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How To Fix An iPhone Speaker For All Models

When your iPhone speaker is not working, there are a number of reasons why it might be broken.

For the most part, all of the troubleshooting steps for fixing the audio on your cell phone are virtually the exact same. It’s more than likely that one of the following procedures will end up being the fix.

  • Maybe the speakers are faulty?
  • Maybe you got water in your speakers?
  • Maybe there was a software glitch?

Nine times out of ten, if your speaker was working, and now it’s not, you can restart your phone and it will fix the issue.

QuickLook – Options to fix your iPhone speaker

  1. Try Troubleshooting
  2. Repair or Replace The Speaker
  3. Try Selling Your iPhone Online

1. Try Troubleshooting

By far this is your cheapest option, but there is no guarantee that it will work, and you might end up right back at square one with a broken speaker.

Things you could do to try to fix broken iPhone speakers or audio.

  • Definitely try to restart it at first
  • You could try to factory reset it
  • You can check the sound with an app like Spotify, and then you can turn up the volume using the control settings.
  • You could put some earphones in the jack or in the lightning connector
  • You can try to turn Bluetooth off as you might be connected to something else (common issue)
  • Try updating your Operating System (OS)

2. Repair or Replace The Speaker

This option will definitely cost you some money. Hiring a repair shop will make the process painless but could cost up to $200. If you repair the speaker yourself you can find the parts for as low as $6.99, but you’ll need to fix the device yourself.

Find a local iPhone Repair shop: If you look for iPhone repair shops in your area, there will more than likely be some that can help you replace the speaker and get it working again. Just be sure to compare prices and look up reviews, as they can be dramatically different. Making a few phone calls will help you find the best price.

Replace the speaker yourself:  Depending on device type, there are speakers available for purchase that allow you to replace the speaker yourself.

Device Types:

3. Try Selling Your iPhone Online

If none of these steps fix your issue and you don’t want to spend the time to try to repair the phone yourself, you should consider selling your phone online for cash. Obviously you will need to get a new phone, but if you are looking for an upgrade this can be an easy way to get some quick cash to help purchase a new phone.

Here are some of the most reputable buy-back companies that will pay cash for your broken iPhones.

#1 – BuyBackBoss

BuyBackBoss is a company based in Arizona and gaurantees the highest price for your phone if you are looking to trade it in for cash. This includes any model of the iPhone, and they even will allow you to sell a broken iPhone for cash. 

#2 – Decluttr

One of the most well-known buy-back websites in the United States. While they offer competitive prices for used iPhones they don’t offer much for broken or damaged devices.

#3 –

Founded in 2016, this company will pay you top dollar for used, cracked or broken iPhones. The company usually responds same-day via email and are rated as excellent by Trust Pilot.