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iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced Review

There’s a reason the Swiss army knife is so popular for people going camping or being in a physical work environment. It has so many tools to help you complete what you need to.

That is why the Ozone 9 Advanced is so great, it has a vast number of tools and plugins to get the job done in one place. 

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How We Reviewed Ozone 9 Advanced Plugin

We are going to be looking at the aspects that make the Ozone 9 Advanced so great and why it is a leader in its field. 


Best for: Every producer, engineer, and musician is looking for a way to streamline their workflow while growing in their abilities to create a better sound.

With Ozone 9, you are given the tools to do so. With everything from compressors, to mastering options, you can use Ozone 9 Advanced every step of the way. 


Ozone 9’s fantastic arsenal of features cannot be compared to any single specific app. Of all of the assets it contains, there are no similar plugins that boast all of the same tools. At most, the plugins I have found that are similar have only one or two aspects that are similar to Ozone. 

EQ Matching

Ozone 9 has a feature where you can import a reference track for it to analyze and copy the eq. After that, you can apply that eq, or just certain sections of it, to the track you are working on. 

Tonal Balance

With tonal balance, you gain the option of working on multiple tracks and how they are manipulated in one space without having to flip around across multiple pages.

Within this part of the plugin, you can see how the tonal regions relate to each other and work towards a balance.

Mastering Assistant

If you do not have the option of working with a mastering engineer directly, or even if you are a mastering engineer, this plugin can help you boost the quality of your final products.

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When you open the Mastering Assistant page, you can find different settings and outcome options to shape your song and bring it up to industry standards.

One of the best features is the Maximizer Threshold where you can choose the platform you want to make the track ready for. 

Low End Focus

The Low-End Focus focuses on 20-300 Hz and making that range as clear as possible. With so many instruments that have frequencies in that range, you can easily muddy up a track with all of them competing.

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By utilizing the gain and smooth and punchy modes, you can create a great thick sound without making a mess of your low end. 


Ozone 9 is a fantastic plugin because of its compatibility with so many plugins. From Logic and Pro Tools to Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X — you can crank out amazing tracks with this beast. I wouldn’t expect any less from iZotope.  

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It does come as software so you will need to make sure your computer can handle it. For Mac, you will need at least OS X 10.11 El Capitan, and for Windows, Win 7. It comes as AAX, VST 2, VST 3, AU, and NKS (all 64-bit). 


For the pricing, it can feel like a big chunk of change if you think of it only as one plugin. But the fact of the matter is, there are at least 10 plugins that are built into this.

When you buy similar plugins of the same caliber separately, you will be looking at a price of over $1,000 if not more. You also have the option of renting to own for 25 months. 

  • Rent-to-own price: $19.99/month for 25 months, pause or cancel at anytime
  • Total Price: $499.75

Bonus & Extras

One great aspect about the Ozone 9 Advanced is that the majority of the plugins available in the program itself are all able to be used alone outside of the Ozone 9 module.

On top of that, there is an amazing imager plugin that lets you visualize the layout and helps you keep it an even range all around yourself. And the Exciter is fantastic at bringing the different frequency ranges to life to make it all sound as vivid as possible. 

Over the top Ozone

The best deals when it comes to plugins are always in the form of bundles. This bundle just happens to be one of the best combinations of tools to master and mix a song.

Ozone 9 has been used by Grammy-winning engineers for some of the most critically acclaimed work. From Greg wells who produced with Katy Perry and Adele, to Butch Vig who worked with Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, real professionals love the abilities that Ozone brings to the table. 

iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced (Start For Free)

There’s a reason the Swiss army knife is so popular for people going camping... That is why the Ozone 9 Advanced is so great, it has a vast number of tools and plugins to get the job done in one place.