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Jay Hayden’s "Stanger" Song Lyrics. The "Too Drunk" Chorus.

Too drunk to fall in love song.

There’s been a song I have been listening to a lot that I found off of this hilarious video.

Here are the lyrics. You can buy the whole version Here on iTunes:

Oh bartender, am I intoxicated?
I think I’m in love, I’m just afraid to say it.

Must be her favorite song, ‘cuz the DJ was asked to replay it.
I don’t know this stranger, let’s say it’s complicated.

[Pre Chorus]
But every time we look in each other’s eyes,
It’s like we see a million fire-flies.
I can’t explain, it caught me by surprise
and I can’t say why, say why

But I’m too drunk and I fall in love.
Too drunk and I make mistakes.
I’m Too drunk and I take it their.
Too drunk to just sit and wait.

I’m Too drunk to have regrets.
Too drunk to know what’s wrong.
You’re Too drunk to stay awake.
Too drunk and I take you home.

Such a beautiful stranger.

I’m infatuated just by the way that she movin.
All eyes on her, hypnotized, how she do it?

And I don’t know why she stays in mind. I can’t believe it.

And I’m so high I’m thinkin’ that I need it.

[Pre Chorus]