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Best Guitar Cables 2021

Guitar cables are the lifeblood of every electric player, any size, any variance of cable. As long as it carries the signal well, you’ll take it. But if instead of bumming a couple cables off your bass player friend you want to have specific cables you know will serve you well. We’re gonna take a look at some options that should up your game a bit today such as the Fender Performance Series or the MXR stage cable. All of the pricing and cables in the first section will be focusing on 10 foot right angle and straight TS cables.

With guitar cables you’ll get arguments about different choices such as gold plating or using TRS instead of TS to go from your guitar to the next part of the chain. When it comes to gold plating, in my opinion, it is not a necessity but it’s not a bad thing to have. Really it does not change the frequency response or quality, but instead provides a surface which will not corrode this making a clean surface for the signal to pass through clearly (I guess that does in a way affect the frequency response in a way).

The other argument that was mentioned is the TRS vs TS idea. The idea behind this is quite simple for those who do not know what TRS and TS mean. TRS stands for “Tip, Ring, Sleeve” and TS stands for “Tip, Sleeve” which is a reference to the signal connection points on the end of the cable. The difference is the amount of connection points. The tip, ring, and sleeve are 3 separate connection points while the tip and sleeve are 2.

Example of TRS and TS

The sleeve connection point on either end will be the grounding wire for any signal and the tip and ring are the signal senders. So with that in mind, a TRS can send 2 signals out meaning it can run in stereo and the TS only sends one signal in mono. So unless you have a unique guitar that can send stereo signal there is no reason to use the TRS over TS.

With all that in mind we’ll dive right into the options I pulled together that I believe are some of the best basic guitar cables.

Best Standard Guitar Cables

Fender Performance Series

Price (before shipping)- $12.89

Fender Performance 10 ft. Instrument Cable

Fender is an age old brand well trusted for many products pertaining to many instruments, primarily guitars. I’ve used these cables as well as working with other musicians who used these cables and never had a complaint myself once, and we abused these cables so you know they can hold it.

Rapco Horizon G1

Price (before shipping)- $14.59

Rapco Horizon G1- 10PR

This brand does well just blending in not really showing off a large brand label. One perk of that is that it will not clash with your guitar (if you worry about things like that).

MXR Stage or Studio Cable

Price (before shipping)- $16.99

MXR Stage or Studio Cable- 10 ft.

Another great cable I’ve used myself a couple times, I know MXR is a brand that backs up its products with a great name. Not only would I suggest the cables but I also would encourage anyone to take a look into their line of pedals.

Best Patch Cables

MXR Patch Cable

Price (before shipping)- $19.51

MXR Right Angle Patch Cable 3 pack- 6 in.

Back to the brand we ended the last section with, the MXR patch cables take up a lot less area than many others when it comes to the space between pedals. The flat profile is the reason for this as you can fit the pedals closer together.

Fender Performance Series Patch Cables

Price (before shipping)- $13.91

Fender Performance Series Patch Cable 2 pack- 6 in.

Back to the first selection from the entire list, we take a look at Fender’s make of patch cable. Made with the same quality as the full size from earlier, you can expect only the best from these patch cables.

Planet Waves PW-CGTP-305 Patch Cable

Price (before shipping)- $12.95

Planet Waves PW-CGTP-305 Patch Cable 3 pack- 6 in.

I had to throw these patch cables into the list as I have had 3 different types of patch cables throughout my time as a guitarist and the ones that have lasted through since the beginning was the Planet Waves patching cable. The only drawback I have on this is the amount of space the connector end takes up. However, since it is so sturdy, the connections have always been true.

Honorable Mentions

Vox VCC090 Coiled Cable

Price (before shipping)- $34.89

Vox VCC090 White Coiled ¼”

You cannot put together a list of the best cables without at least mentioning the Vox coily cable. There are big names like Brian May and Jimi Hendrix who have used these cables both in the studio and live. I wanted these to be on here if only for the historical importance of them overall.