Jazz Drum Kit – Vol 1


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Get the sound of a gorgeous Mapex Mars Drum Kit, this one sounds as good as it looks!

This is a warm Jazz Bop Kit, recorded through high-quality mics and recording gear by our expert engineer.

We’ve designed this pack to be a one-stop solution for Jazz Drum Samples. Each drum is multi-velocity sampled, with multiple articulations.

These sample recordings have an intimate vibe. Get up close and personal with the sticks and skins. Use this kit to create new jazz-style drum beats.

This pack includes a range of deluxe jazz cymbals, from our other pack.

The cymbals include many articulations, with pingy bells, tight center tips, and washy edge hits.

The tip articulations use the end of the drumstick, which has a thinner, brighter, and more defined sound. Shank articulations use the side of the drum stick, for a darker, washier tone.

With this, you can create very natural-sounding cymbal arrangements. Did I mention this includes the sound of an Agop Turk Ride, those things are so tasty and sound great in all genres, not just jazz.

This pack will give you a realistic drum sound, it can hold a song down on its own, or works great when layered with other kits.

Your purchase includes any future updates to this pack. We plan to upgrade the packs as they grow.


14 x Kick Drum samples    (Hard Felt & Soft Muff)

22 x Snare samples        (Center, Edge, Rimshot)

18 x Toms             (Low and High)


29 x Hi-Hat Agop Sig 16” samples        (Foot, Closed Shank, Closed Tip, Open Shank)

29 x Ride Dream Vintage Bliss 20”

19 x Ride Agop Turk 20”

14 x Crash Agop Sig 16”

(Bell, Center Shank, Center Tip, Edge Shank, Edge Tip, Mallet)