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8 Best EDM Drum Samples & Sample Packs in 2024

The phrase “electronic dance music” can encompass a huge number of disparate subgenres, each with its own particular tonalities, fans, and festivals. Future Bass, Electro Pop, House, Techno, Bounce – as different as these genres can sound from one another, they all have one thing in common: rhythm. It’s the foundation upon which EDM is built, and it all starts with a good drum sound.

Quality drum samples are the cornerstone of the genre, from sub-frequency kicks to snappy, “clappy” buildups. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options that are easy to integrate into your workflow.

Whether you prefer to drag-and-drop WAV files into your tracks or patch your samples through a virtual instrument, we’ve collected a list of sample packs for producers of all skill levels can implement in their productions for a powerful rhythmic foundation.

EDM Drum Samples Highlighted

Adding Samples To Your DAW

The process of adding samples to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is similar across almost every DAW in use today. Samples take the form of individual sound files that are collected together in a folder, typically in WAV format for easy use in your workstation.

It’s usually as simple as dragging the sample you want from the folder and dropping it directly onto a track in your song. Depending on the limitations of your specific DAW, you’re free to layer as many samples as your system can handle. Check out our piece on recording software for some great DAW suggestions.

In general, there are two types of samples: loops and one-shots. A loop is a sample that includes multiple pieces of percussion played to a specific rhythm, like a kick-and-snare combo or a series of percolations.


Loops often last for at least one full measure, and multiple instances of the same sample can be placed back to back (or “looped) to fill out a song section.


One-shots are precision samples of a single kit piece, like the sound of an isolated snare or cymbal. You can layer multiple one-shots together to create the sound of a full kit, or you can add them in selectively to bolster specific sounds. You don’t need to feel limited by the samples in any particular pack, though – feel free to experiment and build your own unique sound!

Top EDM Drum Samples

Your next production doesn’t have to make deadmau5 or Skrillex jealous, but it’s fine if it does, right? For that you’ll need some heavy low end, so here’s a look at some of the best EDM drum samples available today:

1. Progressive House Drums from Zenhiser

Progressive House Drums from Zenhiser

Best for: House.

Zenhiser’s offering features plenty of loops if you’re looking for a drag-and-drop solution for your workflow. The one-shot kicks have punch and of course, despite the name of the pack, can be used for more than just progressive house. If you’re a newcomer to EDM production, this pack is a great place to start.

Where to get it: Splice

This pack is available as part of Splice’s subscription service. You can preview it on their website and take it for a spin with their free trials if you’re new to the service.

What’s in this pack:

  • 178 loops
  • 100 one shots

2. Deep Tech Drums from Datacode

Deep Tech Drums from Datacode

Best for: Techno, Tech House, Deep House.

This sample pack includes construction kits designed to flow seamlessly in and out of one another – ideal for producers at the beginning of their career. The one-shot selections available will keep even veteran producers busy and should provide plenty of inspiration for the money. 

Where to get it: ADSR Sounds

ADSR offers a variety of construction kits and sample libraries for purchase. They also run sales frequently, so be sure to check for discounts.

  • 104 loops
  • 30 kicks
  • 40 claps & snares
  • 40 hi-hats
  • 20 percussion hits
  • 20 drum construction kits

3. EDM Festival Kicks + Drops from Sample Tools by Cr2

EDM Festival Kicks + Drops from Sample Tools by Cr2

Best for: Melbourne Bounce, Electro House.

Quality over quantity is the name of the game here. Rather than providing an exhaustive set of general-purpose loops, Cr2 Records has deliberately honed in on the big room and festival sound with kick drums that pound. There’s no shortage of celebrity endorsements for this pack too, with producers like Fatboy Slim and Stafford Brothers jumping on the hype train. 

Where to get it: Splice

Another option from Splice, and always royalty free.

What’s in this pack:

  • 158 loops
  • 216 one shots

4. Killer House and EDM Drums Vol. 01 from Producer Loops

Killer House and EDM Drums Vol. 01 from Producer Loops

Best for: House, General EDM.

Features subfolders for the drum loops that contain the constituent one-shots so you can use them to create alternate loops that pair perfectly with the ones provided. While not an exhaustive selection, the loops are useful for drag-and-drop production flow. Although created with House in mind, it’s stylistically suitable for a variety of EDM subgenres.

Where to get it: Splice

Available via subscription service. Splice also offers other related volumes from Producer Loops if you find you need more, but this is a great place to start.

What’s in this pack:

  • 25 drum kits
  • 179 loops
  • 127 one shots

5. Future Bass DrumSource from Apollo Sound

Future Bass DrumSource from Apollo Sound

Best for: Future bass, future pop, trap.

