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21 Best Guitar Accessories – Essential Gear for Guitarists

There are many around, so we’ve hunted down the best guitar accessories around. These have been tried and tested by guitarists for generations. We’ve included some classic essential pieces, as well as some more experimental gadgets. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

The guitar is a beautiful instrument that has been around for centuries and has been loved by many. But, the guitar is not just a musical instrument. It also requires a lot of accessories to be able to play it well.

Importance of Guitar Accessories

Guitar accessories can be very important. If you are missing some key items, you will struggle to get a good sound from your guitar, and you may find practice sessions more of a chore than enjoyable. Not all of these accessories are important, but some definitely are. 

Guitar accessories are important for the user to enjoy playing the guitar. The accessories can be categorized into three types:

1. Necessities: Necessities are essential for any guitar player. This includes basics such as such as strings, tuners, and picks. These items are important for various playing techniques, and help keep the guitar in working condition.

2. Convenience: Convenience items help achieve a better playing experience. For example, a capo helps players change keys easily or adjust the pitch of their instrument. Although you can find workarounds. These just make your life easier overall. 

3. Accessory: Accessories are not necessary but they do provide some benefits to guitar players that may not be achievable otherwise such as an amplifier or effects pedal which would allow musicians to alter the sound of their instrument in different ways.

Keep reading for our full list of guitar accessories!

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Table of Contents

21 Must-Have Guitar Accessories for Beginners

Talk about some essential guitar accessories for beginners like Guitar Strings, Guitar Cables, Amp, Pedal, and other accessories. 

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Capos let guitarists temporarily shorten the fret count of their guitar neck. Essentially they change the key of the guitar without needing to retune it. Some songs are written to be played with a guitar capo, so they are needed in some cases. You can still use the same chord shapes when you use them.

Despite only costing a few dollars, these can completely change the way you play guitar. You can use the same capo for both electric and acoustic guitar. Capos are a fantastic guitar accessory that every guitar player should own. These are particularly great for classical guitar accessories.

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A guitar pick is a small, flat piece of material used for plucking the guitar strings

Guitar picks give you a different sound and feel. They make it easier for faster picking, with a clearer, more percussive attack.

There are thousands of different guitar picks to choose from, each more suited to different types of guitar playing. I recommend getting a mix and experimenting to work out which is your favorite type. 

– – –

3. Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap

A guitar strap is another one of those essential guitar accessories. Whether you are a beginner guitarist or a pro, you’ll need a guitar strap when playing guitar standing up. 

There are many types of guitar straps available, from fancy colors to sturdy leather ones. Some are adjustable and others are fixed. Make sure you get the right type for your guitar. If it only has one strap pin, you need a different type of strap which attaches to the guitar’s headstock.

– – –

4. Guitar Cables

Guitar Cables

A guitar cable is essential for plugging guitars into amps and recording gear. If you ever play an electric guitar, you’ll need one of these. This definitely makes it onto the essential guitar accessories list…

You can find cables at all ends of the price spectrum, from basic to premium. There can be a large difference in quality in cables. More expensive electric guitar cables generally last longer before breaking and have reduced noise interference. These are also important acoustic guitar accessories if you have an acoustic-electric guitar with a built-in pickup. 

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A must-buy for any electric guitar owner. Amps are the core of your sound.

These are some of the most essential guitar accessories for any electric player. A guitar amp is responsible for creating the loud sound of an electric guitar. You can’t really play electric guitar without them. (Well you can, but it never sounds as good…)

There is a huge range of amps available. From small basic ones to enormous 4×12” beasts. Some amps are combo amplifiers, which means they include both the amplification circuit and the speakers. Others come in a split format, where you need to buy the amp head and cabinet separately. 

If you are a beginner guitar player, just stick with a simple combo amp. Choose something that has a few controls to provide different amp tones. 

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A creative tool for changing the tone of a guitar. Guitar pedals are electrical devices that are inserted into your electric signal chain. These help to modify the sound of a guitar by processing it with effects circuits. For certain genres, these truly must-have guitar accessories. Pedal tuners are also useful for tuning your guitar mid-performance. 

These are a surefire way of creating your own amazing unique tone. You should pick your own set that works for your playing style.

There are thousands of guitar pedals out there, each bringing its own color to your sonic palette. Here is a list of common types of guitar pedals.

