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Best Metronomes for Acoustic Guitar

The number one issue I have ever had with guitarists in the studio is their ability (or lack thereof) to play in time with a click track. The ability to keep time will either make or break a band when they come together to play.

In theory, it is not that hard and should be easy to do whether practicing by yourself with the Sodial(R) or in a group setting with multiple Soundbrenner Pulses. But like everything else involved with guitar and music, it takes practice. You cannot get those licks down without practice, you cannot hit that high note without practice, you cannot play with a click without practice. When it comes to key signature and bpm, you want to be as accurate as possible so you can make the best contribution to the song; as well as make people want to bring you back to play for more songs. So to help with your musicianship, we are taking a look into some of the best options for metronomes for guitarists, or any musician really.

A quick look into the history of the metronome actually shows that the earliest versions were around the late 1700’s, and the original creation was by an organ maker (or rather an apprentice). An interesting video about it and the creator/creators of the metronome can be found here.

Best Basic Metronomes


Price (before shipping)- $17.59



Sodial(R)- Portable Mini Mechanical Metronome


If you are looking for a classic styled metronome, this is a great choice for a lower price. The shell is made of plastic as well as metal. The Portable Mini Mechanical Metronome requires no batteries or charging of any kind. To “power” the metronomer, all you need to do is turn the knob on the side in the direction indicated by the arrow, then push the bar to the left to start the ticking. To adjust the bpm, you slide the top weight to the appropriate height.


Boss DB-90

Price (before shipping)- $129.61


Boss DB90

Boss- DB-90


Boss is a brand I have trusted since I started playing electric guitar. I do not know anyone who has not at one point had a Boss pedal on their board. And with the reputation they have for quality products, I only expect the best from their products in general. This metronome has a midi input to synchronize with any external devices or programs, and it can also save beats and time signatures that you practice with regularly. To get a look into the qualities and testimonies behind this piece of equipment, check out this video here.


KLIQ MetroPitch

Price (before shipping)- $27.00

KLIQ MetroPitchKLIQ- MetroPitch


This metronome also doubles as a tuner, which is why I wanted to add it to the list. The main scrolling button is how you can set the tempo for your metronome. The output of the metronome can be either run through the built in speaker as well as the headphone jack, located on the left side of the casing. Regarding the tuner, there is a ¼ in. input as well as output on the right side of the case, so in essence it can be placed on a pedal board if you would like to.

Best Innovative Metronomes

Peterson Metronome BPS1

Price (before shipping)- $28.83

Peterson Metronome BPS1

Peterson Metronome- Body Beat Pulse


This is not necessarily a metronome but more of an extension. With this device that can be remotely charged, you can feel the pulse rather than listening to the click. The Body Beat Pulse is able to be used with any metronome that has a headphone jack, and is also compatible with metronome apps. Peterson Metronome has its own metronome app called the BodyBeat Metronome that provides more ways in which to utilize the Body Beat Pulse.


Soundbrenner Pulse

Price (before shipping)- $99.00

Soundbrenner PulseSoundbrenner- Pulse


Similar to the previous metronome, the Pulse relies on touch for the time signature being conveyed to the player rather than sound. This can be worn on your wrist, arm, leg, basically anywhere it can fit. You can either use it solo with your own signature and tempo, or synchronize via bluetooth to play with band members and friends.

Best Online Metronome

imusic school

I felt it necessary to throw a website up simply for the fact that not everyone has the money available to by a tuner right off the bat but still wants to be practicing. This is also great for anyone who forgot their metronome but has their phone with them. You have just as many options when it comes to the time signatures and bpms so you will not be missing out with this instead.

There are a myriad of applications for smartphones that are available if you look through the app stores. Just make sure you spend the time practicing and putting in the effort to make it worth it. In the long run, you will be thanking yourself for investing the time into it.