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Top 8 Jazz Drum Samples & Packs for Your Music Production in 2024

The drum sounds heard on classic jazz recordings are a hallmark of the genre and one of the most instantly recognizable elements of popular music, lending their syncopated rhythms to other genres like hip-hop, soul, and funk.

They’re usually captured using high-fidelity recording equipment and studio grade drum kits, but those can be prohibitively difficult for many producers to acquire. So what do you do if you’re producing a jazz flavored track and need some percussion?

Jazz drum samples can be an incredible tool for just such an occasion. Captured in studios by world class drummers and integrated into a well mixed track, samples can be indistinguishable from live-tracked percussion.

Even novice producers can use drag-and-drop drum loops to create syncopation that will imbue your music with vibe. If you’re already a skilled producer, there are plenty of sampler patches that can be used to route studio quality sounds to your instrument and allow you to sound like Max Roach in a matter of moments. Well, maybe not Max Roach, but we’ve collected a list of jazz drum samples that will breathe new life into your tracks.

Jazz Drum Samples Highlighted

Adding Samples To Your DAW

Adding samples to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is usually as simple as dragging and dropping .WAV files onto your tracks. Your samples will often be grouped together in a folder, and you can import them directly from that folder.

Some DAWs even have the ability to integrate those folders into their own workspace, so if you’re having trouble, consult your DAWs user manual. If you’re at the beginning of your audio journey and haven’t decided which DAW to use, we’ve got a handy list for your consideration.

Most sample packs will contain both loops and one shots. Loops are fully realized audio files that provide a rhythmic bed and can be placed back-to-back on a track to seamlessly “loop” a drum section. They are typically listed with the respective beat-per-minute in the name of the file for easy of use. One shots are individual sounds that can be placed on a track, like the sound of a kick drum or a snare hit.

You can create your own rhythms by combining multiple one shots to create the sound of a full drum kit. You’re not limited to only using traditional elements here, so you could build a rhythm section from multiple one shots that sounds like no other drum kit in the world.

Top Jazz Drum Samples

Whether you’re strictly a Buddy Rich fan or just looking to add a little Neil Peart swing to your tracks, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best jazz drum sample available today:

1. Jazz Drums Vol 1 from Mark Fletcher

Jazz Drums Vol 1 from Mark Fletcher
Jazz Drums Vol 1 from Mark Fletcher

Best for: Modern Jazz, Breakbeat, Lounge. Recorded live in Loopmasters’ studio by renown jazz drummer Mark Fletcher, the highlight of this sample pack is the recording quality.

The ribbon microphones employed capture the air in the room, creating a musical and usable sample suitable for tone purists. In addition to loops, this pack also features sampler patches in a variety of formats for those producers who like to get a little more hands on with their drum samples.

Where to get it: Loopmasters.

Loopmasters offers this sample pack in multiple formats, including regular .WAV and Apple Loops. The soft-sampler patches are included with both formats. 

What’s in this pack:

  • 19 grooves at 87 BPM
  • 15 grooves at 100 BPM
  • 24 grooves at 115 BPM
  • 28 grooves at 138 BPM
  • 73 full mixed loops
  • 131 drum shots
  • 6 soft sampler patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt, and SFW formats

2. Andreas Klein Jazz Drums from Converse Sample Library

Andreas Klein Jazz Drums from Converse Sample Library
Andreas Klein Jazz Drums

Best for: Classic, Swing, Modern Jazz. Not to be confused with the pianist by the same name, Andreas Klein’s drumming shines on this pack.

The loops present concise musical ideas ideal for beginners looking to get a feel for the core of the genre without getting overwhelmed by its many alterations.

Where to get it: Splice.

Splice is home to a wide variety of loop samples from various creators. Their subscription based service gives access to their entire catalog, and their loops are all royalty free.

What’s in this pack:

  • 163 loops
  • 110 one shots

3.Soulful Drum Groovez from Touch Loops

3.Soulful Drum Groovez from Touch Loops
Soulful Drum Groovez from Touch Loops

Best for: Modern Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop. An excellent choice for progressive jazz producers looking for loops that play well with related genres.

There are rhythms here that are suitable for more traditional jazz, but the hip-hop tinged grooves offer more character.

This is a loop-centric pack that’s ideal for drag-and-drop production, and while the lack of one shots means it doesn’t lend itself to customization, the loops are worth it.

Where to get it: ADSR.

This pack is a little more application specific than some of the others on our list, but it’s a huge number of loops for the money. Be sure to check ADSR for discounts.

What’s in this pack:

  • 596 loops
  • BPMs from 80-130

4. Ultimate Brushed Snare from John Atkinson

Ultimate Brushed Snare from John Atkinson
Ultimate Brushed Snare from John Atkinson

Best for: All genres. Snare is the backbone of popular music and there are few things as immediately identifiable with jazz as a brushed snare.

This pack focuses solely on that sound, and provides a useful solution in productions that need a little extra attention from the snare sounds.

These samples are suitable for any application, from classic and modern jazz to fusion, country, and folk.

Where to get it: Loopmasters.