  • Pedal tuner
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Chorus
  • Overdrive
  • Distortion
  • Wah Pedal

– – –

7. Short guitar pedal cables

Short guitar pedal cables

When you use multiple guitar pedals, you’ll need cables to connect them together.

Normal guitar cables are fine, but they are generally too long for a pedalboard and clutter up your pedal space. You’ll want to use some of these smaller guitar pedal cables for efficiency.

– – –

8. Pedal Board

Pedal Board

Any player who uses a lot of guitar pedals will find a pedalboard to be one of the greatest accessories. These make it easy to transport pedals between gigs and rehearsal sessions. They keep your setup tidy and can be used with velcro to fix your pedals in order.

These are essential guitar accessories if you have a large selectioxn of pedalboards.

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Not all chairs are ideal for playing guitar. Using a proper guitar stool will help with posture, preventing aches and pains after long practice sessions. Feeling comfortable while playing can be a massive boost to your technique, and makes learning a breeze.

There are many types of guitar stools. Some have backrests, which I think are a great relief for the spine. Others have footrests which help to get good posture. Some even have built-in guitar stands, making them even more functional and useful. 

Check out our guide on the best guitar stools.

– – –

10. Ebow


The eBow is a revolutionary guitar tool. It uses magnets and electricity to vibrate the string of an electric guitar, causing it to create a continuous sound. These uniquely creative tools are used to make a guitar sound like something other than a guitar. The sound is closer to a bowed instrument like a violin or cello. They work better with electric guitar strings but still work with acoustics.

Anybody who is interested in more abstract types of music will love to play around with one of these. They create such a unique sound and completely change the way you play guitar. These are essential guitar accessories for anybody who loves to experiment with the sound of their guitar. These can help you make some of the most unique amp tones around. I’d say these are one of the best guitar accessories you can buy

– – –

11. Guitar Stand

Guitar Stand

A proper guitar stand is a must-have for any player. They are really helpful in keeping your guitar safe and secure. Guitar stands are also very useful for people who want to keep their guitars out of the way when they are not playing them.

Never drop your guitar again! There’s nothing worse than leaving your guitar resting on some random surface, then it slips and hits the ground. Ouch… That’s why stands are some of the best guitar accessories you can buy. Most work for both electric and acoustic guitars too.

Check out this multiple guitar stand!

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Guitar slides are the perfect accessory for any blues guitar player. These are the accessories you need to play slide guitar, with its unique retro sound. Guitar slides come in many materials, from glass to steel and bronze. Each one feels and sounds slightly different.

These can help to bring a new dimension to your music. They work great with either barre chords or soloing, and are key for an authentic blues sound.

– – –

13. Audio Interface

Audio Interface

Recording gear is a fun way to experiment with your music. Audio interfaces enable you to record audio directly to your computer, using DAW software (Digital Audio Workstation). This is a key component of music production. Audio Interfaces are essential for any music producer. After recording, you can digitally edit, improve, and mix your performance. They can be used for recording anything, from bass guitars to acoustic guitars and trumpets. 

A USB audio interface is really one of those must-have guitar accessories. If you want to take your music to the next level, you need to experiment with recording and digital production. 

They can help you to improve and modify the sound of your recordings. You can layer your recordings with other sounds to make a full-sounding song. The power of a basic computer today is massively more powerful than even the most top-end studios 40 years ago! 

– – –

14. Microphones (Shure SM57)

Microphones (Shure SM57)

Microphones are another important accessory. If you want to record an acoustic guitar, you’ll need a mic. Even for electrics, you can achieve a better sound by recording an amp with a microphone rather than plugging it directly into your interface.

There are hundreds of microphones out there, from condensers to dynamics and ribbons. I recommend using a dynamic microphone for beginners. A Shure SM57 is a great place to start. These are industry-standard instrument microphones. 

Having a good microphone can help you to get more creative with the recording process. Microphones let you capture sound, which can then be further experimented with. A mic is one of the most essential guitar accessories for your musical journey.

– – –

15. Wah Pedal

Wah Pedal

Wah pedals are another essential type of guitar pedal. These filter the tone of the guitar as you move your foot, creating new funky sounds. These effects pedals are essential in certain genres of music like funk, reggae, and disco. Wah pedals are a fun way to create a new and exciting guitar tone and bring a new layer of dynamic and expression to your performance.

Every electric guitarist should own at least one wah-pedal, Jimi Hendrix demands it! From classic rock to funk and reggae, these must-have guitar accessories are for the expressive guitarist.

