Deluxe Jazz Cymbals Sample Pack [Bundle]


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The sound of 3 dynamic, expressive jazz cymbals, captured in their entirety.

No more boring cymbal sounds, this pack is ready to step up your cymbal game to professional levels.

This pack includes a broad array of velocities and articulations to give users the widest creative possibilities.

From delicate bell pings to thundering crashes, this pack has got you covered.

This pack currently includes 3 cymbals and a high hat.

First, we have 20 inches of mouthwatering Istanbul Agop Turk Ride. This rich, complex ride cymbal has clear stick articulation, complex undertones, and a spiritual, bright high end. The Turk has a distinct, incredibly dry sound. The bell sound on this ride is something else! These cymbals are handmade, so each one has a unique sound.

Next, we have a Dream Vintage Bliss 20” ride. This thin ride is incredibly versatile. From trashy and thin, to full and heavy, this vintage-sounding ride has it all. Somewhere in between a ride and a crash, this cymbal is perfect for jazz ride sounds.

The third element is another handmade Turkish cymbal, an Agop Signature 16” Crash. This tight, Dry crash has an explosive sound, with thick, rich undertones.

Each cymbal includes different playing techniques and sounds from different areas on the cymbal. In short, the edges are heavy and washy, the centers are tight and defined, the bells are bright and clear.

There are also different stick articulations. Tip articulations use the end of the drumstick, which has a thinner, brighter, and more defined sound. Shank articulations use the side of the drum stick, for a darker, washier tone.

But it’s best to explore this pack yourself and get a feel for where to use the different sounds.

Your purchase includes any future updates to this pack. We plan to upgrade the packs as they grow.

(Coming to this pack – 19” Crash/Ride Dream Vintage Bliss)


29 x Hi-Hat Agop Sig 16” samples        (Foot, Closed Shank, Closed Tip, Open Shank)

29 x Ride Dream Vintage Bliss 20”         B, CS, CT, ES, ET, M

19 x Ride Agop Turk 20”            B, CS, CT, ES, ET, M

14 x Crash Agop Sig 16”             B, C, ES, M


B = Bell

CS = Center Shank

CT= Center Tip

ES = Edge Shank

ET = Edge Tip

M= Mallet