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Top 8 Female Vocal Sample Packs for Music Production in 2024

A quick brief: female vocal samples are a subset of vocal samples, composed predominantly of digital audio clips of female voices. These samples can take on many forms, such as loops, four-bar melodies, clips, and even spoken word phrases. The only existing limitations on female vocals are the producer’s imagination.

Vocals generally are one of the hardest instruments to record and master. This difficulty in execution can put off newer producers to using vocals at all. Thankfully, samples and sample packs exist, meaning that you can master mixing vocals after you release your first few projects. 

Quicklook: Best Vocal Samples

Adding Samples & Plugins To Your DAW

Adding plug-ins to your DAW is a non-standardized process, so I won’t waste much space discussing it. However, adding samples to your DAW usually is more universal. For most DAWs such as FL Studio, Reaper, Ableton, and Logic Pro X, the process for adding a sample is quite simple. Either load the sample into your DAW’s native sampler, such as the ESX24 in Logic or drag the downloaded audio clip into a new track. Additionally, if you are a user of Splice Sound, you can navigate to the top menu on your computer and use their dropdown sample organizers to transpose sounds into your project directly. 

Top Vocal Samples

One of the largest mainstays of modern electronic music, female vocal samples are instrumental to some of the most successful EDM tracks ever. From The Chainsmokers to Deadmau5 to Andrew Rayel, some of the largest and most influential artists are defined by their use of female vocal samples to invoke emotion. Given the difficulty of mastering vocals, sampling companies have flocked to this niche and have released hundreds of female vocal sample packs this year. To help make finding your next source of inspiration easier, here are 8 of the best female vocal sample packs by genre. 

1. Elle Vee Vocal Sample Pack

Elle Vee Vocal Sample Pack

Best for: Big Room House

Out of all of the vocalists to drop their own sample packs, Elle Vee might be the most influential. She gained this fame through her frequent collaborations with big-room house legends such as Breathe Carolina, Tiesto, and Nicky Romero.

For those who know those artists, you can envision what this pack is going to sound like. Four-bar layered vocal samples are the bread and butter of Elle Vee, and she delivered 175 to choose from. The 128/100 BPM tempos ensure that any big room song could benefit from using her vocals during a melodic build-up or as a bridge between drops.

Another unique aspect of Elle Vee’s vocal pack is the keying; almost all samples are in the same major keys found in any big room house song. If you are trying to make a song reminiscent of Martin Garrix, DVBBS, or KSHMR, this sample pack will make for a perfect build in your next track. 

What’s in this pack? 

  • 169 female vocal samples 
  • 24 layered build-ups 
  • 78 four-bar melodies
  • 15 ethereal VFX one-shots

2. Smoothies – Fresh Vocal Chops

Smoothies – Fresh Vocal Chops

Best for:  Future Bass & Electronic Trap

Another stellar offering from 91Vocals, Smoothies – Fresh Vocal Chops is not a versatile pack.

Instead, 91Vocals delivered 242 chopped and screwed female vocal samples at just 4 tempos, 80, 100, 120, and 140. The focused approach to female vocal sample packs is continued with the skillful chopping and arranging of vowels & consonants.

Each sample has enough pre-mastering to be quickly dropped into any future bass or melodic trap song with nothing more than a compressor and an EQ. Fans of Major Lazer, Slander, and DJ Snake will find fantastic use with Smoothies in their next compositions. 

What’s in this pack? 

  • 242 total samples
  • 233 chopped female vocal samples 
  • 24 vox chord progressions 
  • 10 vocoder loops 
  • 24 cutting one-shots

3. KARRA Vocal Sample Pack

KARRA Vocal Sample Pack

Best for:  Drum & Bass

KARRA, a singer previously featured in my vocal sample article, has partnered with Splice Sound to release a genuinely massive sample pack- 537 sounds deep.

Composed of sensual adlibs, soft hooks, and tasteful builds, KARRA’s vocals perfectly complement drum-driven genres, especially DnB. The pack offers clips at most tempos, but 150 beats per minute are where KARRA’s voice shines the most.

The sheer variety provided within the pack allows for genre-fusing experimentation, as her voice shifts between aggressive MC to pure pop star. For those who are fans of ODESZA, Illenium, Flume, or San Holo, KARRA’s vocals will fit beautifully into your next track. 

What’s in this pack? 

