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Best Gifts for Musicians 2024

You ever have trouble knowing what to say when your family or friends ask, “What do you want for Christmas?” Or perhaps you are on the other end not knowing what to get someone else as a gift. We all want to encourage those musicians we love in their pursuit of music, but do not always know what would be best for them. Here we get to take a look at a list of the best gifts for musicians.

Our picks for the top gifts for music lovers:

1. Guitar Pick Punch

Audio Assemble Recommends:  Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch

This gift appeals mainly to the guitarists or bass players in your family. This set comes with enough strips to create roughly 50 medium thickness picks. This punch can also be used on other materials that are made of plastic such as old credit cards, library cards, or pretty much any card like those. Along with that, this set comes with a file that can be used to smooth out the edges so it is not like you’re playing with a razor blade cutting away at the strings.

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2. Instrument Humidifier

Audio Assemble Recommends: Herco- Guitar Humidifier

Herco- Guitar Humidifier

This humidifier may say that it is geared towards guitars but works just as well for any wooden instrument such as bass, cello, violin, viola, or even mandolins. All that you need to do is submerge it in water for 5 minutes for the inside to absorb any moisture it needs, dry off the outside, and insert it into the case of the instrument. The best part about these is that they can be used over and over and over again. As long as they are re-soaked regularly they will maintain the moisture required and not let your instrument dry out. There are other forms of humidifiers that you can find.

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Another I would recommend is the D'Addario Humidipak .

Audio Assemble Recommends: D’Addario- Humidipak

D’Addario- Humidipak

These are a great way to maintain the quality of your instruments while they are kept in the case. The only difference between the Humidipak and the Herco is that the Humidipak does not have a way to reuse the packs, but you can also buy replacement packs at the same place.

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3. Music Page Holder

Audio Assemble Recommends: Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder

Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder

There are many different music clip holders as well as book page holders that could be used, I just liked the look of this one over the others. Made out of stainless steel, you know this product will hold as long as you aren’t overexerting it with more pages than it actually is designed to hold. It comes with a black case so as to maintain the shiny exterior.

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4. Direct Box

Audio Assemble Recommends: Whirlwind IMP 2

Whirlwind IMP 2

One thing every musician should have, whether they are a bass player, guitarist, keyboard player, or anything else, is a direct box. I cannot count how many times a drummer brought a drum pad without warning and we had no way to connect it to the system. A direct box is the conversion of the signal from a 1/4″ instrument cable to an XLR which connects to the sound system.

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5. Custom Truss Rod Cover

Audio Assemble Recommends: Custom Signature Cover

Custom Signature Cover

This is something that I’ve received myself. You select the style of truss rod best for your instrument and during the ordering process, you send a picture of the signature or words that you want to be engraved onto the truss rod cover. It’s a great gift for any guitarist, bass player, or even banjo player. In the descriptions underneath each type of cover, it describes the instrument style it would work best with.

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6. Drum Key Set

Audio Assemble Recommends:  Donner 3-pack with Continuous Motion Speed Key

Donner 3-pack with Continuous Motion Speed Key

Drum keys are the one thing that drummers seem to misplace so easily. They are much like guitar picks but more expensive. This set is made to fit for most drum heads and would be great for a drummer who has multiple sets so they can keep one with each kit. Even if you aren’t a drummer these could still be a great gift. If you regularly work with drummers in the studio or live environments they never have an excuse not to tune their instrument.

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7. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio Assemble Recommends: ATHM30x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Every musician has a love for music in one form or another and what better way to enjoy other’s music than to listen. These headphones will help anyone with their listening or even practicing. Musicians can best appreciate well-recorded music, especially when they have a high-quality way to do so. The ATH-M50x comes with a hard case so they will be protected in a backpack if the person you are buying for is a student or constantly on the go.

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8. Instrument Hanger

Audio Assemble Recommends: String Swing CC01K-BW

String Swing CC01K-BW

This is the perfect wall hanger for guitarists and bassists alike. It can add a creative splash to the room as well as save floor space from a regular guitar stand. It works for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, Bass guitars, even some banjos

If you have a smaller instrument, then this next option might be best for you!

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Audio Assemble Recommends: String Swing CC01UK

String Swing CC01UK

This hanger works for smaller instruments and is specifically designed for mandolins and ukuleles. Hanging these are even easier because they have less weight to hold on to.

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9. Piano Lessons

Audio Assemble Recommends: Skoove


Learning a new instrument is always a great use of your time. It is a great way to focus yourself as well as grow your skills and abilities. With Skoove, you can either learn on a tablet or phone with their app or on your laptop through their website. You also are not limited to having to use just a real piano. With their lessons, you can use a real piano or even a MIDI piano that their website will detect.

Want to try Skoove before you purchase your subscription? Go to the link below and enter for a chance to win a 3 month subscription!

Final Thoughts

I hope this was able to help plant some ideas in your mind if not show you the perfect option. I have family and friends who have had issues shopping for me as a musician and then end up at a gift card. Although, when in doubt, it is not a bad way to go. If you want to specifically support them musically you could always get them a gift card to Sweetwater, Amazon, or their own local music store. But any way you encourage a musician goes a long way, not only as a gift but as someone who believes in them as an artist and lover of music.

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