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Best Guitar Pick Punch 2024

Making guitar picks has never been easier than it is now. Guitar players have an abundance of options when it comes to tools for creating your own picks. One of these tools is the guitar pick punch.

Say goodbye to cutting up your old credit cards with your scissors to make it happen.

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Pick-a-Palooza Creates a perfect pick every time

Because of their diminutive size, guitar picks are easy to lose. If this frequently occurs during your jamming sessions, consider investing in a guitar pick punch. Pick-a-Palooza produces a quality guitar pick punch that you can also use to make leather keychains. The product’s features include:

  • Sturdy construction
  • A stainless steel blade
  • A user-friendly design

The guitar pick maker’s stainless steel blade creates picks that are uniformly constructed and smooth. With the Pick-a-Palooza, you can make guitar picks from your old credit cards, hotel room keycards, used gift cards or even your expired driver’s license. If you have a traditionally sized credit card, you can form five picks from it.

Pick Punch

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The Pick Punch set is a guitar pick punch kit that includes the materials you need to make your own picks. Pick Punch has been making tools and supplying guitar pick materials for years. In fact, the company created the first handheld guitar pick punch. The tool has a front load design for convenience, and since the Pick Punch weighs 1.3 pounds, you’ll appreciate its solid feel and sturdy performance. With the kit, you’ll receive:

  • The punching device
  • Samples of Pick Punch’s materials
  • A guitar pick holder
  • A four stage sanding block
  • An instruction packet

You can also use the end of the guitar pick maker’s sanding blocks to develop your own custom stamps. Guitar picks are frequently lost, and if you play with other musicians, your picks may wind up going home with one or more of them. The Pick Punch will ensure that you have guitar picks available when you need them.

Zuanjia Pick Punch

Zuanjia Pick Punch

Zuanjia Pick Punch

The Zuanjia Pick Punch  lets you avoid the inconvenience of being without a guitar pick. In fact, with your own guitar pick punch, you’ll have the ability to make a pick on the spot as long as you have the plastic available. The product’s features include:

  • Durable construction
  • A stainless steel blade
  • A design that’s easy to use

Once you decide to invest in a guitar pick punch, hang onto your old gift cards, credit cards and hotel keycards to create a pick material stockpile as these plastic leftovers have the proper thickness level for guitar picks. This also encourages you and your family to recycle. Guitar picks are a good donation item, so if a local school, church or community center teaches music, you can make additional picks for donation purposes.

MuzJig Guitar Pick Punch

Cool color on the MuzJig

With the MuzJig guitar pick cutter, you’ll have a device that lets you make custom picks. You can form guitar picks from almost any flat plastic material as long as its thickness level measures from .05 millimeters to .77 millimeters. The device forms standard 351 guitar picks. In addition, four plastic strips come with the cutter, so you can begin making picks as soon as you receive the tool. The guitar pick punch’s product details include:

  • Quality construction
  • A plastic pick holder for organization
  • A cutting element that creates smooth pick edges for immediate use
  • A lifetime guarantee

You’ll receive the MuzJig guitar punch in a stylish box, which makes it easy to give as a gift. It’s also the perfect storage container if you are purchasing the tool for yourself. With the MuzJig punch, you can review the image that will appear on the pick before you punch it. The product is also likely to save you money since you can make your own guitar picks instead of buying them.

Singstek Guitar Pick Maker

Singstek Guitar Pick Maker

With a Singstek Guitar Pick Maker, you can punch your own picks from a variety of leftover plastic items including expired credit cards, depleted gift cards and even especially thin smartphone cases. Since the guitar pick maker measures slightly more than 6 inches in length, you’ll be able to bring the tool with you to music gigs to ensure that you have a pick at all times. The cutting set comes with:

  • The guitar pick punching tool
  • Sandpaper to smooth out each pick
  • A plastic piece for immediate use

With the Singstek device’s heavy-duty spring, you’ll surely have a working tool for many years. The device cuts the standard 351-style guitar pick, and it is capable of cutting plastic that measures up to 1 millimeter thick.

Premium Guitar Pick Punch

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A guitar pick maker is a tool that you can use to punch your own guitar picks from credit cards that have expired, gift cards that you’ve used and hotel keycards that are taking up space in your wallet. The No products found. is a quality tool that is easy to use. To create your own pick, just insert a piece of plastic into the press section. Then, push down on the handle. By purchasing the Premium pick punch, you’ll receive:

  • A tool with quality construction
  • 12 sample plastic sheets featuring an assortment of colors
  • A guitar pick container

When making guitar picks with the Premium tool, be sure to set it on a sturdy surface to ensure a clean cut. Keep in mind that with your own pick-making tool, you’ll have the ability to punch a guitar pick whenever you need one. The device is also a great way to send less plastic to your local landfill.