  • 537 total samples
  • 508 touching vocal samples
  • 147 spoken phrases 
  • 53 punchy hooks 
  • 143 soft adlibs

4. Are We Dreaming” Vocal Pack

“Are We Dreaming” Vocal Pack

Best for: Dream Pop

“Are We Dreaming” is one of the latest releases from the Splice Sound artist collaboration series, featuring Lauren Zettler of Savoir Adore fame.

The diversity of the 237 sounds within the pack is outstanding, featuring spacey pads, bit-crushed chants, Porter-Esque vocoders, and even gang vocals. The Porter Robinson comparison is not undue, as the core of “Are We Dreaming” is sonically rooted in electro-pop and dream-pop.

Excellent addition to the already sharp sounds on display is the inclusion of matching guitar, synth, and acoustic drum loops. These pre-processed loops correspond to different tempos and keys within the back and offer a great source of inspiration. 

What’s in this pack?

  • 237 total samples
  • 173 blissful vocal samples 
  • 42 spoken-word phrases 
  • 54 atmospheric vocal pads 
  • 36 drum loops & one-shots
  • 9 melodic guitar loops 

5. Roniit Silk Vocal Samples

Roniit Silk Vocal Samples

Best for: Trance Vocals

Roniit, a frequent collaborator of Varien, Muzzy, and Evence, has partnered with Splice Sound to release her first vocal sample pack. Silk Vocals has a wide variety of sounds, from ethereal melodies, spoken word, VFX, and even breaths.

The deep reverb found throughout the pack is perfect for trance music; additionally, the choice of keeping most samples in the 130-150 BPM range allows for simple incorporation into any trance work in progress. For those who are a fan of Seven Lions or Kaskade, Roniit’s Silk Vocals are just what you need for your next melody.

What’s in this Pack? 

  • 169 total vocal samples
  • 31 spoken word phrases 
  • 19 looming FX vocals 
  • 5 breath samples 

6. Echoes by Holly Drummond

Echoes by Holly Drummond

Best for: Learning to Create Female Vocals

Featured in a previous article of mine on best vocal samples, Holly Drummond returns to grace another piece with her incredible voice.

Echoes, released in collaboration with Black Octopus, offers an expansive selection of dubstep & trap female vocals. What truly makes Echoes unique is the way that BO chose to structure the pack.

Included in the sample pack are Holly’s full songs, which are subsequently broken down into keyed verses, phrases, and one-shots. Through this structuring, producers can pull their favorite parts of full tracks and painlessly repurpose them. If you’re a new producer, you can also learn how vocals are structured through the breakdowns of complete songs. For fans of Monstercat, Pegboard Nerds, or MUST DIE!, Echoes is the sample pack made for you. 

What’s in the pack? 

  • 514 total vocal samples
  • 39 sensual atmospheres 
  • 20 dreamy breaths 
  • 100 Spoken word phrases 
  • 67 blissed-out female VFX 
  • 27 dubstep chops
  • 48 emotive vocal swells

7. Meron Ryan Vocal Sample Pack

Meron Ryan Vocal Sample Pack

Best for: Deep House

Meron Ryan’s Splice Sound collaboration deserves more attention than it has received.

Much like her features with Vicetone and Soulero, Ryan’s delicate voice glides over sparse drums and conjures deep emotion; This pack features 303 versatile samples from all rote notes and both major and minor chords.

Somber whispers, twinkling chops, and guttural syllables convey a dark and glitzy mood befitting a dimly lit techno club. For those who want to make songs like Fisher, CamelPhat, or Green Velvet, feature some of Meron Ryan’s vocals on your next release. 

What’s in the pack? 

  • 303 total samples
  • 206 vocal FX 
  • 119 whispered phrases
  • 30 adlibs
  • 73 chopped vocalizations

8. TT The Artist – Club Queen Vocal Sample Pack

Best for: Hip Hop & Club

TT The Artist – Club Queen Vocal Sample Pack

The Club Queen Vocal Sample Pack is full of one-shot attitude.

You can hear how these sample could be used to help accentuate the hip hop summer song of 2024.

What’s in the pack? 

  • 98 Total samples (At least two with the word booty)
  • 27 Loops
  • 71 One-shots

Experiment With All

The usage of female vocal sampling in music production is integral to almost every genre. From Porter Robinson to Kanye West, female vocals have defined some of their most significant releases. Given the difficulty mentioned above in mixing vocal samples, the usage of samples and pre-processed audio clips have become a wide-accepted staple in electronic music production. Through the 8 sets of female vocals mentioned above, you can save a boatload of time and energy on mixing to focus on releasing tracks instead.  

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