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Where To Learn Sound Design Online

Courses in Sound Design pairs tech and artistry by delivering the necessary skills and hands-on approach needed to for a successful career in this industry. Sound Designers work in an array of areas from live sound reinforcement, to award-winning games, feature films, TV shows, and webisodes.

In addition to developing musical scores, they create realistic sounds through foley and sound libraries, capturing and manipulating field recordings to recreate every noise and sound imaginable, like, footsteps, coughing, gunshots, explosions and much more. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best places available to learn Sound Design online.

Best Places to Learn Sound Design Online in 2018



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Udemy is another site offering a wealth of information and have built up a solid reputation in the mini-course education industry. While they don’t offer a free trial, they do offer a bunch of free classes, on various topics–sadly, sound design isn’t one of them. Here are some of the available paid courses.

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This site has been around for a while now and have consistently proven themselves as a top choice for learning just about everything. They offer a FREE 10 DAY TRIAL (later converts to a monthly or yearly fee, depending on which option you decide to go with) for you to explore everything on their site, but most importantly they’ve got some really great courses on Sound Design

  • Sound Design for Motion Graphics focuses on creating sound effects from scratch and also utilizing the sound effects library in Adobe Audition to sonically enhance a motion graphic. In this course, you’ll learn how to mix and effectively spot sound design by utilizing Audition, Waveform Editor and Spectral View.
  • Crafting Sound Design is another course Lynda offers that was constructed with scoring and sync licensing music for film and commercials as the focal point. The class is five parts and covers everything from reviewing briefs, cuts and client expectations to setting up a session and crafting sound design. In addition, this course covers how to approach client reviews and requests for revisions. The last segment goes over music publishing & licensing, printing the music for delivery and understanding & managing the scope of work.

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Pluralsight is another excellent platform for online, learn at your own pace, education. Although less talked about than its main competitors, Udemy and Lynda, this company offers a plethora of high quality coursework for you to choose from. Pluralsight offers a FREE 10 DAY TRIAL (or 200 minutes, whichever comes first) and membership options thereafter starting at $299 annually or $29 monthly.


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Sounds dumb and possibly quite obvious, but you can seriously learn just about anything you want now with YouTube. This method of learning new things seems to be somewhat overlooked and often underappreciated. Here’s a few of the top sound design channels worth checking out: Designing Sound, Akash Thakkar, Point Blank Music School.

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While they don’t technically call them Sound Design courses, Coursera offers free classes in Synthesis, Audio Engineering and Music Production. All courses have been made available through a partnership this company has forged with each individual university who authored the course.

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As mentioned previously under suggested YouTube channels, Designing Sound has a ton of free tutorials on their website. They give brief overviews on how to recreate certain sounds made famous in movies like Indiana Jones–check out their tutorials here

Higher Level Education:

See Sound Design Degrees

If you’re looking to go beyond the basic courses outline in this article and would like to know more about colleges and universities offering degrees and certificates in Sound Design, check out the article we did that covers our list of top schools in this discipline here.