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Carlita Howard of Talks Music

Update: is no longer an active website.

Tell Us about

Music Emissions is a website, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, originally founded in Canada, designed to be an underground community where users and artists alike could “Rate, Recommend and Review” and uncover indie music from all over the world. I joined the team in 2012 and now as Editor-In-Chief, have seen the team grow with a presence internationally, writing about all types of genres and new aspects of the music business. We’ll be launching a new site soon so stay tuned!

Why is your website helpful for musicians?

Besides being a hub for indie music discovery, we are a one-stop shop for the DIY indie musician releasing music today. You can be the most talented musician in the world but if your music is not reaching audiences and multiple underground influential bloggers, the effort is in vain so we have different package options for the artist on a budget that can help with reviews, banner promotion, features and press kit bio creation.

What is it that got you into music? Who are some of your favorite musicians?

I literally listened to music in the womb as I had a musician and DJ father playing music all the time, growing up in The Bronx, hip-hop’s birthplace. Attending concerts as a kid and hearing booming music in the house definitely shaped the music writer I am today. To read about some of my fav musicians, check out my ME site profile.

What are some of the directions that you see music going into in the near future?

There really are no limits and to see indie labels wielding as much power as majors, is exciting. The music business model is ever-evolving and once you think you’ve mastered something, it’s onto the next.

What are some of the coolest places your job has brought you to so far?

Since March 2012, I began covering shows, fests and conferences locally in Los Angeles and now have traveled to SF, ATL, NYC, TX, Vegas and even the Great Smoky Mountains of Asheville, NC. Have logged LOTS of miles and have LOTS of stories.

What are some of the skills that interviewers need that often times people look over?

Know your sh-t. A great interviewer must have a broad knowledge of music history, understand pop culture, know the background of each artist but be flexible enough to go with the flow.

What was some of the most fun interviews you’ve had and why?

I’ve been blessed to interview over 100+ artists including some of my childhood heroes (with plenty of WTF moments provided) and a few off-the-wall personalities. My favorite interviews involved artists who were open, humble and unexpectedly funny. If we made each other laugh, that’s the best.

What audio engineering software do a lot of indie musicians use these days?

I’m a tekkie newbie so I have much to learn in this aspect but I’ve been blown away with what I’ve witnessed musicians do with just a few pieces of equipment. Technology has flipped the recording process and opened new worlds for collaboration which as a music fan, first and foremost, I’m hyped to see.

What is your advice to indie musicians that are trying to make it?

Being in the music biz is a 24-7 commitment so be prepared and one quote from mogul Russell Simmons , “You can’t fail until you quit”, I hold close to my heart. In whatever you want to do, if it doesn’t happen for you today, tomorrow’s another day. Keep going.

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