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Best Jungle Samples

Jungle music may have originated in the UK, but their sounds originated from Reggae and a lot from Bass & Drum music. It is almost like if you sped up a Reggae song and replaced the drums with 808’s and digital snares. Jungle samples can be anything from drum sounds to bass, sub bass, 808’s, snares, and much more. All of these sample packs have great sounds that you will be able to easily make a Jungle track, or any related tracks. 

What To Look For When Choosing a Jungle Sample

When we made our list we listened through countless demos and samples to find the sounds we were looking for. We found lots of low end and fast paced music for you all to enjoy in these Jungle Samples. 


The pricing of a Jungle sample would be no different than any other type. You have the great option to individually obtain samples through Splice and Loopcloud, but also can just purchase the entire package. THe subscription methods of those 2 sites makes getting a hold of samples easy. 

Frequency of Use

Jungle samples have a unique but easy to work with sound. You hear these sounds in other genres of Electronic Music and can make mashups with them without much difficulty. 

Skill Level

Jungle beats can take more experience and skill than other genres, only because of how fast and intricate the beats can be. That being said if you are handy with writing a beat slowly, then speeding up the tempo you could easily get results that way. You just have to get the syncopation down. 

8 Best Jungle Samples

Finally we present to you our choices of the best Jungle Sample Packs. 

1. Original Jungle Breaks – Loopmasters

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

From Loopmasters themselves comes Jungle Breaks. These awesome sounds have limitless possibilities and ways to create. These Jungle Samples have a wide variety of bpms ranging from 160 to 184. Make sure you also check out this video from Loopmasters on How To Make Jungle Breaks.


What is included? 582 Loops and 869 One-Shots including

  • Rim Shots
  • Hang Drums
  • Closed Hi Hat
  • Ride
  • Fills

2. New Jungle – Zenhiser

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

Zenheiser worked hard to bring these Jungle Samples into the modern world of electronic music. There is a mixture of old school Jungle sounds but morphed and combined with newer sounds of modern electronic music. 


What is included? 228 Loops and 200 One-Shots including

  • Bass
  • Synth
  • Pads
  • Grooves
  • Cymbals

3. Ragga Jungle – Singomakers

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

Pulling inspiration from big Jungle artists from back in the day, Singomakers came up with the Ragga Jungle Sample pack. This one probably has the most influence from Reggae than any other in the list. You can hear it in the vocal samples and horns that are in this pack, they have that unique to Reggae sound. 


What is included? 301 Loops and 132 One-Shots including

  • Vocals
  • Effects
  • Guitar
  • Percussion
  • Synth

4. Booyaka Drum & Bass – Singomakers

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

Here is another Singomakers pack that focuses on the Drum & Bass sound of Jungle music. Like the last pack, you can hear a lot of the style come through in the vocals. There’s a great mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds that blend together for that perfect Jungle feel.


What is included? 642 Loops and 165 One-Shots including 

  • Vocals 
  • Drums
  • Effects
  • Risers
  • Fills

5. Tonal 3 – Modern Footwork & Jungle Melodics – RV Samplepacks

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

This is a unique modern take of Jungle sounds. You hear the roots of the style and it is recognizable as Jungle, but it has a totally different feel. Like the artwork implies, there’s a city and industrial type of vibe mixed in with the Jungle samples. RV Samplepacks killed it when they came up with this one. 


What is included? 114 Loops and 85 One-Shots including

  • Synth Bass
  • Sub
  • Arp
  • 303

6. Classic Jungle – Sample Magic

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

We have seen multiple new versions of Jungle samples but here we can listen to the classic roots from the 90’s when Jungle was part of the underground dance scene. I love listening to anything from Sample Magic because when they say they are going old school with a sound they mean it. They use all analog equipment and hardware to get those unique and authentic sounds. 

Price: Available with Splice Subscription

What is included? 142 Loops and 149 One-Shots including

  • Chords
  • FX
  • Snares
  • Textures
  • Electric Piano

7. Big Bang Jungle by Veak – Thick Sounds

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

This is a super upbeat pack that is all about making dynamics with the builds and breakdowns that you can make. Thick sounds has easily one of the best kick and low end sounds out there. How else can you have the name THICK Sounds?


What is included? 157 Loops and 256 One-Shots including

  • Wind and Brass
  • Pads
  • Synth Bass
  • Snare
  • Horns

8. Future Jungle and Drumstep – Aquasky

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

We have seen the work of one member of Aquasky before actually in the Best Electronica Samples. Dave Wallace’s Widescreen Electronica was a fantastic pack for its style and now you hear the collaborative effort of Aquasky absolutely killing it. These sounds were designed with the user in mind and they blew it away.

Price: Available on Loopmasters

What is included? 720 Loops and 784 One-Shots including

  • Bass
  • Vox
  • Synth
  • Soft Sample Patches for Kontakt

One Big Family

Many of the sample packs we look at are related in their roots. Multiple sample styles have been related back to Reggae in one form or another, and all have stemmed from electronic music styles such as Techno, Electronica, and many more. The collaborative ability between all of these genres is insane and the limit to what you can create is only your imagination. 

If you like to work with Jungle samples and are wanting to learn about other genres and instruments, we have a plethora of articles that look at many different genres and styles of samples here.

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