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Best Waterproof Headphones 2021

During the first 2 summer breaks while I was in college, I would go home and work at a local summer camp doing groundskeeping for some income to have over the next year in school. While working, the other groundskeeping hand and I were aloud to listen to music on our headphones if we were doing something like using the weed whacker. During those summers I was constantly worried that my earbuds might go out on me if they got wet while I was working around the pool or down by the docks. I didn’t think to look into finding a waterproof or water resistant pair of earbuds. If I had had something like the Bose Soundsport or the Swimbuds I would have been carefree and not limited on when I could listen to music.

One thing to keep in mind when looking into waterproof headphones is whether you actually need waterproof or water resistant. The only instance I can see someone needing completely submersible in water is if you are a swimmer. Other than that, you only will need water resistant. Knowing this information now, you will most likely need some form of waterproof ipod or mp3 player that can be submerged since you will not want to use a bluetooth set of earbuds. Water interrupts the bluetooth signal making it not worth it, in reality, to research using bluetooth for earbuds underwater, at least until technology has advanced.

Throughout this article we are going to take a look at some of the best options for both waterproof as well as water resistant.

Water Proof


Price (before shipping)- $40.00


The Swimbuds are a common selection for swimmers when it comes to entertainment while practicing and training. It comes with 4 bud options as well as having a short cable to be tucked underneath the swimming cap comfortably. In case you want to use these outside of the water as well, there is an extension included. The tip itself is plated with gold to prevent corrosion from any contact with water.

Gold Plating

Depth Rating Ear Tip Options Warranty
10 ft./ 3 meters 4

1 year


Price (before shipping)- $90.00

HydroActive Short-Cord Waterproof Headphones

Another option available for swimmers, kayakers, and boaters alike is the HydroActive Short-Cord Waterproof Headphones. These come with gold plating so as to prevent the corrosion just as the previous pair, as well as an extension cable for when not in use in the pool. One component that sets this pair apart is the wrap around band which provides support for the headphones and helps to hold them in place. However, this can be a hindrance as much as it is a help.

Gold Plating

Depth Rating Ear Tip Options Warranty
10 ft./ 3 meters 10

1 year


H2O Audio

Price (before shipping)- $89.99

H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones & Waterproof Ipod Shuffle Case

One aspect this set has above the others is that it provides an option to put either an Ipod Shuffle or a similar product inside to protect it from the water. This pair does not have the gold plating as the others do, but the reasoning behind that is the connection points have no contact with water as they are inside the case. This H2O set is designed to be held on the strap of the swimmer’s goggles sitting behind the head.

Gold Plating Depth Rating Ear Tip Options Warranty
X 12 ft./ 3 meters 5 1 year

Water Resistant

Bose SoundSport

Price (before shipping)- $149.00

Bose SoundSport Wireless Aqua

Bose provides a great water resistant product that can take on sweat during a work-out as well as being able to tackle rain. As with any other Bose product, I cannot expect anything less than amazing quality from their headphones and speakers. Unlike the waterproof headphones, this water resistant pair can be bluetooth as it is not entirely surrounded by water.

Case Ear Tip Options Battery Life Charging Time
2 Up to 6 Hours 2 Hours


ONUKI i100

Price (before shipping)- $27.87

ONUKI i100 Bluetooth Headphones

Like the last earbuds on the list, this pair is bluetooth and has a wire that wraps around the head (generally around the back). These are a great option when it comes to working out or going for a run whether it be in the rain, snow, or sunshine.

Case Ear Tip Options Battery Life Charging Time
5 Up to 9 Hours 1-2 Hours