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FX Collection by Arturia Review

Finding where to start with plugins can be difficult. You don’t know which plugin to buy as a compressor, reverb, delay, and there are so many choices. Bundles have become one of the best ways to get a lot of the plugins you need all at once. They generally will give you multiple of each type and you can experiment with finding out which plugin you like for which type of track. 

FX Collection from Arturia pieces together 15 different plugins that can provide some of the best possible sounds out there. Their preamps are based on classic preamps used on countless tracks for the Beatles, Elton John, Frank Zappa, and many more. You’re going to want to look into these plugins if you are hunting for a fantastic bundle.


Bonuses & Extras9.5

How We Reviewed the FX Collection

We reviewed the overall collection and wanted to touch on the different types of plugins you would be getting specifically. There are unique features in all of them so we wanted to make sure you knew what all you would be getting. 


Best for: 

Producers and engineers wanting to build their library are the perfect match for the FX Collection. There are so many plugins in this pack that can be used regularly on every single project, if not multiple times in the same project. 


All of the plugins we mention are included in this package. Although we won’t be able to go over every feature, we did want to touch on some of the best aspects. 

3 Reverbs – You get a Plate Reverb, Spring Reverb, and the Intensity Reverb. The Plate Reverb provides a warmer smoother sound for your acoustic vibes. The Spring Reverb has ways to add in some clipping and make a really driven sound for almost a vintage feel. For any futuristic sounds, you can use the Intensity Reverb that makes some spacey sounds combined with almost a chorus vibe.

Plate 140 – Spring 636 – Intensity

3 Delays – With your delays, you get 3 basic styles, electronic, classic, futuristic. What I mean is the Eternity Delay gives you options for warping both the initial sound and every iteration coming after. The Memory-Brigade Delay is just a classic delay that reminds you of a stadium concert of Queen or U2. The Tape-201 hearkens to a futuristic style that can make you think of any space-aged story.

Eternity – MEMORY BRIGADE – Tape 201

3 Filters – The Mini, M12, and SEM are all incredible filters that can only be described as unique. The way they filter sounds transforms them into a whole new train of thought. You can transform a steady droning chord into a quick striking, bouncing melody.

M12 – Mini – SEM

3 Compressors – Compressors are both overused and underused. Arturia was able to include 3 compressors of different styles that every engineer should have at least one iteration of. One of my all-time favorite compressors, the 1176, is included in the FX Collection. They went above and beyond with the creation of emulating the original and added in an extended panel allowing for even more in-depth edits.

FET 76 – TUBE STA – VCA 65

3 Preamps – These preamps are modeled after classic pieces of equipment that have been used in countless studios. Mostly they are for eq, but they are modeled to be similar to the original gear and add in their own unique coloration to the audio.

1973 – TridA – V76


Arturia provides reassurance for all users that they’re favorite DAW will be able to run these plugins. They have been made compatible with both Mac and Windows for all to enjoy. 

Memory4 GB RAM4 GB RAM
Operating System10.10+Windows 7+

The FX Collection comes to you in digital format. 


The price point on this list of plugins is fairly standard. For the number of plugins, it could be considered a bit much, but when you hear the power and quality of each plugin, you will not doubt the price point for a second.

  • Rent-to-own price on Splice: $19.99 month for 20 months, pause or cancel at anytime
  • Total Price on PlugIn Boutique: $399

Bonus & Extras

The individuality of these plugins is my favorite aspect of the pack. So many times you will see a package of multiple reverbs or delays and they will all be really good plugins, but they sound exactly the same. In the FX Collection, you will get distinctly different plugins within each type of effect. None of the reverbs sound the same, none of the delays sound the same, none of them sound the same. Also within these plugins, the extended windows have opened up new doors of possibilities for creativity. 

Collect Your Thoughts

If you are looking to use even just 5 of these plugins, the pack is worth it for the price alone. If you were to purchase each plugin in the FX Collection individually, you would be spending over $1,400. Each plugin is at least $99, and I promise that if you purchase this pack, you will fall in love with more than you ever intended. 

Hopefully, this information gives you the motivation and information you need to acquire your next gear. If you would like to learn more about other plugins and comparisons, click here.

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