In addition to the samples themselves, this pack also contains soft-sampler patches, adding a little value to the overall package for soft-sampler workflows.

What’s in this pack:

  • 44 snare hits
  • 30 brushed snare hits
  • 77 snare loops at 70 BPM
  • 102 snare loops at 90 BPM
  • 95 snare loops at 100 BPM
  • 94 snare loops at 135 BPM
  • 88 snare loops at 120 BPM
  • 92 snare loops at 126 BPM
  • 90 snare loops at 135 BPM
  • 79 snare loops at 144 BPM
  • 71 snare loops at 160 BPM
  • 4 soft sampler patches

5. Studio Cymbal Sessions from Origin Sound

Studio Cymbal Sessions from Origin Sound
Studio Cymbal Sessions from Origin Sound

Best for: Big-Band, Ragtime. Much like our snare-specific suggestions, this sample pack focuses on another iconic element of timekeeping in jazz: the cymbal.

The highlight here is having multiple one shots made with sticks, mallets, and brushes, allowing you to match or vary your cymbal tone as needed. 

Where to get it: Splice.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need a sample pack of just cymbals, you can preview the pack using one of Splice’s free trials.

What’s in this pack:

  • 645 cymbal one shots
  • Combinations of single hits, flourishes, and chokes
  • Mallet hits, brush hits, and rod hits.

6. Jazz Drums from Felix Weldon

Jazz Drums from Felix Weldon
Jazz Drums from Felix Weldon

Best for: Smooth Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop. Drummer Felix Weldon brings a set of samples ideal for jazz purists and progressives alike.

It features a large loop selection below 100 BPM, making it a great pack for anyone looking for live drums at slower tempos.

This sample pack is also a sleeper gem for producers looking for a bluesy flavor, as some of the loops work especially well within the genre. It’s also a loop-centric pack, so it’s perfect for a drag-and-drop workflow.

Where to get it: Loopmasters.

This pack also contains Rex2 files for compatible software. Loopmasters offers a “taster pack” for these samples, so be sure to take advantage of that and keep an eye open for discounts.

What’s in this pack:

  • 159 loops at 60 BPM
  • 282 loops at 90 BPM
  • 382 loops at 60 BPM
  • 823 Rex2 files

7. Vintage Drum Breaks from Touch Loops

Vintage Drum Breaks from Touch Loops
Vintage Drum Breaks from Touch Loops

Best for: Live Drums, Lo-Fi Jazz. The loops on display here are pure vibe, with ringing drum heads and rattling cymbals taking focus.

You’ll find a lot to love if you’re a producer looking for a raw, live drum sound with jazz-friendly rhythms. Touch Loops touts session drummer Timmy Rickard’s kit as having an “analogue heavy recording chain,” and that saturation really shows through on the finished tracks.

Where to get it: Splice.

Splice also offers other instrument loops from Touch Loops to flesh out your tracks. Check out Blue Keys as a nice pairing with this pack.

What’s in this pack:

  • 174 loops
  • 137 one shots

8. Sunday Jazz from Erik Jackson

Sunday Jazz from Erik Jackson
Sunday Jazz from Erik Jackson

Best for: Classic Jazz, Swing. Erik Jackson is a veteran creator, and this may be the most useful sample packs for jazz traditionalists.

If you’ve been having a hard time finding syncopated rhythms, this is the pack for you. Tonally it’s a clean, straightforward take on drum recording. Rhythmically it’s complex, with plenty to mine for beginner and advanced producers.

Where to get it: Prime Loops.

This pack is a value at any price, but sure to check for deals. Prime Loops is known to discount some of their loops heavily!

What’s in this pack:

  • 69 full loops
  • 63 fills

Filling Out Your Tracks

Drum loops will take you a long way in building your tracks, but you’ll need some other instruments to finish your songs. Virtual Studio Technology instruments (VSTi) can be an affordable way to get high quality instrumentation inside your DAW.

If you’re producing jazz tracks, you may find yourself in need of a good piano sound to add some harmonic interest. We’ve rounded up some of the best piano VSTs to help you out, so be sure to check them out!

Learn More About Samples:

Do I need to credit the sample artist if I use their sample in my song?

Your sample packs should come with a disclaimer indication they are royalty free. This means you can use them however you like and you don’t need to worry about going through any legal processes or crediting the originator.

If you plan to use samples of work which you do not own, it isn’t enough to sample credit the artist – you will need to obtain written permission from the creater or owner.

Can I get free jazz drum samples?

There are several websites that offer free jazz drum samples. You’ll want to make sure that they’re truly royalty free, and you’ll also want to be careful of websites that bundle free plug-ins with bloatware or malware.

We recommend using a website like Splice, which allow you to try their samples for free before purchasing and always offers royalty-free samples.

Do sample or sample packs take up a lot of space on your hard drive?

Sample packs will almost always list their space requirements, but how much space they take up can vary from pack to pack. Smaller, more application specific packs tend to contain samples that can come in under 1GB and don’t take up much space at all.

If you’d like to download a larger, more comprehensive sample pack and you’re running out of space, you might consider using an external harddrive or even a USB flash drive.