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12 Essential Plug-ins for Pro Tools 11 & 12

  Splice Sounds, an audio engineering membership that offers over 2 million loops, one-shots, sound effects and more. Splice Sounds will set any musician up with all the technology and tools needed to give the … Read more

Roku TV Wireless Speakers Review

Roku recently came out with a pair of wireless speakers to provide a better listening experience for their customers. While advertised as completely wireless they do require a power supply but that is to … Read more

Structure Free Pro Tools Tutorial

Splice Sounds  FEATURED Try a FREE account from Splice. Share your music and connect with the Splice community. Monthly packages starting at $7.99 Learn More Subscribe This tutorial is about structure free. Structure free is the sample player that's part … Read more

Splice Sounds Review

In the world of music, there is always some type of hub where musicians and creative minds come together to produce. They feed off of each other; helping one another get their ideas built … Read more

Why You Should Not Download From a Torrent Site

Pro Tools sets the standard for high-quality music production, which means a lot of artists want their hands on it. Unfortunately, this music software has a price that not many people want to pay, and … Read more

The Status IEM 2X

The hunt for the best earbuds you can find will usually end with a compromise for a pair of basic earbuds from apple, or maybe you sprung for something like a pair of Skullcandy … Read more

Alesis 3630 Review

Alesis 3630: Holy Grail or Wholly Wrong? There is a fog of urban legend and myth surrounding the Alesis 3630. For some producers, there is simply no better path to achieving the iconic "French" house sounds … Read more