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Best Lofi Hip Hop Samples for 2024: Top 11 Picks

In today’s modern rap scene, there is a universal usage of samples. Rappers have become more willing to sample older cuts, adding their touches to create great and unique beats. All of the tracks off of The College Dropout, the debut album of 20+ Grammy award winner Kanye West, are created with samples taken from other, lesser-known records. These samples are repurposed, creating new takes on an old or lesser-known classic.

In this vein, we highlight the best samples to have ever been used in lo-fi rap music by producers. Some have gotten old, but plenty can still get a new twist. Whether you have a new project in the works that needs a boost or you would love to hear some new and exciting rap samples one day, here’s your best lo-fi hip hop samples for production.

Best LoFi Hip Hop Samples, Loops, & Beats in 2024

Here’s our list of the best lofi hip hop samples: 

  1. Day Dreaming 2 – Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Jamz
  2. Starfall- Lofi Hip Hop
  3. Lo-Fi Cuts 2- Soulful Jazz Beats
  4. Ultra Warm Lofi
  5. Afterglow- Lofi Hip Hop Jams
  6. Cozy Beats and Lo-Fi Hip Hop
  7. Organic Vibes- Vinyl Beats & Soul
  8. Breaks & Beats- Sample Magic
  9. Sam Lang Volume 1
  10. Morning Coffee- Lofi Hip Hop Beats
  11. Lo-Fi Beats- Organic Hip Hop

How to Find Hip Hop Samples, Loops, & Beats

To find Hip-Hop samples in the modern age, one does not have to look far. To find samples ready for usage, platforms such as Splice and vendors such as Vengeance and LoopCloud have thousands of options to choose from. Services like Splice offer create your own sample packs that can be created from a variety of different sample packs. For many new producers, the idea of using a sample is perceived as cheating. To dispel those concerns, give thought to this.  

Adding Samples & Plugins To Your DAW

Adding samples to your DAW to an extent is dependent on the individual user’s program and hardware; however, the process is almost always the same for most popular digital audio workshops. For a user of Splice Sound, this process is as simple as clicking the desktop app and dragging and dropping the desired sample into the project on whatever track you prefer. For downloaded samples, navigate to your download folder and then select the desired sample. Drag and drop this sample into either your sampler or a track in your DAW, and you are ready to begin. 

Top LoFi Hip Hop Samples

To have a sound that doesn’t feel forced—one that hasn’t gotten tired or will become dull over time—you could attempt to create an entirely new sound from scratch, or you could use samples as inspiration instead. The samples of the best rappers and producers provide fantastic inspiration that can inspire you to approach a whole new genre of music. The lo-fi snippets we’re talking about, though, don’t necessarily need to be of your favorite rappers or producers. Washed-out drums, melodies, and even beat samplings you may already be familiar with can be the perfect fit.

Without further ado, here are some vintage samples that are just begging swapped into a new song. If you’re not already studying to lo-fi hip hop beats, you might want to start now.

1. Day Dreaming 2 – Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Jamz

Day Dreaming 2 – Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Jamz

Day Dreaming 2, a vintage jazz-influenced sample pack from Origin Sound, is the followup to the lo-fi magnum opus Day Dreaming. Within the pack, dozens of smooth melodic loops are offered in multiple keys, each able to be chopped and screwed to perfectly match your inner hip-hop vision. While the melodic loops are the backbone of this pack, one should not discount the included drum samples. With 20 drum loops, 15 percussion loops, and dozens of individual percussion hits, the variety of sounds offers any sampler more than enough options for how to approach a given beat. 

What’s in this pack? 

  • Packed with 10 thick bass loops; 
  • 10 warm jazz guitar chord loops, 
  • 10 authentically vintage chop loops; 
  • 12 soft melodic synth loops
  • 10 beginner song-starter loop

2. Starfall- Lofi Hip Hop

Starfall- Lofi Hip Hop

Starfall, by Laniakea Sounds, is one of the newest entrants into the realm of lo-fi hip hop samples. The culmination of 650 MB of audio samples, saxophones, basses, organs, and drums are the core of this sample pack. This sample pack offers some harmonic variation, with samples in Emaj and Cmaj primarily, at a tempo of 75 or 90 BPM. The Starfall pack is the perfect addition to the arsenal of any producer wanting to create the best lo-fi, downtempo, or soul-infused rap beats. 

What’s in this pack? 