A large selection of one-shots makes this an ideal package for producers looking to piece together their own loops. In addition to the regular sample library, this pack also contains patches that are mappable to Kontakt and EXS24 samplers, so you can play the sounds yourself if you’re so inclined.

Where to get it: Loopmasters or Loopcloud

This pack is offered for purchase via Loopmasters, but please note that the audio demo on the site contains sounds not found in this pack. This one is just for the drums!

What’s in this pack:

  • 391 samples total
  • 47 snares
  • 44 claps
  • 19 open hats
  • 29 toms
  • 15 foleys
  • 22 Fxs
  • 43 kicks
  • 17 snaps
  • 58 hi-hats
  • 25 cymbals
  • 50 percussion hits
  • 38 sampler patches

6. EDM Drums from The Audio Bar

EDM Drums from The Audio Bar

Best for: All subgenres.

Don’t let the simplicity of the name fool you – this sample pack is loaded with useful sounds for almost any application. An excellent choice for beginners, the loops here are ideal for a quick workflow and the one-shots are straightforward enough to take additional processing well.

Where to get it: Splice

If you’re short on funds or in a hurry, Splice’s catalog is a go-to for samples of all kinds. Your subscription also gets you access to a number of VSTs ideal for slapping a little extra processing on some of these samples.

What’s in this pack:

  • 106 loops
  • 286 one shots

7. Epic Drums Bundle from Electronisounds

Epic Drums Bundle from Electronisounds

Best for: House, Electro Pop.

The definitive collection from Electronisounds (Dean Daughters), and an absolutely exhaustive number of samples. Ideal for intermediate or advanced producers as this may be an overwhelming number of choices for a beginner, but the one-shots selection here spans over 2 decades of the sound designer’s career. Break out your external hard drives for this one.

Where to get it: Sounds

You can purchase this sample pack directly from Sounds. Just be sure you’ve got the space on your hard drive!

What’s in this pack:

  • 9,622 classic drum sounds
  • 3,282 nu-school drum sounds
  • 554 bonus unreleased drums (from the Electronisounds collection).

8. Techno Drum Trax 2

Techno Drum Trax 2

Best for: Techno, Minimal.

A simple, no-nonsense sample pack that provides simple WAV loops and one-shots you can slip right into your tracks. Undrgrnd Sounds provides a plethora of other options that are well worth checking out for veteran producers, but this one is straightforward and makes a great (and affordable) package for beginners.

Where to get it: Undrgrnd Sounds

Undrgrnd Sounds provides all of their samples royalty free. This sample pack is a little less pricey than some of their other offerings, so it’s a good starting point.

What’s in this pack:

  • 93 loops
  • 72 one shots

Future Sounds

Although some of our suggestions may work particularly well within the standards of a given genre, you shouldn’t be afraid to use them how you see fit to create your next project. The future of EDM isn’t about the sounds available in any one sample pack – it’s about your creativity and what you do with those sounds. If you’ve exhausted this list and still need more drum sample options, we’ve got just what you need. If you’d like to learn a few production tricks to make your creative journey a little easier, check out our suggestions for where to learn audio engineering online and keep learning!

Learn More About Samples: 

Do I need to credit the sample artist if I use their sample in my song? 

This is easily one of the most complicated questions in the industry. If you’re using pre-made drum samples in your music like the kind we’ve recommended in our list above, you’ll see a disclaimer from the provider that they have already been cleared for use. That means you’re free to use them in any way you like. It’s generally considered a courtesy to credit the originator, though – after all, you’re using someone else’s hard word. If you’re interested in sampling sounds that you’ve heard elsewhere, you need to obtain written permission from the originator or rights holder. You should never sample someone else’s work without written permission, as doing so is an infringement on the originator’s rights and may subject you to legal action.

Can I get free EDM drum samples? 

Yes, there are free EDM drum samples available online – just be sure you’re getting them from a reputable source and be sure to read the fine print. One of the advantages of purchasing drum samples is knowing where they came from and being assured that they’re truly royalty-free. Some DAWs will come packaged with free EDM drum samples (and other samples) that you can use in your mixes. Websites like Splice also offer trial periods for their subscription services, so you can demo their sample libraries for free for a limited time.

Do sample or sample packs take up a lot of space on your hard drive? 

Samples and sample packs are generally just a collection of short .WAV files. These files contain more information than other formats, but because individual samples are pretty short, these files tend to be relatively small. The total space that your sample library takes up on your hard drive will be determined by how many samples you have, but sample pack space requirements are almost always listed by sample providers, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught off guard. If you anticipate having an especially large collection of samples, you might consider using an external hard drive to store them all.