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10 Of The Best Places to Learn Audio Engineering Online

Audio engineering is working on the recording, manipulation, mixing, and reproduction of sound. Audio engineering can be done to create synthetic music, record music, create podcasts, background noise for videos, and more. If you are … Read more

Best Jazz Guitars

Welcome to a new series of articles where we are looking into the best guitars in many different genres. Many choices of the best guitars are based on the popularity amongst professional musicians and even … Read more

Best Studio Desk for Music Production

For producing music, the individual hardware demands of each producer vary dramatically. For those who only use a keyboard and headphones, a coffee table could do. Producers with hardware will need something more specialized. Generally … Read more

Best Vocal Samples & Loops

Full disclosure: the first time I used the phrase “vocal sample”, I was in sixth grade. I was obsessed with the idea of becoming the next big producer. It didn’t matter if I was trapped … Read more

What Should I Learn First On Guitar?

As a beginner guitar player, sometimes the more you actually don’t know when you are trying to figure out where to begin can actually be better. That way you don’t waste any time and … Read more

Best Hip Hop Samples

To boil down a genre as complex as hip hop to just eleven different sample packs is a great feat. From its origins in the Black Power movement to its current existence as the … Read more

Best Lofi Hip Hop Samples

In today's modern rap scene, there is a universal usage of samples. Rappers have become more willing to sample older cuts, adding their touches to create great and unique beats. All of the tracks … Read more