  • 64 drum hits 
  • 32 melodic guitar loops
  • 28 atmospheric piano loops
  • 17 smooth saxophone loops
  • 26 vocal samples

3. Lo-Fi Cuts 2- Soulful Jazz Beats

Lo-Fi Cuts 2- Soulful Jazz Beats

Lo-Fi Cuts 2, from Origin Sound, is the continuation of its predecessor lo-fi cuts. Created with the same vision, Lo-Fi Cuts 2 is filled with tasteful imperfections, and the granularity one would expect from a vinyl sample. Within the pack, each drum loop is broken down into individual stems, allowing for massive experimentation within a sampler such as ESX24. In addition to these loops, this pack features an expansive collection of stacked instrumental samples as starting points for unique compositions. For example, emotive piano progressions layered over smooth guitar lines provide both a melody and harmony to any track in progress.  

What’s in the pack?

  • 20 Drum hits
  • 15 Drum loops (with stem bounces)
  • 15 Extra percussion loops
  • 11 Bass loops
  • 12 Chord loops 
  • 15 Melody loops 
  • 10 Song-starter loops 
  • 40 Musical one-shots
  • 40 SFX

4. Ultra Warm Lofi

Ultra Warm Lofi

MF Doom, Stones Throw Records, Knxwledge, Xxxtencion, Lungfulls, Dilla, Flylo. These seven artists and labels are the inspiration behind Black Octopus’s sample pack, Ultra Warm Lo-Fi. Edgy grooves, urban loops, and glitched uplifters and downlifters offer easy to use transitional elements not often found in lofi sample packs. The pack is primarily composed of just two tempos and a few keys, giving wide utility in usage. Chopped and Screwed vocal melodies complement the heavy, washed-out drums, conjuring up the likes of artists from Aesop Rock to JPEG Mafia.

What’s in the pack?

  • 290 samples from 0:02 to 0:30 seconds
  • Smooth, jazzy, touch of Crisp Feels
  • BPM ranging from 80-90 – Not much variance
  • Wide range of available keys A-G

5. Afterglow- Lofi Hip Hop Jams

Afterglow- Lofi Hip Hop Jams

Laniakea Sounds returns once again to present Afterglow – Lofi Hip Hop Jams, a collection of chilled beats and vintage instrumentals chopped and screwed into hip-hop beats. Sultry music loops with rhodes, saxophones and warm basses, are the core of this sample pack; grainy drum loops, authentic FX’s and much more are on full display throughout the pack.  650 MB of pre-processed and mastered audio loops are ready to be used in any track designed to emulate the classic styles of hip hop production. Dusty kicks, vinyl crackles, and outdoor ambiances offer one last benefit to this extensive sample pack.

What’s in the pack?

  • 246 samples with a good range of length
  • The sound feels like confident relaxed Hawaii
  • Super smooth R&B vibes

6. Cozy Beats and Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Cozy Beats and Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Laniakea Sounds Hip Hop series continues to impress, with Cozy Beats & Lofi Hip Hop joining their offerings. The ideal combination of late-night electronica, bedroom beats, and moody drum samples culminates in a true hip hop aesthetic.

Immerse yourself in the world of after-hours vibes with silky smooth rhodes, saxes, pianos, and strings created with the focus of writing Hip-Hop and Soulful RnB music. This sample pack comes packed, with over 500 MB of audio loops, samples, and one-shots ready to be dropped into any DAW.

What’s in the pack?

  • 140 sounds ranging from 0:01 to 0:26 seconds
  • Another chill & almost nostalgic feel
  • BPM ranging from 80 to 152
  • Mostly major tonality, but includes minor keys

7. Organic Vibes- Vinyl Beats & Soul 

Organic Vibes- Vinyl Beats & Soul 

From famed sample producer Origin Sound, Organic Vibes is yet another fantastic collection of lo-fi hip hop drum samples. With all drum loops having just one of a few keys (Fmin, Amin, Cmin) and a tempo of 85 BPM, this kit allows for massive amounts of experimentation through layering kicks, snares, hi-hats and more. For those who prefer constructing their patterns in a sampler, the Organic Vibes pack comes with 120 individual drum hits, offering a plethora of options.

What’s in the pack?

  • A generous 498 sounds ranging from 0:01 to the outlying 4:45 seconds. Most are under 0:23 seconds.
  • Straight from the earth vibes
  • All sounds have 85 BPM
  • Broad tonality, leaning toward the minor keys

8. Breaks & Beats- Sample Magic

Breaks & Beats- Sample Magic

Influenced by the sound of bedroom producers and underground artists from the golden age of Hip-hop, Breaks & Beats by Sample Magic is a truly massive collection of MPC drum samples, reworked drum breaks, enormous production, and lo-fi audio samples. The pack offers a gigantic 767 Lofi hip hop drum samples ready for use, with over 100 kicks, hats, and snare samples alone. Indeed the perfect sample pack for those looking to explore the percussion of classic bedroom rap, although the pack does not offer much in the ways of melodic or harmonic samples. If you find yourself wishing that you could create songs like MadLib, this is the perfect drum pack for you.

