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Top 5 DAWs with Superior Built-in Pitch Correction for 2024

Want to jump straight to the answer? Our choice for the Best DAW with Built-in Pitch Correction is Soundtrap!

Sales and promotions are some of the most enticing ways to make a sale. When it comes to audio, it is no exception. You can find deals regularly year round but one of the key deals you want to look for is in your DAW itself. Many DAW creators have either created their open pitch correction or teamed up with others to include third-party pitch correction plugins in their DAWs. This list is full of those DAWs that you can get for yourself. 

Quicklook: Best DAW with Built-in Pitch Correction

  1. Soundtrap
  2. Pro Tools 2020
  3. Logic Pro
  4. Cubase
  5. Reaper

What To Look For When Choosing the Best DAW with Built-in Pitch Correction

Flexibility is key when you are working in the world of audio and music production. Even though every type of pitch correction plugin has a different user interface, they all function on the same basic principles. Take the time to learn about the best DAW for you, but that includes what you are receiving with the DAW itself. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when you are making your selection. 


The great factor in getting a DAW that includes pitch correction is that you have no additional costs before you can dive straight into the production process. Some of these DAWs offer subscription plans on top of the outright purchases, but that is no worry because unless you are subscribing to a different version of the DAW, you will have the same benefits as a direct purchase. 


Working in a DAW that works on your operating system of choice, is easier than ever. It is fairly rare at this point to see a DAW that only works on one type of system. Logic Pro is the only one you will see on this list that is compatible with only one operating system. Each of these DAWs has their pitch correction that they use, which in some cases are third party plugins that the companies have made deals with, so some additional downloads may be necessary beyond the DAW installation.

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5 DAWs with Built-in Pitch Correction

1. Soundtrap

What is the Pitch Correction? Auto-Tune by Antares


Compatibility: Mac and Windows (With an updated web browser)

Soundtrap is a completely online DAW that houses all you need to create a song. The built in pitch correction is powered by Antares, the creators of Auto-Tune. As long as you know what key you are working in, it is easy to correct your vocals.

Get a FREE trial of Soundtrap by clicking here!

Soundtrap is perfect not only for working at home but also on the go with unique tools available in their app. Share your sessions with friends and work together to create masterpieces from hundreds of miles away!

2. Pro Tools 2020

What is the Pitch Correction? Melodyne Essential


Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Avid has started to offer a copy of Melodyne Essential with every Pro Tools purchase or subscription. This also includes adding the new Audio to Midi function in Pro Tools. Any audio track can be converted into Midi to be used as an instrument track or helping to align other tracks as well. 

To learn more about Pro Tools 2020 and what comes with it, we have a full review here. 

Melodyne as a whole is a fantastic vocal production tool that is helpful in every version it has. Essential may be the base version, but is a great step in your vocal production chain. 

3. Logic Pro

What is the Pitch Correction? Flex Pitch


Compatibility: Mac

There are 2 ways to approach pitch correction in logic. You have the standard automatic pitch correction you can do in the inserts with the other plugins. Just scroll down to pitch and choose “Pitch Correction.” Then you have your built in pitch correction to work with which is similar to Auto-Tune.

If you are looking to manually control the notes like in Melodyne or WavesTune, you can go into the more in depth controls of Flex Pitch. To open Flex Pitch click the “Show Flex” button, that’s in the top left corner of the editing page. From there you can select which style of Flex Pitch you want to use. 

Here’s a hint, a vocal is only going to be producing one note at a time, this means using a Monophonic based correction is the best choice for a single vocal. It processes and generates the signal for one voice singing one note at a time. 

4. Cubase

What is the Pitch Correction? Variaudio


Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Cubase is one of those DAWs that doesn’t get enough attention for its amazing functionality. It has so many amazing functions that pull some of the best features from other professional DAWs. Cubase has its own top of the line built in pitch correction plugin called Variaudio.

You don’t need to download any third-party pitch correction plugins, because the results of Variaudio match that of other professional plugins. Once you have Variaudio enabled you can quickly work on the audio like it was a midi track and adjust every note individually. 

5. Reaper

What is the Pitch Correction?  Reatune 


Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Reaper is hands down one of the most affordable professional DAWs on the market today. You can use it for recording and mixing through every step of the process. It comes with its own built-in pitch correction plugin called Reatune. 

Seeing it in action, it has a super similar user interface to Melodyne or WavesTune. You can adjust individual notes as well as tighten up the vibratos and even draw how you want a vocal line to sound. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase a special version of a DAW to get the pitch correction plugin?

Nope! The pitch correction that comes with these DAWs is included in the price of the DAW

Do I need to download the pitch correction separately from the DAW?

In some cases you will need to. For example, with Pro Tools, it comes with Melodyne Essential which is made by a separate company. So you will need to download your copy of Melodyne as well as Pro Tools. But with Logic, it is included with the download of the DAW itself.

Discounts Save the Day

Discounts and deals are what make a home studio possible. I don’t know how many discounts and sales I have taken advantage of to get all of the equipment I have today. From buying a piece of gear used to waiting for the Waves Black Friday sales, I have saved myself probably thousands of dollars. When it comes to your DAW, always look into what bonuses can be included and take advantage of them.

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