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Nuxx by Audiaire Review

Keeping up with plugins for all your different sounds can be a pain. Having to search through countless lists and then sorting through presets can slow down your process and stifle your creativity. You may not even have effects for every type of sound you want to create. That is why Nuxx is going to change your thought process.

Nuxx by Audiaire is a multi-fx plugin that creates so many different sounds. There are presets for almost every effect out there from flanger to compression. This gives you a single plugin to focus on whenever you need to add effects and sounds to your track. It will save you the struggle of sorting through countless plugin combinations that you might be unsure of by presenting you with a long list of effects designed to work together. 

Bonus and Extras9

How We Reviewed Nuxx 

We wanted to showcase Nuxx to everyone to show the amazing potential for anyone using it. There are some great features that we will be focusing on as well as looking at the price and compatibility. 


Best for:

Nuxx is great as an effect within any genre. It can blend with guitars, drums, vocals, synths, whatever you want to use it on. It is built with electronic music in mind and in a lot of demos you see people use it with some harsher sounds and effects normally attributed to EDM and House Music. Don’t let that be the only way you think Nuxx can be used, there are a lot of warm and atmospheric sounds that can come out of this plugin. 


30 Effects – Nuxx has 30 effects types built-in to give you no end of creativity. You want to add some chorus, maybe a little delay, sprinkle in some distortion; it’s all there. You have access to an amazing catalog of sound fx that you will have no problem using.

30 Effects
30 Effects

Dual Modes – There are 2 modes that can be used with Nuxx. The basic version is a 6 knob multi-FX unit that is simple to use and understand. The expanded sequencer allows for more creative sound design and glitchy effects.

Dual Modes
Dual Modes

Sequencing – Something that Audiaire is really good at is their sequencing and making it so easy to use with everything. You can give the effects themselves a rhythm to match with the music itself. You can set how many bars are in each loop and what the changes in each bar are going to be.


Presets – Not only do you have presets on all of the effects themselves, but you also have presets that are built for the sequencing lanes. This gives you so many shapes and sound combinations to try. There are a total of 187 presets available for Nuxx.



Every major DAW should find this compatible as long as they themselves are up to date. Audiaire themselves are built around the world of electronic music. This may lean Nuxx more useful in the world of Ableton and Reason but by no means let that stop you from using it in Pro Tools, Logic, or other Daws. 

Memory2 GB RAM
8 GB recommended 
8 GB recommended 
Operating System10.9+ Windows 7+ 

Nuxx comes to you digitally. 


For all of the effects included, I am surprised at how low this price really is. Many other companies charge this much for a single effect that doesn’t even have the customization that is in Nuxx.

Bonus & Extras

Audiaire took their sequencing lane that was made popular in Zone and effectively brought it into the world of Nuxx. You can set parameters and sequences for every aspect of your effects. Each individual path can be muted and controlled all while keeping track of the other pieces. 

If you want to improve your copy of Nuxx even more, there is the Nuxx Expansion: Tape & Scratch FX. This is their first expansion pack that holds new FX for you from glitches and spins to all sorts of out of this world effects.


Your creativity can only be stifled by the restrictions you allow yourself to have. Using a plugin like Nuxx loosens any restraints on your sounds and gives a new avenue to release your creativity by warping and shaping the sounds in new combinations. Take the time to experiment and study new ideas.

If you found all of this helpful and are wanting to learn more about Audiaire and other fantastic plugin companies, check out our catalog of plugins reviews and comparisons.

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