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Best Guitar Stands 2021

We all want the best for our instruments, we don’t want them to get knocked over, scratched, or damaged in any way. Ultimately, the best way to avoid anything hurting your guitar, is to put it back in the case every time you aren’t playing it, but that can become quite a hassle every single time. Instead, we resort to using stands. This gives us the access we need for our guitars to play whenever. If you get the right stand, and it can give access to more than one guitar so you could easily switch whenever you wanna change styles or genre. We’re gonna take a look at some great choices when it comes to guitar stands for both single and multiple guitars.

Single Stands


On-Stage Stand

Price (before shipping)- $12.95

On-Stage Single Stand

You cannot go wrong with the classic On-Stage single stand. These stands have become a standard for almost every musician, and you can’t go to a live show without seeing one of these, or at least one of this brand.

Hercules GS414B

Price (before shipping)- $49.97

Hercules GS414B

Another great standard stand is the Hercules GS414B which has 2 prongs that will stop the guitar from falling when the weight of the guitar is resting on the stand. Along the stand’s neck, rather than having to screw the clamp on, you have an squeeze hand grip to adjust the neck length for the best position for your guitar.


Taylor Guitar Stand

Price (before shipping)- $84.98

Taylor Guitar Stand

When it comes to wooden stands, for any that are quality and worth actually buying, you will have to pay a fairly heavy price. But with the beauty of the stands like the Taylor Stand, it is well worth it. Who would expect any less from Taylor considering they primarily work with acoustics? This stand does not have any adjustable or foldable parts, so it would not be the best choice for a travelling stand.


Zither Red Oak Stand

Price (before shipping)- $99.99

Zither Red Oak Stand

This stand is similar to the previous Taylor stand, since it has no adjustable or folding parts. So again, not great for traveling. But this stand would be a beautiful way to display any electric or acoustic guitar. It has a small cushioning strip towards the bottom of the stand to prevent any wear on the back of the body of your guitar should it, by chance, rub against it.



Side note before looking through these options, I would not suggest using a portable stand for a bass or any type of guitar with an extended neck that might tip the balance backwards flipping the stand over. Most complaints I saw about any portable stand, was that they were not good for basses or did not work well on uneven flooring. This is to be expected due to the fact that the stability aspect is not quite as adaptable, and will be have to be sacrificed slightly for the portability.


Hercules Stands GS200B

Price (before shipping)- $19.99

Hercules Stand GS200B (fold to open)

After looking through quite a few different stands, the Hercules GS200B seemed like one of the best choices for mobile stands. Looking at this one, it has two support pieces sticking out of the back adding a good amount of support towards the back lean of the guitar in the stand.


Cooperstand Ecco-G

Price (before shipping)- $29.01

Cooperstand Ecco-G (folded and open)

Another great portable stand, this one seems to have slightly thicker and sturdier pieces holding it together. Also it comes in a small variety of colors (if that appeals to anyone reading this). It comes with a padded lining so as to not wear down on the finish of the guitar and maintain the natural beauty of the instrument.


Wall Mount

Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-HNGRBLK

Price (before shipping)- $14.99

(From Left to Right) Black, Mahogany, Cherry, Satin Chrome, Maple

One of the best ways to display your guitar while maintaining the most floor space is through the use of wall hangers. The Gator Frameworks wall mount is a great choice that comes with 2 drywall anchor screws to make sure you have the sturdiest mount. It also has a small piece of padding to go between the mount frame and the wall to minimize the pressure biting into the wall from the frame itself. Coming in 5 different styles, it can easily match the look of any room you put it into.


Hercules Stands GSP39WB

Price (before shipping)- $21.99

Hercules Stands GSP39WB

This stand has the same holding and release mechanism that the aforementioned stand from the same company has. This stand has 3 connection points for the guitar to the wall as well as a whole other option of having a wooden base rather than the metal one. It is the same price as this one, and you can find it here.

Multi Stands


On-Stage Stands Multi Guitar Rack

Price (before shipping)- $57.95

On-Stage Stands GS7561

A great multi stand overall, many venues, studios, and musicians will have this available for all of their instruments. Also available from the same brand, is a slightly smaller stand that holds only 3 guitars instead of the 5 that fit on this stand. To find the 3 space rack, click here.


Rock Solid Guitar Stands Classic Solid Mahogany 4 Guitar Stand

Price (before shipping)- $169.00

Rock Solid 4 Multi Guitar Stand, Dark Cherry

If you’re looking for a gorgeous stand to hold multiple guitars and money is not an issue, look no further. This stand has a solid frame with ample neck support to rest your instruments on without bumping into each other, as well as padding on both the bottom support and the neck rests.



Road Runner 7 Guitar Stand Flightcase

Price (before shipping)- $139.99

Road Runner 7 Guitar Flightcase

This stand set is a great option for traveling musicians, or if you just want to have a multi stand at practice for you and some friends to use. It is able to hold more than enough guitars for a small band and has a soft padding for the guitars to rest on as well as providing protection from anything bumping into them from the back.


Grundorf PRO-GSCG Guitar Stand Case

Price (before shipping)- $229.95

Grundorf PRO-GSCG Guitar Stand Case

This stand is probably one for the people looking to be involved in touring professionally. For the price, you get a great quality product with a contact surface similar to that of the inside of a guitar case and an exterior made from aluminum. Inside the base of the case, there are divots designed to help guide the instruments and provide additional support.


Tri Stand

On-Stage Stands GS7353B-B Flip-It Tri Stand

Price (before shipping)- $52.95

On-Stage Flip-It Tri Stand

On-Stage has become a regular on this list due to its proven value and durability. But for one last time, I am going to recommend another product of theirs. This stand is a great option when it comes to tri stands and has a fantastic spring loaded release clip system to prevent any falls.


Hercules Stands GS432B

Price (before shipping)- $97.38

Hercules Stands GS432B

Another reoccurring company throughout this list is Hercules. This stand is really just a souped up version of the Hercules GS414B single stand. However, as one could obviously tell, it holds 3 instruments rather than just one. It comes with an easy squeeze release for the height adjustment as well as back rests for the guitar rather than bottom supports. This is due to the fact that the safety bars are only engaged when the weight of the guitar is fully resting on the clips.

Final Thoughts

A quick reminder to everyone, please remember to latch your guitars in the stands as much as you can. I myself have made that mistake of not latching, and I got really lucky jumping across my room to catch it before it hit the ground. You could just save yourself the trouble and lay the guitar directly on the ground, but you know, that brings a whole new set of problems. Lastly, I want to emphasize the point I made in the portable single stand section. Make sure you do not use a stand that is the wrong size for your instrument. It could end very badly for you, and no one wants to see their gorgeous instruments damaged, unless you are going for that Fender Custom Relic look.