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Jaxsta Music Credit Database Review – Get Your Free Pro Account

When you finish watching your favorite show or movie do you find yourself wondering who directed it? Who did the gorgeous cinematography? Who wrote those killer lines? Questions whose answers could lead you to even more great content that those artists were involved with. Those questions always lead you to one place; IMDb.

What about the music world though? After listening to your favorite record, end to end, similar questions pop into mind. Who produced this? Who was the engineer? Track 5 sounded so different, who actually wrote that one? Sure, you could endlessly Google but what if there was a better way. Enter Jaxsta.

Jaxsta is a database that ensures that those who create the jams are getting the credit. The official credit. As Billboard notes, Jaxsta’s data partners cover over 90% of the industry’s market share and a database that has over 105 million official credits, 42 million individual web pages, 10 million profiles and 100,000 new credits processed each and every day, this is the place to go for crediting in the music industry.

Putting all the people involved in the creation of your favorite songs in one spot and back on the record. As they say themselves, they’re a music company with technology, not a technology company with a music department.

This is a powerful tool for those in the industry with features like the ability to enhance your profile to best suit your music career and generate more work opportunities. Jaxsta lets you set up chart alerts that serve to track how your music or projects you’re involved with are doing. As well as general info about global music markets. There’s a laundry list of features and they’re constantly developing more. 

Importantly to note and add emphasis to, the credits on Jaxsta are official and not crowdsourced. In other words, those aforementioned data partners, i.e. record labels, publishers, etc are the ones providing the credits.

Creating a Profile on Jaxsta

This is a no-brainer if you’re a musician, the service is free. Well, for now anyway. For the remainder of 2020 Jaxsta is waiving their fee, which was $150, for the rest of the year. It’s their way of supporting the music industry during these difficult times. It’ll eventually be a paid service again at which you’ll have to pay to continue updating your profiles.

Pricing aside, this is essentially your digital business card. No, scratch that, it’s more, this is your resume for your work in the music industry. It carries weight and has gravitas by sourcing the credits directly from the custodians of the information. I couldn’t randomly credit myself with cowbell on Thriller (was there cowbell on Thriller? Jaxsta could tell you).

Claiming your profile is easy-breezy, a few clicks, some information and an expedient verification process and you’re in. Once you’ve claimed your profile you can add all sorts of info; your bio, image, contact details and relevant links. Vitally, you can setup a featured catalog to highlight specific work of yours making this not just an official, vetted resume but a highly refined, official and vetted resume.

All told, you can claim up to 20 profiles on a single membership.

Music Charts

When looking to discover new talent, finding potential collaborators, staying in the know on tracks you dig, finding songs you’re featured or whatever else you need there’s no better place to start than the charts. 

Jaxsta provides you access to not just a few of the big charts but a world of charts. 

Additionally, to the global search by region, the chart search feature lets you explore by chart provider/company, like Spotify, Apple, ARIA, etc., by chart title like Spotify Top 200 and the frequency with which the chart is released allowing you to zero in on the information you are looking for. 

Setting Up Chart Alerts

As a dedicated tool for the music industry and the individuals that comprise, Jaxsta lets you setup chart alerts to keep tabs, in real-time, on how the tracks and records you’re on are charting around the world. These alerts are available if you’re an artist, producer, engineer, mixer, songwriter, publisher or record label.

On top of tracking your own music, you can create alerts to track the chart moves of music by others. With regard to alerts for others, you can set them for; an artist, record label, a particular track or release.

All in all, it’s a painless and simple process, for creating an alert on a person, it goes as follows;

  1. Go their profile page
  2. Click alert which will bring up a pop up to configure your alert
  3. The pop up allows you to choose from “Top Charts”, “All Charts” and creating your own custom chart preset
  4. Choose whether you’d like to receive your alert weekly or daily
  5. Click Save
  6. Another pop up confirms your alert has been saved

You can also create an alert for record and track release. The process is the same as above. 

You can create up to 20 chart alerts.

Jaxsta Chart Alert Tutorial courtesy of

Music Market Information

This is another fine tool in the Jaxsta toolbox that lets you do a deeper dive into country-specific music markets. This is useful for anyone trying to learn the more granular details of a country, everything from population to digital indicators like mobile phone and internet users to who compiles the charts and the certification levels by country.

In the United States, for example, we have the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) who sets the certifications for Gold, Platinum and Diamond which are; 500,000, 1 million and 10 million, respectively. Those levels vary by country and Markets page gives you all those numbers.

In addition to the stats, you’ll be able to sift through a sizable directory of music-related entities. This runs the gamut and includes; awards ceremonies, music services, festivals, streaming services, conferences, download services and charts.

Lastly, you have an events tab that gives you dates and locations for all sorts of happenings. Clicking any of them brings up options to pop over to their website, add it to your Google Calendar or even buy a ticket. Very useful feature.

Music Events

Outside of the events tab on the Markets page, Jaxsta has a dedicated industry events page that lists all upcoming festivals, conferences and award ceremonies in top music markets around the world. A fantastic tool of aggregated knowledge to help you plan. As with everything on the Jaxsta site, navigation and search are a breeze, extremely convenient and intuitive structure to sift through. Like on the Markets page, you can also add events to your Google Calendar from here and buy tickets through the event’s official website as well.

What’s particularly nice given the massive disruption that Covid-19 has brought on the world is the fact that this database of events is updated to include when an event is rescheduled to or if they’ve gone on to become digital/virtual events. 

If You’re In The Music Business, You Need to Be on Jaxsta

Being in the music business is tough enough as it is, having to keep track of all your credits or struggle with credibility issues when presenting them haphazardly shouldn’t add to the stress. Jaxsta is arguably the best, sleekest, and most sophisticated way to credibly compile the work you’ve done in one place. Jaxsta partners with the vast majority of the industry to make sure all the credits and data are coming from the source, which means you don’t have to worry about anyone second-guessing your bonafides.

With an abundance of music industry insights, charting tracking and more at your disposal it would be negligence to not utilize this platform.