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Best Guitar Straps 2022

Guitar players have spent countless hours sitting on the edge of their bed learning the sickest licks, not wanting to miss a beat in the song. Eventually, we all graduated from sitting to practice, to the self reliant and ever stimulating standing position. The energy of the song comes on stronger, and you can head bang without cracking your forehead on a nearby piece of furniture.

The freedom that comes with a guitar strap is wonderful but we want it to be functional, and sometimes, you want it to look great. There are some cases where a great strap draws as much attention as the guitar, or at least does a great job at drawing the eye to the entire figure of the guitar player. Whatever your reason is to get a strap, you want one that is functional as well as looks great. Through the rest of this article we’re gonna get a look at some great straps and companies that provide great products to choose from.

Best Stylish and Functional with a Price Strap

Air Straps

Highest Price Option (before shipping)- $71.38

Lowest Price Option (before shipping)- $45.42

Air Straps key features

This company is based out of the UK, so any orders from here will take a little longer as well as including shipping charges which if you are willing to pay for these straps, the shipping is well worth it. The largest drawback to these straps would be only price, but if you are an experienced guitar player with a high-end guitar, this is a great way to compliment it. All of the straps are handmade with leather ends to provide durable connections, as well as distinct features to look for in case you find a used one and want to make sure it is the real thing. The main features to look for are the British flag as well as the AIR on each connecting end of the strap.

Couch Straps

Highest Price Option (before shipping)- $64.00

Lowest Price Option (before shipping)- $22.00

Racer X straps $36-$44

Very few companies can say they are a vegan guitar strap company. However, Couch can say that and more. Not only do they make guitar straps, they also create camera straps, belts, bags, wallets, and more. Now some might right them off as just some weird company that’s doing something for a fad, but these guys have been going for almost 20 years and have had big names such as Brian May of queen, Brian Bell and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, Bill Kelliher of Mastodon, as well as many others who have used their straps in live performances. Personally if this brand is good enough to be used by Brian May, it’s more than good enough for me. These straps, even with all of the hype for being vegan, are extremely affordable and if you aren’t in the market for a strap yourself, would make a great gift for a friend.

Best Strap with Built in Locks

D’Addario Planet Lock

Highest Price Option (before shipping)- $36.79

Lowest Price Option (before shipping)- $12.99

D'Addario Planet Lock

Planet Lock (from left to right) Stars & Stripes, Black, Barbed Wire, Fire, Rock Star

While D’Addario has more than one type of strap, I’m focusing specifically on the Planet Lock. The Planet Lock straps have a built in strap lock mechanism that fits on most strap nuts so as to ensure the guitar doesn’t detach from the strap randomly and fall to the ground. It has an easy gear that you turn to lock it onto the nut and a button to release the gear to turn it back to release. I personally had one and needed the end to be turned around so as to fit onto my Epiphone SG. Rather than mess it up myself, I reached out to the company, and even though I did not buy it directly from them, they were willing to do that switch for me as long as I covered shipping. Just an example of D’Addario’s great customer service.

DiMarzio ClipLock

Highest Price Option (before shipping)- $99.99

Lowest Price Option (before shipping)- $23.99

DiMarzio DD2200JPBKBL-Guitar Strap, Black/Blue

John Petrucci Signature

DiMarzio DD2244 Steve Vai ClipLock Blue Cherry Universe Strap

Steve Vai Signature- Blue Cherry

When it comes to straps with built in locks and easy release, DiMarzio is a name you gotta go with. The firm connection that they use with the end of the strap directly connected to the guitar is solid. No, you can’t switch out to any strap you’d like but with all of the options they have in their color schemes, you won’t need to switch for it to look good. To install you will need to unscrew the nuts that came on the ends of the guitar, then screw in the ends of the DiMarzio strap using the screws that came with it. They do also come with 2 different sets of screws which are the 2 standard screws using so that you won’t crack your guitar. Also included is an easy release clip that can be undone so as to easily store the guitar in a case or if you just want the strap out of the way. They have the standard black nylon straps in either 2” or 3”, but with the other options available I do not know how you would settle for that with the amazing color schemes and designs available. The two big names that can be associated with DiMarzio ClipLock straps that you might know are John Petrucci of Dream Theatre and Steve Vai.

Best Budget Strap

Fender 2″

Highest Price Option (before shipping)- $47.99

Lowest Price Option (before shipping)- $5.41

Fender Monogrammed Strap - Black/Light Grey/Dark Grey

Fender 2” Monogrammed Black, Light Grey, and Dark Grey

When you are looking for a budget strap that you need to hold up for you, you need look no further than the Fender 2”. This strap has durability with a small price that will provide you with a great support for any guitar. Just remember, you don’t necessarily need to be playing a Fender to use this strap. With options ranging from poly-web to fine leather, you cannot go wrong. In my opinion the best bang for the buck is one of their three monogrammed options

Mr. Power Strap

Price (before shipping)- $6.49

Mr. Power Strap

Mr. Power Strap

This strap may not have a huge name associated with it like some of the others on our list, but it does bring a unique quality to the table. For its very low price you get the great option of having a built in pick holder on your strap. According to some of the reviews on Amazon, however, the pick holder is not quite proficient at keeping the picks in. Perhaps though it could inspire you to create your own solution to such a problem.

BestStrap Locks

With all of this talk about getting the best strap for your guitar and wanting one that will last, I want to remind you that you may want to take precautions against dropping your guitars. “But that’s what a strap is for!” Yes but accidents happen, I’ve had guitars drop because of a twist in the strap I didn’t notice.

If you want examples of such accidents and a laugh check out this video here.

Now I’m not saying putting strap locks on will give you the ability to spin your guitar for days over your shoulders, but it might prevent something similar happening to you. Two great options are the DiMarzio and D’Addario straps that we mentioned earlier with solid locks built right in.

Schaller Strap Locks

Highest Price Option (before shipping)- $26.99

Lowest Price Option (before shipping)- $19.99

Nickel Schaller Guitar Strap Locks

Schaller Strap Locks, Nickel

These are a great option, that I like to use on my own guitars. You need only pull the sliding latch to put on, or remove the strap from the nut. With easy installation you can be rocking again quickly with the secure feeling of Schaller holding your guitar.

Ernie Ball Strap Locks

Highest Price Option (before shipping)- $29.99

Lowest Price Option (before shipping)- $21.99

Ernie Ball Strap Locks

Ernie Ball Strap Lock, Black

These strap locks, like the Schallers, require a little bit of installation that should not take more than 10 minutes. With an easy 2 button release off of the nut, you can remove the strap off your guitar.