Accoustic Drum Kit Pack 1



This download contains one-shot samples of a stunning Gretsch Drum kit in a pro studio at dBs Music.

These crisp drum sounds are captured using a range of high-end microphones, pre-amps, and a top-range interface.

These samples have been multi-sampled to create a realistic-sounding Ableton Live Drum Rack instrument.

Contains: over 100 Samples – 24bit, 48khz.

5 bonus drum loops!

Kick Drum x 4

Kick Drum (Mute) x 8

Snare x 12

Snare (Mute) x 15

Rim x 12

Rim (Mute) x 10

Closed Hi-Hat x 12

Open Hi-Hat x 5

Ride (Stick) x 8

Ride-Bell (Stick) x 6

Ride (Brush) x 6

Ride (Mallet) x 8

Ableton Info:

The .alp (Ableton live pack) contains a pre-mapped multi-velocity drum rack

+ 12 x Multi-Sampled Instruments

+ Multiple articulations (brushes, mallets)

+ Instrument Device Racks for flexible and powerful sound design.

+ Presets.

Enjoy making music with this lovely drum kit! 🙂

Microphone List:

-Audix D6

-Sennheiser 421

-AKG C414

-Shure SM57 x2