– – –

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Cleaning and repair kits are a great way to maintain the condition of your guitar. Through yeast of use, certain parts of guitars tend to wear out over time. Repair kits can help to fix any degradation.

Cleaning kits are a nice way to keep your guitar feeling and looking nice. Guitar Strings collect oil and dirt over time, which muffles their sound. Using string cleaner can help to refresh the tone of your strings. Generally, these kits work for both acoustic and electric guitars. 

These kits often contain several related guitar tools. Some are useful for cleaning the guitar fretboard, which often gets dirty and clogged. Guitar polish is also a great component for keeping your guitar looking shiny fresh. 

Whilst these accessories may not do masses for sound quality, they often help to fix issues with a guitar and improve the feel and appearance. Every player should keep a cleaning and repair kit in their guitar case!

– – –

17. Guitar Tuners

Guitar tuners

Guitar tuners are probably the most essential guitar accessory on this list. Without one of these, you can’t tune your guitar, so you’re going to sound like a terrible player.

A clip-on guitar tuner ensures you have accurate tuning wherever you go. Using a guitar tuner app on your phone is good in a pinch, but clip-on tuners had the added benefit of being ready to go at any time. Just clip a clip on the tuner to the headstock of your guitars and you’re ready to tune. I never leave the house without a guitar tuner! You can find them as either a clip-on tuner or a pedal style.

– – –

18. String Winder

String Winder

Anybody who’s tried to restring a guitar knows how long it takes to twist the tuning pegs around to get the tension. Doing this process without a string winder is a real pain. Even the best acoustic guitar strings take an age to tighten without a winter.

The string winder is one of the most important accessories when it comes to restringing a guitar. Without one it takes ages! They save so much time and are very affordable. Highly recommended for anyone who takes guitar seriously, and regularly restrings their instrument.  

You need this when changing guitar strings!

– – –

19. Guitar Gig Bag


These are essential accessories for any guitarist. If you ever take your guitar anywhere other than your own home, you’ll be needing a gig bag. For anything from guitar lessons to gigs and band practice, you can’t really leave the house without one!

You can find gig bags at all ends of the market, from basic affordable models to highly featured professional models. 

Gig bags help you to carry your guitar, and they also keep it safe when you’re not playing it. If you’re not using a stand, I recommend storing your guitar in some kind of gig bag or guitar case. Just to keep it free from scratches and accidental damage. 

– – –

20. String Cutter

String Cutter

A string cutter is super useful when replacing guitar strings. If you need to change acoustic or electric guitar strings, these will save you a lot of time and effort. They only cost a little but can make a real difference when you’re changing strings. One pair will work for both electric and acoustic guitar strings. 

– – –

21. Headphones


Headphones are another important one, particularly for electric players. Headphones help you to practice electric guitars without creating a loud sound through a guitar amp. If you fancy playing guitar late into the night, these are essential. Pair them with a decent guitar headphone amp for more control. If you only play acoustic, you may not need them, unless you plan on recording with a microphone. 

– – –

Does a Guitar Player Need All of These Accessories?

This question is a difficult one to answer. But, it is important to know what you need and what you don’t need.

You definitely don’t need all of these accessories to play or learn guitar, however, the more you have, the easier it will be. The truth is, you can enjoy the guitar just by using the guitar itself. However, accessories help to improve the sound of your instrument, and the quality of your practice. They also help to overcome some annoyances relating to the instrument. 

I’d say some accessories are essential. Some kind of tuner is absolutely required… if you can’t tune your instrument, it’s going to sound bad no matter how skilled you are. 

Conclusion – What are the most important guitar accessories?

Guitar players need to invest in a few accessories to help them get their best performance. 

There are definitely some accessories which are more important than others. 

  • A tuner is an essential item for all guitar players, this helps you keep the instrument tuned and sounding nice. A clip-on tuner is the easiest option.
  • A strap is the second most important accessory after a tuner. If you want to play standing up, you’ll need one of these. 
  • A metronome is also important because it helps the player practice their timing, which gives them a more professional sound. Having a good mastery of timing and tempo is an important musical skill.
  • A capo is useful to change the key of a guitar without having to retune. This helps to create a different tone on your guitar. Many songs require one, and they are really useful. 
  • A guitar stand and gig bag for safely storing your guitar. 

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