What’s in the pack?

  • The largest collection of sounds on this list with 769, ranging from 0:01 to 0:25 seconds
  • Classic hip hop melded with lofi artistry
  • BPM clock in at a range of 78 to 118
  • A fairly broad range of keys, A-sharp and A-sharp minor hold the majority

9. Sam Lang Volume 1

Sam Lang Volume 1

The first offering from famed artist Sam Lang, Sam Lang Vol. 1 captures the artist’s unique style while offering broad utility in sample sounds. The free lofi hip hop samples found within the pack include Harrowing bells, sprawling soundscapes, and vintage pianos; all of these elements provide the inspiration any aspiring lo-fi producer would need to create dirty, southern style beats.

All samples within the pack come with both BPM and Key indicators, making their usage in songs as simple as possible. A real unique feature of this pack is the level of care that went into crafting the samples found within. Each guitar line, piano loop, and every other instrumental sample was played on authentic vintage instruments and captured using recording equipment from decades passed.

What’s in the pack?

  • 50 samples to work through, relatively shorter in length from 0:07 to 0:15 seconds
  • Vintage & eerie like an old vinyl that’s seen plenty of life
  • BPMs range from 76 to 178
  • Essentially every key that you could ask for

10. Morning Coffee- Lofi Hip Hop Beats

Morning Coffee- Lofi Hip Hop Beats

While it’s hard to deny that rap has moved towards a darker, grittier sound in recent years, some producers still prefer uplifting, happier beats. Thankfully, Origin Sounds have just that. Morning Coffee is a chill, sunrise vibe sample pack, radiating the emotion of early hour inspiration. Lively jazz pianos and upright bass samples are two areas of focus within this pack. However, the most significant feature of Morning Coffee is not the samples themselves, its the fact that each and every one comes with a corresponding MIDI track ready to be tweaked, chopped, altered, and modified to your exact tastes. For intermediate producers, having the ability to change a single note within a chord progression to match a project is a fantastic benefit of Morning Coffee. Similarly, for beginners, the ability to see how chord progressions and melodies are composed note by note gives ample opportunity to deconstruct songs and learn the patterns that make music live.

What’s in the pack?

  • 224 Samples from 0:01 seconds to 3:47 seconds, including 132 loops
  • This definitely feels like morning coffee after a good night out
  • BPMs range from 80 to 185
  • Mostly A minor (Enjoy)

11. Lo-Fi Beats- Organic Hip Hop

Lo-Fi Beats- Organic Hip Hop

Laniakea enters the list for the third time. By the way, Laniakea, is Hawaiian for “Immense Heaven” — and honestly, that makes sense.

For those seeking authentic vintage sounds, look no further than Lo-Fi Beats. Meticulously crafted to reproduce authentic vinyl sampling techniques, each and every element could be from a dusty Vinyl found at a local thrift store. Featuring grainy kicks, vinyl pops, audio distortion and more, Lo-Fi beats offer the perfect way to create your chill music to study to. Samples within the pack are layered upon each other to replicate the original technique for sampling: cutting from a record.

What’s in the pack? 

  • 256 0:13 to 0:53 with 189 loops
  • Thought evoking crisp clarity
  • Condensed BPMs from 80 to 100
  • Wide range of keys to find something you are looking for

Samples: No shame in inspiration 

In rap, production with sampling is often a tricky business. While songwriters want to capture their own experiences through words, they often wish to take a load off by borrowing an instrument, tone, or mood from a classic recording to create a new, original tune. And in their desire to be innovative and edgy, producers often craft a beat using well-known samples to complement an existing piece of music; giving new life and context to the original. Case in point, the lo-fi, thumping beat heard within Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone,” the famous track of theirs off the group’s long-awaited 2018 album, SremmLife.

As far as rappers go, there’s no shortage of lo-fi samples used in today’s rap music scene. In fact, if one had to create a list of current artists with the most iconic lo-fi samples, it’d be hard not to include the likes of Kendrick Lamar, XXXTentacion, Travis Scott, Kanye West and more. If dozens of Grammys don’t give samples their proper respect, I don’t know what would.

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