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Best Guitars for Players with Small Hands

Music is the one thing that can unite people of every kind. I have friends that I would have no association with whatsoever without sharing similar music interests. With that same thought, playing music together unites people in a different way. Being able to create something beautiful to hear is a unique and wonderful experience that no one should ever be left out of. A lot of musicians have had difficulty finding an instrument that fits them and is a good size. This section of our Best Guitar Series shows some of the options out there for people not built for the larger guitars that are in the industry.

Best Scaled-Down Thin Neck Guitars at a Glance

The general scale length of a guitar is 25” and up. However, a guitar that is scaled down would be at most 24.5”. The shorter length makes a huge difference. You would think only a half-inch or full inch wouldn’t do much, but it can make a large difference between a guitarist being comfortable and overstretching themselves. 

  1. Durango Guitar Works: Best For Jazz and Rock
  2. Luna Gypsy Parlor Mahogany: Best For Picking
  3. Mitchell MM100: Best For Strumming in most genres
  4. Martin LXK2 Little Martin: Best For Finger Picking
  5. Ibanez Mikro : Best For Rock and Metal
  6. Taylor GS Mini : Best For Rich Strumming

Top Guitars For Small Hands

1. Durango Guitar Works

Best For: Jazz and Rock

Manufacturer: Durango

Why We Like it:

This is a company that I just wanted to highlight overall. They have created an amazing brand and are dealing with high quality instruments. They are an inch and a half shorter than the average guitar making them perfect for shorter arms. This is perfect for jazz styles of music but has enough bite to break you into rock and similar styles. 

Price (before shipping): $249- $319

2. Luna Gypsy Parlor Mahogany

Best For: Picking

Manufacturer: Luna

Why We Like it:

Parlor guitars, in general, are a perfect option for anyone looking for a scaled-down guitar to match their own build.

The Luna Gypsy Parlor is a great choice especially with the amazing natural tones they coax out of the woods they use.

I have heard a few instruments that they make and every time the only thing I can think is how natural and unencumbered the notes sound. 

Things to Consider: It has more of a high-end response making it better for Spanish, picking, fingerpicking but not the best for strumming.

Price: See on Amazon

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3. Mitchell MM100

Best For: Strumming in most genres

Manufacturer: Mitchell

Why We Like it:

Mitchell is a brand that in the past has defined itself as a metal style of guitar. But they have broadened their horizons with their Mini Series. The MM100 is one of the best ones. It provides the classic Mitchell look with a size that all can appreciate whether you are a beginner, traveling musician, or just someone looking for a nice scaled down guitar. 

Things to Consider: You may want to replace the stock pickups. The overall tone is less than desirable as a standard electric but plays extremely comfortably. 

Price: See on Amazon

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4. Martin LXK2 Little Martin

Best For: Finger Picking

Manufacturer: Martin

Why We Like it:

Martin is another one of those companies that everyone has at least heard of. I have worked many live events with professional musicians and have actually seen some of them use the Martin Mini.

The portability and great tone blew me away with how crisp it was. This is probably one of my personal favorites in this entire list. 

Things to Consider: It does not have any electronics built in so you will need to obtain your own.

Price: See on Amazon

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5. Ibanez Mikro

Best For: Rock and Metal

Manufacturer: Hoshino Gakki

Why We Like it:

Ibanez is one of those companies that are either extremely high end and great or it feels sort of lackluster. Either way, they hit the nail on the head with this guitar. The Ibanez Mikro is the perfect guitar for a person looking to begin or an experienced musician with great taste.

Things to Consider: The tuners are the only thing that might need any sort of replacing. It has the possibility of falling out of tune very easily. However, lighter strings might help this issue.

Price: See on Amazon

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6. Taylor GS Mini

Best For: Rich Strumming

Manufacturer: Taylor

Why We Like it:

Taylor is a name that every guitarist knows. They have made some of the best guitars that many people love. I myself own one and have played many styles. The GS Mini, in particular, has surprised me to no end. I have heard is played as well as played it myself and it provided an amazing sound. The mahogany, in particular, helped warm up the naturally high-frequency range that comes with some mini guitars.

Things to Consider: If you are planning to use this in any live environment, you will need to purchase a pickup to put into it. The Taylor ES-Go is an easy option that sounds great and was built with Taylor guitars such as this in mind.

Price: See on Amazon

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A Size For Everyone

This is more of a problem for people of smaller stature that would be uncomfortable playing an instrument such as a full-sized guitar for a long period of time. As of late, guitar companies have started to make what they call scaled-down guitars. Many of these are ¾ or ⅞ the size of a normal guitar. They still provide a great sound as well as making it easier for the instrumentalist to play without unnecessary reaching and fatigue. These guitars are great for children as well as adults with a smaller build. 

I had the chance to get back in contact with my applied lessons professor from college and discuss these guitars with him. He himself uses scaled down guitars because of the ease of use for himself. Luckily, he was able to point me in the right direction for many of the guitars you will be reading about so you can know that these are definitely the best choices out there.