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Decimort 2 Plugin Review: Unleashing Vintage Sound in 2024

Sometimes making a midi or synth part just doesn’t get the sound you’re looking for. Some of the coolest sounds you will ever make will come from experimentation and warping the sounds of actual instruments. One of the best bit crushers and filters to transform your instruments with is the Decimort 2 from D16 Group

Decimort 2 review – Detailed

The Decimort 2 is generally described as a filter. It may be used to alter the sounds of both mixed buses and solo recordings.  It may appear comparable to effects designed to look like old filters.  Decimator 2 changes sounds might be considered a filter that “lowers” the sound quality in some ways. The key distinction is that Decimator 2 does not degrade the track’s quality and can do much more than just give a rough filter.

Listening to a lot of examples and samples of what this plugin does, renders fairly aggressive and distorted sounds, all of which are great sounds. But there is more you can achieve with Decimort 2 that you can check out in this creative video from Busy Work Beats.

Bonus & Extras9

How We Reviewed Decimort 2 

Our goal with this review was to show how absolutely unique and amazing this plugin is. It does not take much, especially with there not being many plugins like the Decimator 2. But we wanted to show the basic specs and the individual features that make this plugin stick out. 


Best for:

The Decimator 2 can transform sounds to work with any type of electronic music, hip hop, lo-fi music, and much more. 


Jitter – Jitter became a natural addition to a lot of electronic music when the bit crusher was first introduced. Now with Decimort 2, you can have control over those jitters that you could only just deal with when they first started.


Artifacts – This style of plugin usually will add in artifacts and unwanted clicks and pops to the track it is affecting. Decimort 2 was designed with that in mind and leaves behind no additional artifacts. 

Filters – There are 4 filters that can be applied to your tracks through Decimort 2, and you can choose whether to add them in either pre or post the rest of the plugin. 


Presets   – One thing that D16 Group always has is amazing presets. You either have every sound you could want available or you will be very close to the one you are looking for.



This will work with all major DAWs, and it would be best with DAWs that work well in both electronic production as well as real instrument production. 

Memory4 GB RAM
8 GB recommended 
8 GB recommended 
Operating System10.7 – 10.14Windows 7, 8, or 10

This plugin comes to you from D16 Group digitally.


As usual with D16 Group, their pricing matches what you would expect from any other professional company. The prices are fair, especially since this is such a niche plugin that not many similar plugins can imitate.

  • Rent-to-own price on Splice: $4.99 month for 10 months, pause or cancel at anytime
  • Total Price on PlugIn Boutique: $55.00

Bonus & Extras

Upgrades for plugins usually pertain only to keeping up with operating systems and visual appearance. With Decimort 2 they actually added in new functions and features to give the engineer more control over the sounds they make. 

Quality for Low Quality

The way Decimator 2 changes sounds can in some ways be viewed as a filter that “lowers” the sound quality. It can come out similar to the effects that are built to be vintage filters. The main difference is that the quality of the track is not compromised by the Decimator 2, and it can do so much more than just provide a gritty filter. Hopefully, you found all of this information helpful and informative regarding Decimator 2. It makes a wonderful addition to anyone’s plugin collection. 

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