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HD600 vs HD650 Headphones – What side are you on?

Bring up the topic of HD600 vs HD650 headphones and you may end up losing a friendship. The debate on which are the better headphones brings out a Yankees vs Red Sox rivalry amongst audiophiles. Let’s look at the basic stats to break ’em down.                                                                

Sennheiser HD600 Sennheiser HD 650
Standard price: $399.95 Standard price: $499.95
Amazon: $286 Amazon: $375
Type: over-ear, headband, open back Type: over-ear, headband, open back
Audiotype: stereo            Audiotype: stereo
Interface: 6.5mm/3.5mm Interface: 6.35mm/3.5mm
Frequency: 12hz-40.5kHz Frequency: 10Hz-41kHz
Impedance: 300 ohm Impedance: 300 ohm
Sensitivity: 97 db Sensitivity: 103 db 
Cable: 3m Cable: 3m
Weight: 260g Weight: 260g
Comfort & Design

After surveying dozens of headphones comparisons, most users find that the comfort level of both 600 and 650s are satisfactory. Not extraordinary, not bad- a good fit. The 600 headphones offer a four-cushioned padding on the headband and the 650 offers two panels of cushions. Both are reasonable comfortable. You won’t forget that you’re wearing headphones, but they are comfortable enough and will stay stationary even if you lean back and make slight movements while you’re listening.

Product Quality:

Drawbacks of HD 600

  • Cables. The cables on the 600 are a little bit thinner and break easier, requiring more replacements.
  • Headband quality. The external headband of the 600 is covered in a lacquer that can rub or chip off with wear that can make it look a little cheap.


  • Cost effective. The 600 headphones are a solid quality in the under $500 category and can be from $75-100 less than the 650s.
  • External quality doesn’t effect sound. Thinner cables and slightly cheaper materials for headband don’t hurt the sound quality of the 600s.
  • Red cable attachment for easy recognition. Look for the red marker to easily tell which earphone should be on the right.
  • Comes with adapter.

HD 650


  • Cost. The HD650 undoubtedly has higher definition, whether the cost difference is worth it is up for debate.


  • Thicker cables. Less risk of replacement.
  • Solid black matte finish. No cheap and cheesy lacquer that will chip off with wear.
  • Comes with adapter. 
Sound Quality

This is where people get touchy. Many of the 600 loyalists will say “if you never tried the 650 you would never notice the difference”. What it really comes down to is how you feel about bass, treble, and definition.

  • The 650 has exactly 50 more high definition units than the 600s. This is a fact. But the result reveal differing opinions. The 650 has more of a boosted bass and reveals every instrument in the music. One might argue that this leads to a sound that is too rich. The 650 are the better choice for strictly electronic music as the bass is solid and every instrument shines, almost to the point of muddying the vocals.
  • If you love music with strong vocals, the 600 might be the better choice. The 600 allows the vocals to come a bit forward, whereas sometimes the 650 can make them sound a bit too peripheral with the instruments.

Though both models have great sound quality, your preference may depend on what genres you plan on using them for. It usually comes down to whether you find treble or bass more important. Treble lovers tend to lean with the 600, bass faces defend the 650. But ultimately, the choice is yours.