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PLUGGED IN Artist Application

We got the idea for PLUGGED IN a couple of days after publishing an article on our site AudioAssemble about artist resources during COVID-19. This article highlighted how artists of all mediums were suddenly without work due to social gathering limitations. While this piece gave suggestions of where to find work and funds that were available, we knew we had to do more for our community.

We thought a home concert festival would be a great way for artists to get paid, get exposure, showcase their talents, and captivate an audience.

The following are some attributes we think would make a great candidate for the PLUGGED IN Lineup.

  • You have experienced a loss of income related to live performing during the outbreak.
  • You have the ability to live stream your performance.
  • Can do a 20-30 minute set live.
  • Are willing to work with our team.

What we will provide:

  • $200 for a live stream set on our website AudioAssemble.com
  • Additional prizes from sponsors
  • $100 most upvotes of the night
  • $300 for most upvotes in the series
  • Marketing of the series and support to the artists

We will be announcing the lineup on March 30!!

If you feel this would be a fun experience and would like to submit, please fill out the following questions.