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Best Electronica Samples

When you hear the term Electronica normally people will assume it goes hand in hand with electronic and EDM. While this can be the case, we are looking at Electronica as a subgenre of electronic and EDM. EDM is characterized as being energetic and for dancing but Electronica can be viewed more as the slower dreamier version on the verge of lofi sounds. These Electronica samples are all about the vibe and calm nature of electronic music.

What To Look For When Choosing Electronica Samples

In Electronica packs you want to look for a lot of pianos and guitars. Things that set more of a mental landscape in your head. The sound should feel like a dream if that makes any sense. Nevertheless, we have a list of our choices of the best Electronica samples that you can find. 


The pricing of sample packs is directly related to how many samples there are and the quality of said samples. If you use a subscription you normally are looking at 1 point or credit per sample, but the overall price can be judged differently depending on whether it is a point system or just regular currency. 

Frequency of Use

Electronica samples can easily cross over into any genre whether they are pads in the background or the lead lines out front. Electronica isn’t always a genre that an artist will set themselves in. Many artists will create songs that fall into the Electronica genre without their main sound being that genre, but you can also find Electronica sounds in the rest of their music. 

Skill Level

As usual, I say the skill level required is at least familiarity. You need to know how to match up BPM and keys well, beyond that, the possibilities only end with your creativity. 

10 Best Electronica Samples

Here are our choices for the best Electronica samples that we loved. They are not listed in any specific order.

1. Danktronica – UNDRGRND Sounds

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

These sounds hit you with slight dissonance that is a great mix and challenges the producer to listen in a different way. If you want to push yourself as a producer you can work with creative combinations of instruments and effects in Danktronica.

  • Price: Available with Loopcloud subscription
  • What is included? 250 Loops including
    • Organ
    • Synth
    • Bass
    • Pad
    • Effects

2. Limitless Electronica – Connect:d Audio

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above: Upbeat

I know I said we would treat Electronica as more of a not dancing version of EDM, but this pack was too good to not include. There are aspects that could classify this more in the dancing genre but we are focusing on how great the overall pack sounds.

  • Price: $19.82
  • What is included? 157 Samples including
    • Synth Loops
    • Bass
    • Drums
    • Vocals FX

3. Expansive Electronica – Touch Loops

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above: Euro

The sounds of this pack have been influenced primarily by European scenes (specifically Germany). All of these samples have a certain air to them that just gives a different feeling than most electronic music has.

  • Price: Included with Splice subscription
  • What is included? 202 Loops and 100 One Shots
    • Synth
    • Drums
    • Grooves
    • Pads
    • Atmospheres

4. Widescreen Electronica – Dave Wallace

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above: Cinematic

Dave Wallace has built his career around creating interesting sounds and this pack is an amazing result of his work. In this pack, you will find the results of the knowledge he has acquired and even DAT loops from almost 25 years ago.

  • Price: $39.41
  • What is included? 329 samples including
    • Bass Loops
    • FX Hits
    • Lead Synth Loops
    • Arpeggios
    • Percussion

5. Textural Electronica – Touch Loops

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above: Urban

This is an Urban representation within Electronica and has creative low ends coupled with unique arpeggios and fx to create this sample pack. The calming vibes mixed in give almost water-like sounds that immerse you in a new world.

  • Price: Available with Splice Subscription
  • What is included? 200 Loops and 98 One Shots including
    • FX
    • Chords
    • Grooves
    • Synth
    • Strings

6. Liquid Electronica – UNDRGRND

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

UNDRGRND refers to this as “Liquid Electronica.” Unless you hear it, that sounds a little strange but once you play the samples you begin to understand it. The flowing sounds and FX fit perfectly in that description.

  • Price: $45.99
  • What is included? 770 Samples and Loops including
    • Pads
    • Fills
    • Vocals
    • Piano
    • Percussion

7. Lo-Fi Electronica & Lo-Fi Electronica 2 – GOGOI

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above: Synth

These 2 packs are built entirely around synths and the sounds they make. The atmospheric sounds in this pack are there to set you up to build off of. You could easily build an entire song off of what these packs hold, but you will really like how they sound when combined with even more.

  • Price: Available with Splice Subscription
  • What is included? 121 samples combined including
    • Pads
    • Reverbs
    • Mods
    • Bass

8. Pure Electronica – House of Loop

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above: Classic

House of Loop was all about building a pack that held on to the roots of Electronica that originated in the 80s and 90s. There are a lot of jumps and arpeggiating sounds in this pack that can take you into all different styles and sounds. Nothing about this pack stands still.

  • Prices:
  • What is included? 333+ Sounds and Loops including
    • FX
    • Kicks
    • Hats
    • Bass
    • Snares

9. Emotive Electronica – Touch Loops

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above: Analog

Touch Loops built this pack almost entirely out of sounds from analog gear. They were all about the authenticity of the sounds and making them naturally. The combination of the Electronica sounds with the futuristic hip-hop rhythms made a great pack for anyone.

  • Price: Available with Splice Subscription
  • What is included? 134 Loops and 96 One Shots including
    • Grooves
    • Bass
    • 808’s
    • Chords
    • Leads

10. Voyage- Chilled Trip Hop & Electronica – Loopmasters

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above: Trip Hop

Trip Hop is usually compared to Downtempo music. The combination with the Electronica Samples worked so much better than I thought it would if I am being honest. The upbeat tempo blends perfectly with the smooth dreamy pads and vocals characteristic of Electronica.

  • Prices:
  • What is included? 800+ Samples and Loops including
    • Risers
    • FX
    • Vocal Loops
    • Synth Bass
    • Guitar

Melding Electronica

The best packs we have looked at were made in the combination of sounds from different genres. This opened up new sound options not only for the creators but also for the end-users. Creativity ends where your imagination does, and that’s why it’s important to experiment and try new combinations of ideas. Many people who were influential in the creation of genres and subgenres did so by just trying new things. You never know where the next track will take you and you never will unless you try. 

If you like to work with Electronica samples and are wanting to learn about other genres and instruments, we have a plethora of articles that look at many different genres and styles of samples here.

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