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Interscope Nashville Division Releases First Single

Interscope Records, founded in Santa Monica, California has produced hits for the world’s most notable artists for almost three decades. In 2016, Interscope stepped into the heart of country music opening its first ever Nashville … Read more

Tom Petty Passes Away

Tom Petty has reportedly passed away after being taken off life support. Longtime frontman of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was rushed to the hospital late Sunday night after being found unconscious. They were able to … Read more

20 Greatest Rock Groups Ever

There is a consummate question in the rock music genre. That question is, "Who did it best?" Amongst the folks asking this question, you will often hear of the same list of groups mixed in with … Read more

What Is Show Production?

Are you one of the more than a million people who stream every Apple product announcement online? Did you ever attend a concert with a jaw-dropping stage presentation and light show that you couldn't wait … Read more

HD600 vs HD650 Headphones – What side are you on?

Bring up the topic of HD600 vs HD650 headphones and you may end up losing a friendship. The debate on which are the better headphones brings out a Yankees vs Red Sox rivalry amongst audiophiles. … Read more

Alesis SR18 Drum Machine Review

Know your needs. This really applies for any type of gear. People will read reviews and watch videos on the multitude of features and functions a piece of gear offers, without really thinking about how its … Read more

AT2020 vs AT2035 – Which is better and why?

Previously, we took a look at some great choices from Røde Microphones for those looking for quality recordings at the ~$200 price range. While $200 for a mic isn’t steep by any means, I’m sure there … Read more

Best Low Budget Record Players

Get more bangers for your bucks. With the resurgence of vinyl, record stores have seen a spike in record sales, anywhere from local stores to big companies like Amazon and Urban Outfitters. Some artists are releasing … Read more