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Neutron 3 Advanced Review

So we’ve looked at other amazing editing suites from iZotope for beats, mastering, and vocals. Now we’re going to be looking at another knockout of a plugin built to be your one stop shop for instruments.

I know so many newer engineers who want to grow their editing skills and familiarize themselves with what they need in their signal chain, but don’t know what to use.

That’s where Neutron 3 Advanced comes into play.

Compatibility 10
Bonus & Extras10

How We Reviewed Neutron 3 Advanced 

Neutron 3 Advanced is such a swiss army knife of tools for your signal chain. We want to highlight what we consider the best parts for you, whether you are working in a professional studio, home studio, or on your laptop in your bedroom.


This plugin is great for engineers who are clocking countless hours in the studio and looking to get some amazing sounds as fast as possible and in one place.

It’s also perfect for the engineers who are still learning about plugins and don’t know where to start their editing. We’re going to go more in depth on some of the best features and how you can utilize them. 


Compared to other plugins of this caliber, iZotope has set a new bar for people to reach. The care they took in creating this plugin and the lengths they went to find out what engineers actually want impresses me beyond measure. 


Sculptor is built to help you hit the primary frequencies and the sweet spots of instruments to give them that professional edge. You can use it to sharpen and build your instruments to where they need to sit in the mix. All while homing in more precisely on the specific ranges you want affected.

Neutron 3 Advanced - Sculptor
Neutron 3 Advanced – Sculptor


Relay is an interesting factor included in Neutron 3 that actually is a lot more diverse than at first glance. It has the capabilities of fine tuning panning, gain, and width of course, but it can help you figure out how your tracks are going to sound in different environments.

That means you can work on getting more of the fine tuning done for your vocals and songs without running back and forth to different rooms and environments to listen. 

Tonal Balance

So I featured this on the Ozone 9 Advanced Review but I had to bring it back here. I cannot stress how fundamentally important it is to reference your tracks for the sound you are trying to imitate, especially as a newer producer. It can even help you reference across all the songs you are working on to maintain a similar sonic feel throughout an album.

Plugin Availability  

I love that with iZotope, when you purchase the highest grade/version of a plugin, it gives you the ability to use every effect as a separate plugin. This allows you to use just the gate, or eq, or compressor on a single track instead of using the entire Neutron 3 build.

This can save you so much memory and processing power, making your session that much smoother. 


I view Neutron 3 more as an overall instrument and vocal focus rather than a beat or mastering type of plugin. This makes more sense to push it into the realms of Studio One, Pro Tools, Logic and other DAW’s where you would be working with real live instruments. However, it is compatible with most major DAW’s.

If you would like to learn more about the best DAW for you and your workflow we have an informative list for you available here

You will receive the download option immediately after your purchase is completed. 


  • Rent-to-own price: $19.99/ month for 20 months, pause or cancel at anytime
  • Total Price: $399.80

When it comes to a comparison, I cannot think of many editing suites that contain this amount of possibility. However, in comparison to other iZotope products and even the other versions of Neutron 3 underneath advanced, I would say the pricing is very fair.

There is, of course, a higher amount you have to pay for advanced, but it is in logical increments that matches the additional resources you will receive. 

Bonus & Extras

So this isn’t an actual function or effect on the plugin, but they completely leveled up this plugin and the processing power it needs. They knew that engineers are needing a fast, professional plugin that can run on almost any computer. That is why they did almost a full turn around from Neutron 2.

Neutron 3 requires almost half the memory usage as 2 and up to 3 times faster loading time. The facts are there, audio engineers spoke, and iZotope listened

Leading by Listening

For any and all engineers, you need to be able to get your work done with the most professional sounds, while maintaining a similar vibe across all songs of a project. I love Neutron for its ability to deliver a high quality output with low maintenance.

This is all thanks to iZotope’s ability to create what their consumers want. This has been putting them at the forefront of their field and allows them to continue researching new ways to improve recording and editing. 

If you would like to learn more about other iZotope products and assorted plugins, checkout what resources we have available here.