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Best Guitar Capo

Famous songs played with capo

Capos make the life of a guitarist so much easier (and maybe a little lazier). You use them to make the key changes that you simply can’t stretch your fingers to. Some people say using a capo would be cheating, but if they looked into the songs that capos have been used on, they might just change their tone. There are classic songs from some of the biggest bands in music. Songs like “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles, “Hotel California” by the Eagles, and the all time favorite song from that random dude with an acoustic at a party, “Wonderwall” by Oasis all were originally done with capos. Side note, I actually like the song “Wonderwall,” but it really is easy for it to be overplayed. If you want to look for more famous songs that utilize capos, check out this link from Guitar World. Through the rest of this article we’re gonna take a look at some great choices of capos and some of the different ways you can use them. Before we get to that though, we’re gonna check out how to make your own impromptu capo when you left the real one at home.

How to Make Your Own Capo

If you know the basic idea of how a capo works, you can probably make a good guess at how this is going to work. The idea and mechanics behind the capo are simply to apply pressure evenly across the entire fret so as to change the tuning of the strings. To make your own with simple household items, all you need is a pen or pencil, and 2 or 3 rubber bands or hair ties.

A good video for a visual explanation of how to do this can be found here.

Side note- you don’t need to break the pencil for it to work but it can make it easier.

Over Clamp

G7th Nashville Capo

Price (before shipping)- $21.99

G7th Nashville Capo- Black

I personally have had this capo for probably 7 years and it’s never failed me. One perk that sticks out about this capo, is that the piece that comes in contact with the strings is fairly thin so that when you want to put it on your headstock when you aren’t using it, it is able to fit very easily.


Kyser Quick Change Capo

Price (before shipping)- $19.95

Kyser Quick Change Capo- Black

This is the all time classic capo. If you yourself haven’t had this capo, you know someone who has. It comes in multiple colors to complement any look or guitar with ease. There is also an option from this company for a low tension version that you can find here.


Kyser Short-Cut Partial Capo

Price (before shipping)- $19.95

Kyser Partial Capo- Black

Some people might think, “What’s the difference between this and the previous Kyser capo?” Well the previous capo covers all 6 strings and this one will only cover 3 at a time. It’s not much for the beginners on guitar or even most intermediates for that matter. The type of musicians who usually use these are highly experienced players who have many years under their belts, or are just straight prodigies.

If you want to see what someone could do with a similar partial capo, click here.

Under clamp

Dunlop 87N Electric Trigger Capo

Price (before shipping)- $14.99

Dunlop 87N

Another capo that I have myself, I’ve always been satisfied with the sound I got out of it. While it is primarily marketed for use with electric guitars, I have used it on acoustic many times with no noticeable issues.


Planet Waves NS Tri-Action Capo

Price (before shipping)- $15.42

Planet Waves NS Tri-Action Capo

This is one of the best capos on the list in my opinion. The NS Tri-Action Capo has adjustable tension to stop any buzzing or uneven tension. As if Planet Waves needed to do any more to impress with this capo, they added a small pick holder on the underside that you can see here.


Donner DC-2 Capo

Price (before shipping)- $9.99

Donner DC-2

This is probably the most budget friendly capo on the list. It does everything you could possibly need as a capo and stays out of the way while you’re playing. It comes in 3 metallic styles and one, that has my favorite capo color name, cinnamon.

Unique Clamp

Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30

Price (before shipping)- $20.05

Shubb GC-30 Stainless Steel

When used correctly, this capo is one of the top choices I found. Its low profile makes it perfect for performance or every day use when you want the capo out of the way. It has an easy flip to release switch that you also engage to hold it on the guitar.


Greg Bennett Co. Glider Capo

Price (before shipping)- $29.99

Greg Bennett Co. Glider Capo

This capo has to be the easiest capo to move around the neck of any that I have ever seen. It simply rolls up and down the neck to the specific spot you need it to. If you play songs that have key changes and require you to move the capo multiple times this is the one for you. To put on the guitar you only have to pull on one of the end caps, wrap the capo around the guitar and put the end cap back on.


Thalia Capos

Lowest Price (before shipping)- $64.99

Highest Price (before shipping)- $199.99

(from left to right) Black Ripple, Celtic Knot, Red Angel Wing, Plumeria Lei Engraved, Birdseye Maple, Indian Rosewood, Sapele, African Zebrawood, Black Ebony, Mother of Pearl, Macassar Ebony, Dragon Abalone

These handcrafted beauties are some of the most gorgeous capos in the industry today. There is so much to say about these capos, they have different types of rubber buffers so as to best fit the guitar you play, they can even be customized before purchase with a name on the top. They release with a lever pressed on the underside making it easy to move about the neck as well as to attach and release from the neck itself. The company has a great origin story I suggest checking out on their website where they talk about how they came up with the idea as well as how they started the business to begin with.