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Pigments 2 Review

Arturia knows how to make what people want. Every plugin I have tried and looked at has blown me away with the incredible sounds they produce. And it is not very often you see a company be so diverse yet so well adapted in each field. They have an amazing list of effects, software instruments, midi controllers, hardware synthesizers, and audio interfaces. They even make iPad Synthesizers! Arturia’s creativity knows no bounds and you can see that in their improvement of Pigments into Pigments 2. 

Pigments 2 is a softsynth that creates anything from atmospheric sounds to transforming a sample into a new being that can drive the melody of your track. Whether you are a melody-driven producer or an atmospheric producer, Pigments is going to a tool you’ll fall in love with. 

Bonus & Extras9

How We Reviewed Pigments 2 

I wanted to put some of the best features up front for you all to take a look at. This is an amazing plugin that you won’t get tired of.


Best for:

This plugin is perfect for producers of all genres. I can see this putting in work on some edgier tracks or even making its way over into the world of lo-fi chill hop/hip hop. 

Pigments 2 Features

Sample Engine – With the upgrade to Pigments 2, Arturia upgraded the sample engine and made it smooth as butter. You can simply drag and drop multiple samples into Pigment, and from there, your opportunities multiply into so many possibilities. You can reverse, slow down, modulate, and do countless other edits on your samples for a new vibe.

Sample Engine
Sample Engine

Visuals – Pigments appeals to visual users. What I mean by that is they have made it so that you can see what is happening as it happens. You see the waveforms and how it all works together. Andrew Huang has even said, “The layout and visual feedback for modulation routing is the best I’ve ever seen in a soft synth.”


3 Page Workstation – The workstation interface is split into 3 different pages. There is the Synth page that lets you focus on the primary sounds you are making. This is followed by the Effects page which as you could guess is focused on the effects. Finally comes the Sequencer page. This is where you can set up the modulation and overall dynamics of your synth.

Synth Page
Synth Page
Effects Page
Effects Page
Sequencer Page
Sequencer Page

Modular – When creating Pigments, Arturia’s goal was for nearly everything to be modular. This lets you add dynamic to almost every aspect like effects and LFO.

Modular Build
Modular Build


From the looks, this is fully compatible with all major DAWs out there. Arturia does make a note that it only works with 64-bit DAWs so make sure you have the correct version. 

Memory4 GB RAM
1GB Free Hard Disk Space
1GB Free Hard Disk Space
Operating System10.11+Windows 7+

This softsynth comes to you digitally. 


Pigments comes in on the higher end of the price range. That being said, there seems to be more you can do with this than with other soft synths. Between the modulation and sample engine, Pigments proves its worth I think, and with the rent-to-own option from Splice, you don’t have to bear the whole cost at once

Bonus & Extras

Arturia has a selection of sounds and presets that can be purchased on their own site. The packs range from $9.99 to $14.99. That being said, there are over 600 presets that are included with Pigments. These have been designed by artists like Mrd Fustang, Cubic Spline, Robert Dudzig, and many more. This gives you a taste of how these pros work on their own and how to make those sounds. 

Changing with the Seasons

Arturia knows when upgrades need to happen and are on top of the direction they are heading in. This helps them make so many changes to products such as Pigments 2, and come out on top. Learning how to move forward without losing focus is one of the best traits anyone in the music industry can have. Focus on what it was that made you get started and follow after it relentlessly and you’ll have a better chance of success than someone who is stagnant in their creation and refuses to evolve.

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