buy some spare strings, as there’s nothing more annoying than having a practice session cut short because of a snapped one. Stringed instruments are at risk of having their strings snap.


What Makes a Good Guitar for Kids?

A good guitar for young children meets their needs in terms of size and playability. 

A good entry-level guitar comes in many shapes and sizes but finding an instrument that feels like a good fit is particularly important for younger students.

There are three main sizes for children’s guitars, and when choosing the right size for your child, two essential aspects must be taken into account: age and size. 

If you buy a guitar for a child, this means that in most cases you are buying an instrument for a beginner. When you buy your kids first guitar, you want to make sure it’s one they like to play. 

Finding a good guitar for your child does not just mean a high-quality guitar.

It is wise to start with an inexpensive guitar, which is suitable for most styles of music before you start buying the dream guitar for children.

What is the best age for your child to start learning guitars?

The sooner the better. The earlier a child starts learning guitar, the quicker it will become a natural process for them. Starting your child off at a young age like 3 or 4 can help them to commit actions to their muscle memory. Even just messing around with a guitar, not even having serious lessons, will in some way help the child learn guitar.

We recommend that children start having proper guitar lessons around 6-8 years old. Younger children may not have the patience to take lessons seriously until they develop more maturity. 

How to choose the right size of guitars for your teens?

Teens over 13 should probably play a full-sized guitar. 
A ¾ sized model could work for smaller teenagers, but as they grow, this size will quickly be outgrown.

When they learn how to play the guitar, the instrument must be the right size for your teen’s height, as they will have more difficulty if their guitar is too small or too big to hold.

To choose the best guitar for your child, you should look for one that is proportional to their age and size. 

At the same time, you cannot ignore their wishes in terms of style, color, and type of guitar. 
It is best to go to a music shop where you and your child can try out different electric guitars.
Remember teenagers grow quickly!

What money is worth for your kid’s guitar?

I think most parents would agree that it is a waste to buy a high-quality guitar for a first child’s guitar for learning purposes.

It depends on how far along the learning process they are. If it’s their first guitar, then anything around $50 is a good place to start. This way it’s not a huge loss if they give up.

If they seem to keep an interest in playing guitar and commit to learning, it’s worth upgrading. Buying a guitar for around $100 is a good idea at this stage. When they get into the teen years, they may be interested in contributing their own money to more expensive instruments, $3-400-

Used guitars are an option for more affordable guitars, they are more at risk of having issues.


Overall, I think the Squire Mini Stratocaster is the best electric guitar for kids. 

Squire Mini Stratocaster

This is a fantastic starter instrument that would rival a full-scale guitar from the same range. These are high-quality children’s guitars. 

They have everything you would find on a full-size electric guitar, so it’s a great tool for children to get to grips with the design of guitars. With both master tone and master volume controls, its bolt-on neck and double-cutaway body provide a versatile playing experience and relatively rich sound.

Such guitars are ideal for young children. For larger children, they may consider a Full sized Squire or an Epiphone Les Paul Express.
Check out the Squier Mini Stratocaster today!