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Plugged In

From Home Music Festival

A live streaming music festival, employing artists, and providing relief during the COVID-19 outbreak.

APRIL 8th - 11th

Each setlist gets $200 per performance, and opportunities to win up to $400 more in cash prizes. Learn how to participate below.

Why We Are Doing This

Audio Assemble is a community of musicians, writers, etc. After putting together a COVID-19 related resource page that got traction around the web, we noticed that there was a tremendous amount of effort to provide financial relief to music artists. Collectively we decided it was truly important for us to create our own relief fund, while also providing an outlet for artists to showcase their talent.


How It Works.

Outlined below is the timeline & schedule for the event.

Mar 23

Opening Up Artist Submissions Here. Click here to Apply.

Apr 3

Lineup announced. See it here.

Apr 8

Festival starts at 7PM EDT. Voting for first group of artists opens.

Apr 9

Voting for day one ends 5PM EDT. Day one winner announced. Day 2 starts 7PM EDT. Voting for second group of artists opens. Daily Prize Winner Receives $100.

Apr 10

Voting for day two ends 5PM EDT. Day two winner announced. Day 3 starts 7PM EDT. Voting for third group of artists opens. Daily Prize Winner Receives $100.

Apr 11

Voting for day three ends 5PM EDT. Day three winner announced. Day 4 starts 7PM EDT. Voting for fourth group of artists opens. Daily Prize Winner Receives $100.

Apr 13

Voting resumes for all groups, and is open for 48 hours starting at 5PM EDT.

Apr 15

Voting is closed for all groups at 5PM EDT. Grand Prize $300.

** Assemble has committed $3,000 initially, in an effort to give musicians financial assistance. Our hope is that this festival can be ongoing and have more than one instance over the next few months. In order to make that happen, we are looking to find sponsors. Audio Assemble will not assume any profits and all Sponsorship dollars will be even disbursed among artists involved in PLUGGED IN. For sponsorship information, see here.

How Artists Can Apply

We Are Looking For Musicians With The Following Criteria.

  • Have been directly impacted due to the Coronavirus outbreak
  • You depend on gig income from public live performances or house concerts
  • Have the ability to live stream & record a 20-30 minute set
Apply Now

Audio Assemble Resources & Guides

Sponsor A Great Cause

100% of sponsorship funds will be allocated evenly towards Plugged In performers. If you have additional questions, reach out to us here: listen [at] audioassemble [dot] com.

Arena Sponsorship

Premier Placement Above Live Stream For All 3 Days. As well as 2 days after.


Venue Sponsorship

Premier Placement Above Live Stream For 1 Complete Day - 4 Total Artists.


Stage Sponsorship

Premier Placement During Live Stream For 1 artist, On One Day.


Why Is This Important

Important for the artist. Important for the audience & music lovers. Providing a community and an outlet for the music community.