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Best Lofi Drum Samples

Want to jump straight to the answer? Our choice for the best Lofi Drum Samples is Lo-Fi Hip-Hop 1 & Lo-Fi Hip-Hop 2 from Sample Magic!

Chillhop, Lofi Hip Hop, whatever you want to call it, it is a truly relaxing genre. Listening to these songs can help you sleep, study, unwind, or do anything really. It’s perfect background music for being with friends or by yourself. One of the most iconic sounds of Lofi is the drums. Perfect Lofi drum samples can set the tone of the song and honestly make or break it. To help you find just the right sound, we were able to pull together resources and compile this list of the best Lofi drum samples. 

What To Look For When Choosing a Lofi Drum Sample

Lofi Drum samples can really come from any genre. However, Jazz and Hip Hop are 2 of the biggest sources for great lofi drum sounds. An example of a lofi sound in a Hip Hop song is “Studio Ground Rules” by Pivot Gang.  You will see a lot of Hip Hop packs in here as well as a smattering of Jazz packs. They have very low attacks that are less about being in your face but just giving a light rhythmic element to the song. Take a look at these factors that go beyond the sound itself whenever you’re looking at new samples. 


Getting the bang for your buck from a sample pack is never hard. Unless a pack is absolutely enormous, you won’t be paying much more than $30. If you have a subscription to a sample website such as Loopcloud or Splice, you can gather even more resources for less money! 

Frequency of Use

Lofi samples are so easy to recycle throughout different songs. Using them over and over with slight tweaks and variations can save you time (as well as money). The applications of lofi drum samples are not only lofi but can be used on Hip Hop and New Age Jazz (like mentioned above). 

Skill Level

Lofi is not a hard genre, but if you can understand the intricacies of working in it, you will make a better product. That being said, these samples are great for producers of any skill level. To work with these you need to know your DAW well, as well as any MIDI controllers you are using. But just start with making a 4 bar loop and extending that for your song. It doesn’t have to be hard to play for it to sound good.

7 Best Lofi Drum Samples

1. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop 1 & Lo-Fi Hip-Hop 2 – Sample Magic

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

Best for: A Wide Variety of Drum Sounds

Sample magic does something special to their packs. The lofi drum sounds and loops they produced for these 2 packs are perfect from the crackles to the textures the pack sets an entire mood to vibe with. 


What is included? 

  • Volume 1 – 171 Drum Loops and 114 One-Shots as well as other instruments
  • Volume 2 – 105 Drum Loops and 11 One-Shots as well as many other instruments

2. Jazz Hop Dreams – Rankin Audio

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

Best for: Jazz Lofi sounds

Lofi can span into multiple genres as well as combine many of them. Jazz is a perfect example of this. These drums, in particular, mix well because of the dynamics that are used while playing Jazz, allowing for softer but precise hits. No matter what kind of beat or track you are making, this pack will be perfect. 


What is included? 114 Drum Loops and One-Shots along with many other Instruments and effects

3. Soulful Trap 2 – Sample Magic

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

Best for: Lofi Trap Beats

Again, Sample Magic has a special way of making the perfect sounds for drums and I can’t explain it. Trap and Lofi go hand in hand very often and sounds like these are very versatile. It’s super easy to run these drum sounds in all of your tracks. 


What is included? 120 Drum Loops and 123 One-Shots as well as many other sounds perfect for Trap.

4. Bedroom Beats & Lofi Hip-Hop Vol. 2 – Capsun ProAudio

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

Best for: Chill vibes

Listening to this seriously took me back to my senior year of college in the library studying and writing papers. Chillhop and Lofi were what kept me sane through all of those projects and this pack nailed those sounds (especially the drums) perfectly. 


What is included? 76 Drum Loops and 44 One-Shots as well as over 300 other samples to use

5. Lo-Fi And Soul – Looptone

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

Best for: Lofi Hip Hop

The fusion of soul and lofi was unexpected but a welcome change. This pack makes me think of songs I’ve heard in dreams brought to reality. The pure rich sound in all of these samples is just the addition you need to tighten up your beats and add a new flavor to them.


What is included? Over 100 Drum Samples and many other percussion sounds.

6. Lofi Hip Hop Drums – Apollo Sound

Who’s it for? Intermediate and above

Best for: Old School Lofi

This pack makes callbacks to old-school Hip-Hop styles and gives it a modern twist turning it into the ideal lofi drum sample pack. There are vinyl noises, foley, claps, everything you could possibly need. 


  • Available on Loopmasters

What is included? More than 350 Lofi Drum Samples

Flow with the Rhythm

The whole point of Lofi music is creating something that is perfect as a mood setter. Whenever someone puts lofi on to listen to, they’re looking to be in a certain mood. When you make anything with Lofi, think of what mood the song sets and if you can feel it kick in (especially with the drums). Being in that Lofi headspace is such a relaxing time and when a producer can create that environment over and over again, they have mastered their craft. 

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