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Best Electronic Music Courses

Do you want to create music that’s both appealing and professional sounding? An online electronic music course can equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to make it happen. 

There are options for all skill levels. So, whether you’re an aspiring producer, composer or an experienced musician, it won’t be hard to find a suitable course. 

The Top 9 Online Electronic Music Courses

What Makes an Electronic Music Course Great?

There are a few key characteristics that make electronic music courses great. 

1. Taught By An Experienced Musician

How many years of experience does the instructor have with electronic music production? What are past students saying about their teaching style? Can they convey information in an effective way that’s easy to understand? These are just a few questions to ask when evaluating electronic music courses? 

2. Includes Demonstrations 

It’s far better to see a technique in action than to listen to an instructor ramble. So, try to select electronic music courses that include demonstrations to facilitate your comprehension of the material. 

3. Self-Paced

When producing music, you need time to let your creative juices flow. And considering the best electronic music courses require you to put your new skills to work, you want an option that’s self-paced so you can produce your best piece of work. 

Our Top Picks

Below, you will find a list of the best online electronic music courses. They are from top online learning platforms, like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare and Udemy.

The classes are organized by skill level- beginner, intermediate and advanced. We’ve also included a description and price point to help you make an informed decision.

Electronic Music Course for Beginners

New to electronic music? Consider these beginner courses to get you started on the right track. 

1. Introduction to Electronic Music by Udemy 

  • Who it’s for: Beginners
  • Price: $24.99

Just $24.99 gets you a seat to this beginner course from Udemy. It is designed for electronic music newbies and aspiring disc jockeys who want to learn the fundamentals of music production and mixing. 

Led by Jason Allen, an Ableton Certified Trainer with a Ph.D. in Music, this course includes 4 hours of on-demand video, 19 articles and 2 downloadable resources. The lessons cover the basics of digital audio production and MIDI. And the final modules include refresher lessons and bonus videos. 

Enrollment is $24.99.

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2. Electronic Music Production for Beginners by Donny Yi George

  • Who it’s for: Beginners
  • Price: Free

This is another stellar course for those interested in making electronic music from scratch. You will learn how to produce your own music using open source software for free. And if you aren’t trained in music, it’s not a problem as this class starts with the basics.

Instructor Donny Yi Georgie draws from years of experience as a musician to provide you with a foundational knowledge of electronic music. He covers beat-making, snares, hi-hats, bass, bars, exporting and so much more.

There’s no cost to enroll. But you will need a laptop or desktop with a Mac, Linus or Windows operating system before signing up. 

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3. Music Producer Masterclass: Make Electronic Music by Udemy 

  • Who it’s for: Beginners
  • Price: $199.99

Learn how to make electronic music like a pro with this highly-rated course from Udemy. Music producer and composer, Chester Sky, teaches the basics of music-making software, FL Studio. And you will walk away knowing how to produce stellar music for all to enjoy. 

The enrollment fee of $199.99 includes 60 lectures condensed into 5 hours of on-demand video. You will also receive 13 articles and 8 downloadable resources to supplement your learning. 

Have access to a computer that can run FL Studio before signing up.  

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Intermediate Electronic Music Courses

If you have some experience with music production, these intermediate electronic music courses may be a good fit. 

4. Creating Sounds for Electronic Music by Berklee College of Music

  • Who it’s for: Intermediate students 
  • Price: Free

Offered by the Berklee College of Music, this free class takes a hands-on approach to teach you how to create unique sounds for electronic music. You will be tasked with completing a real-world project in the 4 weeks it takes to work through the curriculum. You will also compile a variety of patches and sounds to use in your future compositions. 

You should have some experience with music production basics and a digital audio workstation that supports AAAX, AU or VST before enrolling. Also, have access to a digital audio workstation and a MIDI keyboard or controller. 

The class is led by Loudon Stearns, an Assistant Professor in the Contemporary Writing and Production department. 

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5. Producing Electronic Music in Logic Pro by LinkedIn Learning (Formerly Lynda.com)

Master the mechanics of Logic Pro to produce electronic music in this intermediate course from LinkedIn Learning. In a little under 3 hours, music technologist and producer, Nate Mars, covers drug programming, lead sounds, arrangement, mixdown, analog synths and so much more. 

Enrollment is free with a $29.99 monthly membership. Or you can grab a seat for free by registering for a 1-month trial. 

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6. Music Production in Ableton Live 10 – The Complete Course! By Udemy 

  • Who it’s for: Intermediate students 
  • Price: $194.99

Offered by Digital Music Masters, this Udemy bestseller will teach you how to use Ableton Live 10 to create musical masterpieces. 

The cost to enroll is $194.99 and grants you full lifetime access to 160 lectures jam-packed into 15.5 hours of on-demand video. It also includes 2 articles and 2 downloadable resources to supplement your learning. 

Have a basic understanding of music and music production skills before registering. You should also have access to a working PC, iMac, MacBook or laptop and Ableton Live 10 software. 

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Advanced Electronic Music Courses

These advanced courses will help soar your electronic music knowledge and production skills to another level. 

7. Electric Feel: Creating Songs In The Digital World

  • Who it’s for: Advanced students
  • Price: Free

Taught by composer and sound designer Timon Wientzek, this course walks you through the process of creating a song. You will also learn how bass, beats, keys and melodies can be used to compose an impactful song. 

There’s no cost to enroll. But you’ll need access to a computer with a Digital Audio Workstation, a keyboard, speakers and a pair of headphones to successfully complete the course. 

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8. Music Theory for Electronic Producers – The Complete Course! by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Advanced students 
  • Price: $194.99

Looking for a course to advance your knowledge of music theory? Consider this highly-rated option from you. It’s designed for experienced electronic music producers and band members who want to write their own music. 

A seat in this course is $194.99 and includes 54 lectures condensed into 8.5 hours of on-demand video and 1 article. You will also receive a certificate of completion when you reach the end of the course. 

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9. Mixing and Mastering Electronic Dance Music by Udemy

  • Who it’s for: Advanced students
  • Price: $94.99

In this advanced course, you will learn how to mix and master tracks professionally. It’s ideal for electronic dance music producers that are interested in learning advanced music production techniques. 

The enrollment fee is $94.99, and you will need a digital audio workspace, plugins and an electronic dance track to work with. 

Course material is delivered through video lectures and readings. And you’ll have 30-days from the original date of enrollment to request a refund if the content isn’t a good fit. 

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Choosing the Right Electronic Music Course for You

Even if you’re just starting out, you can learn how to produce electronic music by enrolling in an online course. And if you’re a more experienced music composer or producer, there are a host of intermediate and advanced classes to help hone your skills.