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Best Podcasting Mics

Want to jump straight to the answer? Our choice for the Best Podcasting Mics is the Shure Sm7B!

In recent times, radio talk shows have been replaced with podcasts. Podcasting is one of the easiest parts of the entertainment industry to get started in. All you need is a mic or 2, a way to edit the audio, and you can start uploading the audio for your show. But which mic should you be using? Here we will take a look at some of the most popular and cost-effective mics for podcasts!

Quicklook: Best Podcasting Mics

  1. Shure Sm7B
  2. Blue Yeti
  3. Electro-Voice RE-20
  4. MXL V250
  5. AKG P220
  6. Earthworks Icon
  7. Shure MV7

What To Look For When Choosing a Podcasting Mic

If you are new to audio, or just need a refresher, here are some options to think about when you are building your setup. There is more to consider than just a microphone and an XLR. 


When it comes to microphones, price does not always define the quality. Some high-end microphones are only that high of a price because of the name on them. Almost every one of these mics is below $400. However, some of these will be slightly higher only because they are a popular mic used by professionals. 


For recording a podcast, you will need 2 major pieces, a microphone, and an interface. The whole point of an interface is to convert the analog signal of the mic into a digital signal to be processed by the computer. If a microphone has a USB connection, it has its interface built right in. This is one less piece that you need to get started.

Ease of Use

If you don’t know much about audio, you will want to have a setup that is easy to use. You want to look at how much equipment and understanding is needed to record your podcast. If a microphone has a USB connection, it has the interface built right in. This is perfect for a mobile setup or a setup for beginners.

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7 Best Podcasting Mics

1. Shure Sm7B

Best for: Professional Standard

The Shure Sm7B is a popular mic not only for the human voice but for guitar and drums. But in the world of podcasting you see it used regularly by some of the biggest podcasters as well as gamers. You can see this mic used by podcasters like Joe Rogan, he has them for himself as well as his guests.

Shure is a popular company that produces microphones that have set a standard for the audio world. Creative people have adapted the many uses of the Sm7B to fit almost any scenario at this point. 

Price: $399

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2. Blue Yeti

Best for: Simple Setup

The Blue Yeti is a perfect mic for beginners. It is a simple all-in-one setup that has no need for an interface, just plug it straight into the computer via USB. It is amazingly simple to make your setup ready to go with just a single mic. 

Blue is another top company with some fantastic mics that are used in many studios. From the Kiwi to the Blueberry you can expect nothing less than excellence. Whether it be vocals or guitar you can bet that you will get a professional sound if it has the Blue logo on it. 

Price: $129.99

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3. Electro-Voice RE-20

Best for: Close Proximity

Using the RE-20 is a perfect mic for using up-close dialogue. Its design is said to help reduce the bass reaction in the proximity effect. Simply put, the proximity effect is that the closer the mic is to something the more bass will be picked up. 

You can find the RE-20 in popular podcasts like the H3 Podcast as the mic of choice of Ethan Klein. It provides a clear response for his voice making him easier for everyone to hear and understand. clearly.

Price: $449

No products found.

4. MXL V250

Best for: Smaller Condensers

The MXL V250 is a clean and simple mic. It is a lot smaller than you would think initially looking at it. That’s perfect for working in smaller spaces and without needing to have the mic right next to your face. 

MXL is a low-cost mic company that creates great products for the price. I have used this exact mic for vocal recordings and dialogue and have been impressed with it every time. It offers great sound at a small price.

Price: $199

5. AKG P220

Best for: Low Price Condenser

Here is another low-price condenser mic that sounds great for the cost. AKG is a great microphone company that has created vocal mics that have been the go-to for many famous singers and rappers for decades. 

It has 2 switches on it but they are simple to understand what they are for. The first is a hi-pass filter you can turn on that removes some of the low-end frequencies from the recording at the source. The second is a pad. This is for when you are recording a very loud source and are wanting to lower the level so as not to clip so easily.

Price: $149

No products found.

6. Earthworks Icon

Best for: High End USB Mics

Earthworks is praised for producing some of the best sounding and most accurate microphones to ever exist. The Earthworks Icon is their USB mic that is easy to connect and start recording. 

If you are willing to pay an additional $50 you can get the Icon Pro XLR. This has an XLR connection so you can use this mic in a fully analog chain.

Price: $349

No products found.

7. Shure MV7

Best for: Intermediate and above

This mic is the USB version of the Sm7B. It is a fully dynamic mic that can connect either by micro USB or XLR. There is also a headphone connection on the back that you can listen to playback through. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Shure is one of the most popular mic companies out there. Most of their mics are dynamic rather than condenser. With that in mind, these mics are perfect for recording dialogue and instruments. 

Price: $249

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Interface?

That depends on which mic you choose. A few of these options like the MV7 and the Yeti have USB connections that bypass the need for an external interface.

How do I record the audio for a podcast?

Once you have the mic, you record the audio into a DAW (digital audio workstation). The DAW captures the audio and allows you to edit it and add effects. You can find some great options for the Best DAWs for Podcasting here!

Control Your Creativity 

Humans have a natural desire to be creative. There is a natural satisfaction that comes when you finish a project of some kind whether that be a painting, writing a song, mixing a song, and even recording and posting a podcast. You get to voice your opinions and knowledge to help and entertain others. Some podcasts are about the history of subjects, some are about personal life, others are a creative way to do storytelling. Whatever reason you have to create a podcast, you can get started way easier when you have just the right mic.

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